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Update the decoration of the bedrooms.

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The bedrooms are very important rooms, and should be a cozy refuge to fully enjoy.

Whether it’s luxurious bedding or relaxing color combinations, you have to pay close attention when decorating the bedrooms.

Design choices for bedrooms can turn them into elegant spaces for rest and relaxation.

Some prestigious interior designers share their opinions on the best ways to take a design room to the next level of decoration.

Decorate the bedrooms based on a single color.

Eric Piasecki

«We wrap a room of one color to make it cozy.

»Here we specify an intense blue color for the walls and a slightly darker shade for additional definition.

»I read somewhere that a blue bedroom can lower blood pressure and improve sleep quality.

»That’s enough to convince me. The white ceiling adds to the decoration of the room». 

To decorate the bedrooms you have to be patient.

Gil Stose Photography

«The bedroom took four months to complete, with the planning and its execution.

»The bedside tables were personalized, the handmade wallpaper, the bed frame, the furniture, the carpets, the lighting and the accessories took months to arrive from our suppliers.

»Then we had to consider the work of electricity, painting, the application of wall cladding and the installation of furniture.

»The conclusion is that a well-made room requires time, planning and patience, but the result justifies the wait». 

Bedroom decoration with wallpaper.

Brittany Ambridge

«Using wallpaper is a very practical way to decorate a bedroom.

»This DeGournay wallpaper with aluminum and 12-carat white gold details is striking and serves as the basis for the room, but its neutral colors allow the freedom to add accent colors such as moss green and magenta chosen for this space.

»Choosing neutral colors for a large area like the one occupied by hand-painted wallpaper will give you more versatility, because you can always change the other colors in the room quite easily». 

The high quality bedding.

Colby Edwards

«We decorate many bedrooms, large and small, and in many budget ranges, but the element that makes the biggest difference is the bedding.

»Make sure the bedding and comforter fit the bed.

»My personal taste is to have a color and a base pattern in the bedroom that is soothing and conducive to relax ». 

Incorporate a small table.

Stephen Karlisch

«I love adding a small table near a bed when space allows.

»This creates an additional surface for writing letters, or a place to work on nightly projects with a laptop

»It is also the perfect place for a breakfast tray». 

Experiment with textures.

Suzanna Scott

«A monochromatic combination combined with various textures is an attractive form of decoration.

»Choose luxurious textiles for your bed and a solid plush rug.

»High contrast neutral colors such as black with raw, brown and blue feel very serene.

»Instead of bold designs and colors, use textures and tones to create an updated look» . 

Add personal touches.

Joshua McHugh

«When we decorate a master bedroom, we tend to lean towards a palette of relaxing colors and sculptural lamps.

»We also like to customize the space with bedding. In this main room of the Upper East Side in New York City, we created a dusty lavender color scheme with a hand-embroidered wallpaper accent.

»The pendants next to the bed are like jewels and metal contrasts with the delicate flowers.

»The bedside tables customize the space with vintage style  for her and a Frampton Co table with space for him». 

Bedrooms with personality.

Dragonette Ltd

«When designing the bedroom for this young client they gave us two clues: purple is my favorite color and I like it a bit exotic.

»We were given free rein to this project, so we decided to upholster the purple velvet walls (the wall upholstery in a master bedroom is an excellent way to create a cocoon to muffle the sound).

»We design the custom bed with a” exotic “wink using a plum mohair with padding and a unique cut, and hanging brass lamps to finish off the decoration of the room». 

Decorate with layers.
Eric Roth

«Good quality bedding and a neutral and relaxing color palette are the key to creating a cozy atmosphere.

»We also like to layer the accessories with blankets, pillows and, of course, an aromatic candle» .

Change the curtains of the bedrooms.

Carlos Domenech

«Curtains are a fundamental element to make the space feel warm, and I also like to use carpets to make it feel softer.

»There should always be a cozy place to sit, read and relax.

»As for the lighting, I prefer warm and non-directional dimmable light, such as the light of a cave or under a bedside table, and I hide the shots so that the fluidity of the design is not interrupted.

»I use illustrations as an accessory to complement the overall design, and accessories such as a jug, a jewelry tray and books that can make the bedroom feel more personal». 

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