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Waste collection in Orihuela Costa.

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Waste collection system in Orihuela Costa functions daily including bank holidays. Residents of Orihuela Costa count with different types of trash bins.

In the same time, waste collection system in Orihuela Costa is observed by a specific Councillorship.

Urban Solid Waste Councillorship is part of the Municipal Government and it is the direct competence in Orihuela Costa area.

Through different campaigns of informing the residents, this Councillorship focuses on the fact that the residents of the area must follow the 65th article of the Municipal Regulating Ordinance.

The 65th article is made for all the residents of the municipality and it establishes the following:

  • Rubbish will be deposited in bags and closed with knots, bows or glue tape.
  • Rubbish must be placed inside the bins avoiding overflowing or the accumulation of waste around it.
  • Any unfulfilment of the laws will be seen as a mild offence and will bring a fine up to 750€ according to the Municipal Ordinance.

This Municipal Ordinance is not that complicated to follow and it must be respected by all the residents of Orihuela Costa.

Depositing the waste in closed bags inside the bins will avoid hygiene problems and bad smells that might come from those residues.

On the other hand, we must take into consideration the massive flow of tourists in Orihuela Costa during summertime and the fact that the increase of residents in the area will determine the volume of waste which will be more than usual.

In the same time, high temperatures accelerate the process of rotting of the residues. That is why it is so important for the residents and visitors to enjoy the area of Orihuela Costa by following the waste related Ordinance.

Waste bins in Orihuela Costa.

There are many visitors and residents of Orihuela Costa who might have doubts regarding the correct use of the waste bins.

According to the laws of the member countries of EU, they are differed by colors and each one is designed for a certain type of waste.

  • Yellow waste bins in Orihuela Costa.

Waste such as plastic bottles and containers (hygienic products or household products, trays, bags, wrappers, etc.), metal containers (cans, sprays, aluminium trays, metal lids, etc.) and briks (milk, juice, soup, cans, etc.).

Never throw these products in the yellow bins:

Babies´ bottles or dummies (waste containers), plastic toys, kitchen tools (spatula, draining racks), plastic buckets such as the ones used on the beaches of Orihuela Costa (they can be reused or deposited in the waste bin).

  • Blue waste bins in Orihuela Costa.

Paper and cardboards (boxes, product containers, wrapping paper, frozen products, shoe boxes, daily use paper, etc.).

Never throw these products in the blue bins:

Milk or juice briks get to be wrongly deposited into the blue bin, but they must be thrown in the yellow bin.

This confusion comes from the wrong thinking on the materials of the briks, but they actually contain some aluminium apart from the plastic.

Moreover, we cannot throw waste and daily rubbish such as napkins or kitchen paper which must be deposited into the organic bin (the same place where diapers are deposited).

  • Green bins in Orihuela Costa.

These bins are for glass such as wine bottles, perfume bottles, food jars or cans, etc.

Never throw these products in the green bins:

Crystal objects such as lightning bulbs, ashtrays, plates, glasses or mirrors. These objects must never be deposited into the green bins as they must be taken to a recycling place. This is a common error made by most of us.

  • Trash bins in Orihuela Costa.

These are used for any other type of residues such as aliments, organic materials, plants, diapers, etc.

Some waste must not be deposited into none of the previous bins and we must take them to a special collection point.

Residents of Orihuela Costa can also use the moving service called Ecopark in order to deposit some residues without the need of searching for a special collection point.

Moving Ecoparks are installed in different parts of Orihuela, following a certain calendar, making easier the process of throwing waste for the residents.

The inhabitants of Orihuela Costa can use this system in order to throw special household waste such as: cooking oil, batteries, cosmetic products, painting products and solvents, fluorescent tubes, electric objects, radiographies, pills, etc.

Pruning and basic tool collection.

There is a special collection service for those residents in Orihuela Costa who need the collection of their furniture or massive tools and it can be accessed online on orihuela.es.

Inhabitants of Orihuela Costa must communicate with this service by indicating the exact address of the collection point and they will be let know the exact date they can deposit the waste (waste must always be deposited after 21:00).

This service collects household basic tools, chairs, general furniture, mattresses, appliances, etc. but it does not collect any rest of construction works, or house moving items. The responsible for this type of wastes must contact the special services of the approved bins.

Pruning collection service in Orihuela Costa functions in the same way as the one established by the Municipal Government related to residues generated by the construction of properties.

Companies dedicated to the maintenance of gardens inside the complexes are responsible of the collection and elimination of the pruning waste.

In the same time, companies that provide moving services must also get responsible of the collection of the tools that owners might possibly throw away.

Anyways, the Municipal Ordinance establishes that the rests of the pruning or basic tools cannot be deposited on the public roads under the circumstances previously presented.

Environmental care in Orihuela Costa.

Green line Orihuela is an online site which informs the inhabitants and visitors of Orihuela Costa on different aspects linked to the environmental subject. It is also used as a communication channel.

Residents of Orihuela Costa can make online enquiries on this website, place incidents or get informed on the environmental law in this area and the laws of EU.

An essential factor for the environmental care is the personal and collective compromise. Respecting some rules and starting to implement them in our daily routine are two important factors.

For example, the Three R´s Rule (reduce, reuse, recycle) decreases the environmental impact. It focuses on reducing the volume of the residues, reusing containers and similar objects and recycling everything that it cannot be reused.

In the same time, avoiding the use of plastic bottles, optimizing the use of paper and using the cleaning points in Orihuela Costa will strengthen the possibility to maintain the area in good environmental conditions.

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