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More web traffic for a real estate.

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The challenge is not to generate more traffic for a real estate web or blog, but to achieve the quality traffic for the real estate websites. To get 30.000 monthly visits on the real estate web and real estate blog is not a difficult thing to do.

The complex process is to achieve a high level of converts. In other words, the difficulty stays in managing to catch the interest of potential buyers through their visits on the real estate sites.

The target of a digital marketing strategy for a real estate (both real estate web and real estate blog) is to manage a sustainable brand development in order to get the best result of increasing the real estate sells.

That is why is so important to get quality traffic for the real estate webpage and for all the websites that feed the real estate through a derived traffic (real estate blog, social networks, real estate portals, etc.).

When we talk about the importance of achieving “quality” traffic for the real estate web, we must always stick to the adjective “quality”, in order to link it to all the related aspects of the real estate web.

Let´s make a brief summary of the main characteristics linked to “quality” that must always exist in a basic strategy of digital marketing:

  • The real estate template.
  • The images of the properties for sale.
  • Structure of the internal links of the real estate web.
  • The articles of the real estate blog.
  • The pages of social networks.
  • Private profile of a real estate agent for social media.
  • Real estate portals to advertise properties for sale.
  • Digital adverts on proper sites.
  • Quality back links for the contents of the real estate.

All the space for digital advertisement or the sites on Internet must always be based on quality starting from the real estate web to its blog and all the pages on different social networks.

Right from the beginning, a very important factor is what is shared and how it is done. This is about sharing properties for sale as also sharing the articles of the real estate blog.

Once the real estate has a basic structure to start its digital marketing campaign (real estate web, real estate blog, social networks, etc), this is the moment of focusing on the quality of contents to share like: images of properties for sale, articles of real estate blog, offers, etc.

Taking as granted the fact that the real estate web needs quality traffic and starting from the fact that it already has its own sites and optimized contents, we might ask ourselves: How can we get more traffic for the real estate web?

There are 2 huge options that will help us get more traffic for the real estate sites: paying for it or getting it for free. The best way of the two options is to start exploiting the free resources and then try with the payable options as well.

Of course, one option does not exclude the other, as they can be complementary as well. This is good for the real estate digital marketing campaign, as we know that the trend is to maximize the resources, both organizational and business resources of the real estate.

In any of the cases, we must insist on the fact that the most important primary thing is the quality. No matter if the real estate invests a lot of money, if its websites and contents are not of quality, the real estate will not manage to catch the attention of potential buyers.

Tips to get more traffic for the real estate web.

Real estate web and its potential.

For a real estate,a real estate web is its mirror of properties for sale. As the trend says, inside a small or medium real estate in Spain, the real estate website has always been underestimated in comparison to the real estate portals that advertise the real estate product.

Although my opinion is that the real estate portals are too much appreciated, I accept their value for the real estate digital marketing without forgetting about the importance of the real estate web.

In other words, starting from the fact that the real estate web is the HUB of the real estate inside the digital sector, the real estate portals should be evaluated as any other source of spreading the info and brand development.

Set objectives, plan and implement strategies.

Setting the objectives that the real estate pretends to achieve is the first step. The steps must be clearly defined, reflected on paper and they must be previously set.

The planning represents a key element to increase the traffic of the real estate web. Planning is the step related to ideas, the set objectives with a map and a work sheet to follow for better results.

Once the objectives are marked and the planning is realized accordingly, we must define and implement the strategy of real estate digital marketing. There are a lot of ways to increase the traffic, although it will be illogical to use all of them from the beginning.

Real Estate newsletter and mailing campaigns.

The real estate newsletter is a very effective way to spread contents and it is good for the brand development (of course, when it is properly implemented after planning, setting objectives, segmenting, creating a data base, managing it and supervising the effect).

Inside the digital marketing strategy, the real estate has different options to create newsletters depending on its sites on Internet and the type of contents that it generates as for example: real estate web, real estate blog, podcasts, satellite blogs, videos, etc.

We know the concept of newsletter is most of the times mixed up with the concept of mailing and this is true, because they are totally different. Mailing is based on the massive sending of emails which are not in the data base of the real estate subscribers.

This is a system that has a specific target inside the real estate sector: advertise the properties for sale.

RSS feeds of the real estate blog and real estate web.

rss feed del blog inmobiliario

Although we know that the impact of the traffic linked to feeds is decreasing lately, these feeds are still bringing good results of traffic to the real estate blogs and real estate webs.

If the real estate blog is multilingual, we must generate a specific RSS feed for every language in which we publish the contents. Especially in a small and medium real estate in Spain, a very usual error is to detect that the RSS feed of a property for sale does not exist at all.

This can be seen as a huge error made by the real estate, because the real estate has the opportunity to use a very effective spreading tool in order to advertise its properties for sale.

In this situation, the real estate does not take advantage of this possibility to achieve quality back links in order to position the contents better.

This is an error because it does not actually spread the portfolio of properties for sale of the real estate, but it rests also the possibility to use other effective resource of indexing for the search engines on Internet.

To generate a RSS feed of the real estate blog and real estate web simplifies the task of spreading the contents on Internet.

The main tools or platforms for a Community Manager incorporate the possibility to add feeds in order to make some automatic and simultaneous publishing on different platforms of Internet (social networks, blogs, portals, directories, etc).

These are some practical examples of how to take advantage of the RSS feed of the real estate blog and real estate web:

Example 1: we publish an article on the real estate blog and we spread it through the RSS feed on 50 different social networks in a simultaneous way.

In the same time, if the real estate web has a RSS feed we can get the same effect with the real estate properties for sale.

Example 2: the RSS feed of the properties for sale can be published on the real estate blog to get a higher level of spreading and so try to catch more potential buyers.

Example 3: now we do the same upside down by using a RSS feed of the real estate blog in order to publish automatically the articles on the real estate web through direct links.

If the real estate manages its web and blog from the same domain, the use of RSS feed has also a positive effect. We only need to take into consideration that we have to generate a different RSS feed for every part of the real estate web: one for the properties for sale and one for the real estate blog.

In the same time, if we publish articles in different languages inside the real estate blog, we must create a specific feed for every language translated.

The next article will follow the same pattern, analyzing different ways in order to achieve more traffic for the real estate web.

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