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Verify the real estate Twitter account.

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Verifying the real estate account on Twitter is an important factor, as the verified emblem brings several benefits to the account.

In the same time, a professional real estate agent must also verify his account on Twitter. In advance, any user can verify his account. However, not all users get to achieve it.

Verified accounts on Twitter are officially showed as a blue icon which includes a white symbol of verification inside it.

This verification emblem on Twitter can be requested by any user. Some of the important persons from politics, music, sports and other areas have been verified straight on the main platform.

This is a proactive attitude coming from Twitter and it targets avoiding false identities and accounts.

Twitter started this verification system in 2009 and since then, other social media platforms have also implemented similar systems (Facebook, Pinterest, Google Plus and LinkedIn).

Back in August 2012, Twitter posted a Tweet in which it announced that this system of verification was no available to the whole public.

In other words, it was no longer accessible to all users of the platform. This was a measure taken after the huge demand of the users who wanted to verify their accounts.

Nowadays, any user of this platform can request the verification of his account through a process we will analyze further on.

Advantages of verifying the real estate Twitter account.

Having a verified account on Twitter brings certain advantages to a real estate and a real estate agent, such as:

  • It officially protects the registered name.
  • It avoids stealing the identity.
  • It avoids the confusion of false or duplicated accounts.
  • It shows credibility to the other users.
  • It increases the visibility of the real estate and the real estate agent.

These factors are very important for both the real estate, as for the real estate agent. The contents shared from verified accounts offer a higher level of credibility and the confidence generated by those accounts stimulates the users to action.


How to verify the real estate Twitter account.

Before requesting the verification of a Twitter account, the real estate and the real estate agent must follow some guidelines that Twitter recommends:

Revise the details of the real estate.
  • Use the name of the real estate on the profile. If it is the case of a real estate agent, use the real name.
  • Confirm that the header of the profile account has an image linked to it.
  • Make sure the avatar of the profile is the real estate logotype or the picture of the real estate agent.
  • The profile must provide a geographic location linked to it.
  • The account must be associated to a real estate website or a real estate blog.
  • Set an email with a linked name as the primary contact form.
  • Biographic info must be complete (max. 160 letters).
  • Activate the verification system by phone.
  • Additional contact info cannot be incomplete.
  • Security configuration of the Tweets must be set as public.
  • The change of the user´s name must be made before requesting the verification.

It is important to underline some elements mentioned before:

  • Having a Twitter account linked to the real estate web will accelerate the verification management.
  • Activating the verification system by phone will also ease the request management (this data is not proven).
  • The name of the primary contact associated to the account must not be necessarily be its owner. A real estate can have a Community Manager assigned to manage the account.
Prepare the info which is going to be sent to Twitter.

Twitter requires certain info to be sent through a form in order to verify an account:

  • Five links to external webs linked to the profile of Twitter.
  • Certain ID of the user (ID or passport of a real estate agent and a PDF or image of the business registration paper of the real estate).
  • Explain to Twitter why the account of the real estate must be verified (justify the request).
Verification form for the Twitter account.

The verification form of Twitter is made in English, but it is not so difficult to fill. It is a very easy form to fill in.

  • Confirm the name of the user (Twitter username: @name). It is important to remember that once the account has been verified by Twitter, the emblem will disappear if you change the name again.
  • When the request is made by the real estate Community Manager which represents the company, he must tick the corresponding box.
  • If the system detects some incomplete info, it will automatically inform you in order to complete it (phone number, birthday, photo or logotype, header image, real estate webpage, etc.).
  • Include five links as a reference without including the official web, as it is already linked to the account. Twitter needs links that show the influence of the real estate or real estate agent (Facebook page, Google Plus or LinkedIn, real estate blog, mentions and comments on social media, accounts on real estate portals, etc.)
  • Explain in a maximum of 500 characters why the account should be verified. The real estate can justify its impact or company influence, its achievements, real estate offers, etc. The real estate agent can justify his personal impact on social media or linking himself to the real estate, posts on real estate blogs or specialized magazines, etc.

If Twitter accepts the verification of the account of the real estate or the one of the real estate agent, it will notify it through a direct message.

The final phase of the verification process starts when the user clicks on the attachment received by message.

The final phase of the verification process on Twitter consists of three steps.
  • Get to know how to post on Twitter in an effective way. There is a questionnaire with different options to choose from different contents. Even if the answer is no, there are no negative consequences, as Twitter only wants to guide the user on how to manage his posts in a more effective way, in order to increase the number of his followers.
  • Connect with other verified users. The platform suggests the user to follow other verified accounts, as this will bring a higher level of legitimacy as a verified user.
  • Protect the account. Twitter requires a second verification of the phone number linked to the account.

By completing the last step, the real estate account or the account of the real estate agent on Twitter appears as verified and the name of the user will have the corresponding emblem. However, if the request is denied, it can be sent again after 30 days.

Twitter ensures the number of followers is not an essential factor to determine if the account counts with the verification criteria or not. The quantity of the posts does not affect the process.

However some experts question this matter, by admitting that companies which hire advertisements on Twitter, more than the price limit, they achieve the verification instantly.

Anyways, counting with verified accounts on Twitter is very important both the real estate in Spain as the real estate agent, mainly because it strengthens the strategy of real estate digital marketing.

Source: support.twitter.com

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