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Clifford is the name of the new version of WordPress for real estate blog, which honors the name of the jazz trumpet player, Clifford Brown.

The 4.4 version of WordPress offers a new default theme which seems to be a good option for a real estate in Spain.

Speaking of real estate blogging, we do not find too many webmasters and responsible persons who use default themes of the WordPress, although we need to mention this novelty as we are about to analyze it.

There are also updates for the traditional themes of the content manager for the new version of WordPress: Twenty Eleven, Twenty Fifteen, Twenty Fourteen, Twenty Ten, Twenty Thirteen, Twenty Twelve.

It is important to highlight that WordPress is a proper open code content manager for a real estate blog, and it comes as a result of its work inside the community.

The community of developers of the most used CMS is formed by volunteer programmers, who bring their knowledge from different parts of the world. An open code content manager that is free and open (GPL license) implies:

  • That the CMS can be used as a content manager for a real estate blog without any type of restrictions. The real estate can implement it in order to manage any of its sites no matter its target and purpose.

  • That the source code does not have any restriction and it can be modified according to the specific necessities of the real estate.

  • The distribution of the copies of the modified versions has no restriction either. In this way, a real estate permits the modified CMS to be used by others.

The previous factor is important and must be taken into consideration by the real estate, because WordPress is a content manager which increases its functions constantly. Practically speaking, WordPress does not generate any economical expense for a real estate because it is a free content manager.

However, a real estate must get a hosting in order to use WordPress and so manage its blog and website, too.

On the other hand, the community of developers are updating the program constantly, offering new functions and managing to get a better product with a higher technical and functional quality. There are also some excellent quality plugins that can be implemented freely, both on the real estate blog as real estate website.

New characteristics for the real estate blog.

– Images adapted to all devices.

The new version of WordPress presents a new system of processing the images in a better way and they attend to the necessities of the latest generation devices.

Nowadays, the images are adaptive, so they can be seen on any type of device and resolution, so they do not lose their quality.

– Insert the content of the real estate blog in other sites.

Inserting contents of the real estate blog in other sites is a practical function. The new version on WordPress has simplified this function.

We only need to drag the URL address of the content onto the editor and so we can instantly access a preview of the inserted object.

They have added an icon to the site, such as for the real estate blog one and links to share that content in order to make easier the process of inserting objects and become easier to use.

Apart from the function of inserting entrances of the real estate blog on other sites, they have added o embed providers: Cloudup, comment system of Reditt, ReverbNation, Speaker Deck y VideoPress.

The new feature of the real estate blog that we cannot see.

The new version of WordPress to manage the real estate blog brings many functions, but it places also the infrastructure for the REST API directly on the content manager´s nucleus.

CMS developers call it “a new era of the development of WordPress” and it seems to be like true. Now, the providers that are linked to the most used content manager in the world will be able to develop their specific products and extend their RETful APIs on the platform.

In the same time, the developers have officially announced that this implemented infrastructure is only the first part of all the process. This process has just started with its new version of WordPress, but there are many other pending steps of the REST API that will be implemented also.

According to the developers´ official announce, the inclusion of the last part of the nucleus is planned for the next versions. However, there is a possibility to access the last version from the final part of the nucleus. We can access more technical info through the official plugin, REST API.

By accessing the new version of the WordPress plugin, we will find a detailed description of the REST API, its installation form and a complete report of the changes made from the last version.

Apart from the technical changes on the REST API, improvements on different areas of the content manager of a real estate blog were made, which cannot be seen from the first moment, but they affect the functioning of the content manager in a positive way.

– Enquiries on comments.

The cache of the enquiries comments is stronger now and its performance is slightly improved since the last versions.

They modified the WP_Comment_Query, which makes easier the process of creating strong enquiries.

– Object terms, comments and network.

At the moment of interacting with the comments, terms and networks, the task is more predictable, because the new code is more intuitive now, different than the previous one.

The objects affected by the new code are: WP_Term, WP_Comment and WP_Network (for the terms, comments and networks).

The updates of the content manager of a real estate blog and real estate web are important factors to take into consideration.

Updating the CMS used is essential for the maintenance of the security level of the sites and for a proper functional quality of them.

In the same time, we need to take into consideration the fact that each new version of WordPress brings updates of the themes and plugins. These updates must also be implemented by the real estate on its websites managed through the most used and professional CMS.

Source: wordpress.org

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