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Vintage ornaments for Christmas.

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Vintage decorations on Christmas time are used for decorating the Christmas trees but also for decorating the entire house.

Being vintage objects, these decorations are normally quite expensive. However, we could get some replicas which are cheaper than the original ones.

Moreover, not many people know that there are many Christmas decorations that are replicas of the vintage Christmas decorations.

There are many options for decorating the house on Christmas; vintage decorations are one option.

Christmas Kugels.

Originally sold for decorating the windows, Kugels (which mean “spheres” in German) appeared around 1800.

They were the first Christmas ornaments made of crystal; a style that has been used for many decades.

Nowadays, it is really difficult to find original pieces of these Christmas ornaments.

Lauscha statues.

The city of Lauscha, Germany, was worldwide known as the capital of crystal from the beginning of the 20th century up to the Second World War.

That city became the creator of the Christmas ornaments that hold its name. It also became the center of creation of amazing sculptured pieces.

Victorian spheres.

Originally created to show the light of the candles on the Christmas trees, Victorian spheres reflect a retro style.

Decades ago, they revived inside the world of Christmas decoration, especially during the second part of the 20th century when they were fashionable again.

Diorama spheres.

Diorama started to be used as a Christmas decoration in 1950 and it has its origins in Japan and USA.

It is an empty ornament (such as the vintage piece in the image) which presents the Christmas scenario; a landscape, a statue and another Christmas element.

Cotton fruits.

Cotton fruits are soft, difficult to break, cotton made Christmas ornaments.

These Christmas ornaments started to be used in 1890 and they had a great impact up to 1920.

Right after 1980s, collectors made them fashionable again and they started to be used again.

Cotton fruits are Christmas ornaments that are still used by the kids after taking down the Christmas tree. They normally play with them without any risk, unlike the crystal Christmas spheres.

Cotton and wooden figurines.

Many of these Christmas ornaments of cotton were created in order to look like persons, especially to look like Santa Claus or Jesus Christ and they had their faces made of porcelain or wood.

These Christmas figurines of wood or cotton became popular decorating objects starting from the 1920s.

The stag of 1960.

The stag combined like this with the decorating object showed in the image, became a very popular Christmas decorating ornament from 1960s.

Nowadays, the original pieces of the 60s are still highly evaluated by the collectors.

Shiny Brites spheres.

The Shiny Brites Christmas spheres are one of the classics of Christmas decoration and they started to be used during the Victorian era and became fashionable in 1950s.

Nowadays, these decorating spheres are still present on the Christmas trees and they actually have become an essential item for the Christmas decoration.

Shiny Brites items of the 1950s are considered collection pieces.

Dresden ornaments.

Dresden is the place where Christmas ornaments got the name from. They started to be used between 1880 and 1910.

The name is derived from the 10 companies in the area of Dresden-Leipzig-Furth that created these ornaments from 1880 until the Second World War.

These delicate ornaments made from paper by hand are now the most expensive vintage decorations on the market.

Crystal garlands.

The crystal garlands were used starting from 1900 and they were very similar to what we use now as Christmas decoration.

Wooden rings.

The wooden rings were registered the first time in 1930 and since then, they are being used for the decoration of the Christmas trees.

This Christmas object consists of two adjustable wooden rings made of bamboo that can be adjusted on the superior part with the help of a screw.

Once the rings are connected, we need to attach any statue or decorative object and hang them on the Christmas trees.

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Author and Editor.

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