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Wind power energy for properties in Spain.

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Wind energy for the residential use is one of the least used renewable energy in Spain. Generally, the most used have been the photovoltaic systems (the energy obtained from solar radiation).

However, the trend shows that wind energy generators have started to be used more and more in cities, especially the mini wind generators.

Hybrid systems are one of the options related to the use of renewable energies that has started to expand in Spain lately. They are composed of photovoltaic systems and mini generators of wind energy. This is an energetic model which is complemented to the traditional network of conventional energy.

Traditionally in Spain, wind energy systems were used inside isolated residential areas. Nowadays, the mini generators can be used with no problem inside urban areas.

Their advantage is that they can be installed inside urban properties, buildings and complexes, due to their size.

Being small sized systems for wind generation, they seem to produce no harm or noise at all.

In the same time, especially being that small, they are not able to generate a great quantity of energy, but they have become an excellent complement for the conventional system of electric energy of a property or building.

Countries such as USA, Germany, Japan, Israel, Denmark and Ireland have become the leaders in using wind energy, mainly through the mini generators of complementary energy for urban properties and buildings.

In Spain, the main difficulty at the time of implementing those energy systems is the law, which is very compulsive and restrictive when it comes to the use of renewable energy.

Regarding the use of renewable energy, the law in Spain has always been restrictive, affecting the users who want to install wind energy or photovoltaic generators.

However, the providers of electricity which use the wind energy have not experienced any difficulties. This is showed by the huge wind parks spread in almost all Spain.

Anyways, this does not mean that mini generators of wind energies are not installed in Spain for the urban properties or buildings.

Wind energy for the properties in Spain.

First of all, we will make reference to the main characteristics of implementing system of wind energy for properties and building in Spain.

Advantages of the mini generators of wind energy.
  • They generate clean and non-polluting energy.

  • They reduce the electricity invoice.

  • They can become the complement of other systems such as photovoltaic ones.

  • They bring a self-supply of energy to the properties and buildings.

  • They can be used as a complementary system of auxiliary energy.

Disadvantages of the mini generators of wind energy.
  • High price of installation.

  • Restrictive law on the renewable energies.

  • They might be seen as invading the privacy and might become noisy.

  • They are rentable only on area of really high winds.

  • Faulty installations when they are made by unqualified persons.

The mini generators of wind energy produce a non-polluting type of energy which does not affect the greenhouse effect in any negative way. In the same time, hybrid systems of renewable energies can be implemented by using the mini generators of wind energy and the photovoltaic ones.

Although a property is not completely auto-supplied through this type of system, the latter will definitely decrease the monthly invoice of electricity.

Although the cost of installation of the mini generators in Spain are between 5.000 and 10.000€, this money appears to be recovered in a few years.

Everything will depend on the capacity to generate energy from the system. Moreover, this system must be installed on a windy area in Spain.

Mini generators of wind energy up to 5 kilowatt are not invading the privacy of the neighbors, nor they make too much noise.

However, the installation of wind generators of higher capacity might become invasive to the environment which might bring complaints from the neighbors.

In terms of installing these systems of alternative energy on buildings, they might not show any problem related to excessive levels of noise, but inside really populated urbanizations they might become invasive.

Regarding the installation of systems of renewable energies for private use, law in Spain is really restrictive. However, owners can install the mini generators of wind energy. A community of owners cannot decide on the use of this system as an auxiliary complement for the auto-supply of the energy.

The price for wind energy systems in Spain is not low, but this investment can be recovered in time and the price of installation will definitely be compensated.

A great option is to implement hybrid systems of alternative energy made by photovoltaic blocks and mini generators of wind energy.

Photovoltaic blocks are an excellent auxiliary system for the auto-supply of energy for the properties in Orihuela Costa, an area where sun rises most of the days during the year.

In the same time, the soft winds of the area offer a great opportunity to install the mini generators of wind, especially as a complement for the systems of photovoltaic energy.

Mini generators of wind energy for properties in Spain.

Nowadays, there are different options in Spain related to both mini generators of wind energy as the companies that install them.

The selection of the mini generators of wind energy for a property or building will depend on different variables:

  • Area or region: obey the correspondent law and make sure the chosen area has constant winds during all year (smooth or moderate are enough for a mini generator).

  • Capacity of the generated energy: this will influence the size of the mini generator which is going to be installed.

  • Installation at the property: wind energy of one kilowatt requires to be installed at the same height as a TV antenna. However, there are different mini generators that can be installed at lower distance from the ground in Spain.

Remarks on the wind energy for properties in Spain.

No matter the different opinions and points of view on this subject, the benefit of using systems for renewable energies for your property in Spain is something that cannot be questioned.

– The use of energy of a property or building represents a great impact on the people´s quality of life and for a family´s economy.

Before implementing auxiliary systems of renewable energy, it ´s essential to ask for information on the energetic certificate of a property and evaluate all the options available on the market.

– The exploitation systems of the natural resources for producing clean energy represent a technologic step forward, which produces a highly positive impact on the quality of life of the persons and society. Mini generators of wind in Spain are really reliable and economic for a good period of time.

– A well-designed property (regarding the isolation, structure, enclosure, etc.) and created with an auto-supply of energy through complementary systems with photovoltaic blocks and mini generators of wind might have the advantage of getting an important saving of the annual energetic consumption.

– The use of renewable energies is directly linked to the government and to the providers of electricity, but they are also a great resource to take into consideration by the citizen.

– The law related to the use of renewable energies in Spain is restrictive, but this does not mean mini generators of wind cannot be installed on properties or buildings.

– In areas of Spain such as Orihuela Costa, the use of mini generators of wind and the photovoltaic blocks are good options which should be taken into consideration by the owners of properties, as the weather conditions are really favorable in order to install these types of complementary systems.

– By installing these types of complementary systems of energy which only use natural resources we manage to get a better quality of life.

On the following posts we will keep analyzing the use of renewable energies for properties in Spain and we will go deep on the technical and functional aspects linked to the mini generators of wind.

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