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Vkontakte is a Russian social network with almost 100 million active users, and is Russia’s most popular social media platform.

It is a social network very similar in characteristics to Facebook, and that is why it is also known as the Russian Facebook.

The Russian social network offers users the basic features of any social media platform: status updates, sending and receiving private messages, chat, video and photo publishing, news feed, creating pages and groups, etc.

The creator of Vkontakte, Pável Dúrov, used it as a university forum in 2006, and subsequently opened to the general public, becoming the social network with more active users in Europe.

The Russian social network currently belongs to the Russian company Mail.Ru , and is available in 85 languages, including Spanish.

Vkontakte is an excellent platform to reach the Russian public, and an excellent means of dissemination for real estate agencies and real estate agents trying to get customers from Russia.

Real estate advertising in Vkontakte.

  • Create an account on Vkontakte.

The steps to create an account in Vkontakte, both personal for real estate agents and corporate for real estate agents, are very similar to other social networks such as Twitter , Facebook or LinkedIn .

To create an account on the Russian social network, you must register, including name, email, telephone to authenticate the account, and other personal data.

The social media platform also allows you to register accounts linked to Facebook, a very practical functionality that allows you to link the real estate accounts at the same time.

The account registration in Vkontakte by default must be done in Russian or English, and after activating the account you can change the language from the user settings (Profile / Options / Language).


The potential offered by the Russian social network is very high, and allows to implement a well segmented real estate advertising campaign , and specifically focused on Russia.

Some features of Vkontakte, such as music player and games, are not interesting for a real estate agent; However, the news feed, its messaging system, and the integrated video platform are very effective resources for online real estate advertising.

Even many of the features offered by Vkontakte are of better quality than those offered by other platforms; such as its content publishing system, news feed and multimedia library.

  • Vkontakte publications.

Vkontakte allows real estate agents to publish on their profile their properties for sale, the articles of their real estate blog, videos, documents and photographs of any kind.

Posts can be shared by users, commented and valued with reactions.

At the same time, the real estate company can directly share its Vkontakte publications on Twitter and Facebook , export them in HTML code to its web page or real estate blog, and share them with direct links .

The document publishing system is different from the Facebook notes, which are very limited in features and features.

In Vkontakte you can publish documents of up to 200 MB in different formats (doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, rtf, pdf, png, jpg, djvu, fb2, etc.), which can be loaded directly from the computer .

  • News feed on Vkontakte.

The news feed of the Russian social network allows you to view the status updates of the contacts and the publications of the following pages.

The news feed can be configured very precisely, to adjust it to the needs of the real estate; allowing even use filters by type of content (photographs, videos, documents, articles, etc).

In addition to the classic reactions with emoticons and comments, Vkontakte publications allow you to attach links  and files (videos, photographs, documents, etc.).

Vk videos.


The Vkontakte videos section is excellent, because it allows you to upload large videos like YouTube , and also offers a high quality playback system.

The size of the files that the real estate can upload is almost unlimited, and that’s why on the Russian platform you can even find full HD movies.

The real estate agency can organize their videos by categories, and tag them so that users can find them more easily within the platform.

The videos in Vkontakte by default are played automatically and in the previously set quality, although users can modify both the display quality and the audio manually.

Users can configure the display of videos of their contacts specifically, filtering multimedia publications updates by date, duration, quality or type of restrictions.

  • 2 GB maximum file size.

  • Elements: title, description and thumbnail image.

  • Publication of videos from external sites (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.).

  • Display restrictions for users.

  • Comment blocking.

  • Autoplay.

  • Formatos: AVI / 3GP / MP4 / MOV / MPEG / WMV / FLV.

Vk Live.

vk live

As in other platforms such as Facebook or Periscope, real estate agents can make live broadcasts on Vkontakte.

Live broadcasts can be made from mobile devices, and of course they can also be viewed from such devices.

Vkontakte Live is a live streaming system currently used, and allows you to connect with users in real time.

A particular feature of the system is that live broadcasts can be monetized, something very interesting for real estate agents, because through this system they can amortize their real estate marketing investment.

Vk Messenger.

The Russian social network does not offer a chat system like Facebook or other social media platforms, and its instant messaging system resembles that of Twitter.

The real estate to send messages to your contacts will display a full-size screen, which will prevent you from maintaining the interaction from other sections of your account.

However, although a chat version for mobile devices is currently not available, there is a desktop version for Windows and Mac systems.

  • Instant messages.

  • It allows you to attach videos and documents.

  • Sending voice messages.

  • Creation of messaging groups.

  • Accessible from outside the platform.

Vk Stories.

vk stories

Vkontakte incorporated, like Instagram and Snapchat, the short story system for its mobile and desktop versions.

Short stories published can last a maximum of 12 seconds, and after 24 hours they will be deleted from the system. Real estate agents can also use this functionality to publish images, which, like videos, will only last one day in the system.

  • Duration: 12 seconds

  • Useful life: 24 hours.

  • It also serves for images.

  • Elements: titles, texts, comments, emoticons and links.

  • Devices: mobile applications (Android and iOS) and web version.

This is a resource more offered by the Russian social network, which correctly used can be interesting to enhance the social media dissemination strategy of real estate.

Vkontakte for mobile.

The Russian platform offers an application for mobile devices with Android, iOS and Windows.

The Vkontakte App for Android got more than 100 million downloads, and 5 million users who downloaded it rated the mobile app of the Russian social network as very good.

The mobile version of Vkontakte is responsive, and has a very intuitive user interface, allowing access to all the features of the platform as if accessed from a desktop computer.

Vkontakte is an excellent platform for real estate to reach potential Russian clients, spread their real estate product, and get to implement a segmented real estate marketing campaign focused specifically on Russia.

Recall that it is the social network with more active users of Russia, and offers great potential for real estate agencies that want to position themselves in the Russian market.

On the other hand, it has particular characteristics that distinguish it from other similar platforms, and its functionalities are very interesting, particularly to implement a real estate marketing campaign oriented towards a specific segment of potential buyer clients.

In short, for the real estate company that wishes to focus on the Russian market, Vkontakte is undoubtedly an excellent platform, which offers high quality features, and allows very specific market segmentation.

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