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Unique castles for sale in Europe.

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Castles for sale in Europe represent a very special product for the real estate sector and they are targeting an exclusive client segment, mainly because the price of these properties is measured in millions of euro.

The same as in any other similar posts published on the real estate blog of Costa Invest, we are proposing you some characteristics of the most exclusive properties for sale in Europe.

We have previously published some attractive castles for sale, mainly for the curiosity to get to know more on these properties, but now we propose 5 more castles for sale in Europe that will definitely increase your curiosity.

Glin Castle in Ireland (6.500.000€).

Glin Castle in Ireland has been occupied by the FitzGeralds (Hereditary Families of Glin) for more than 700 years.

During the last years, the main house and the guest house have been totally refurbished under some highly standards, being taken to the highest levels of sophistication.

This magnificent mansion counts with beautiful views of the Shannon estuary and a park of 65 hectares, which is actually a part of the huge size of the garden surrounding the castle (154 hectares).

The main area of the property has a gorgeous hall and 5 auxiliary reception rooms with nice contemporary characteristics. The kitchen has 12 separate service rooms, all of them with en-suite bathrooms.

The guest room is composed of 8 bedrooms with private bathrooms and it is connected to 3 reception rooms, 2 offices and a kitchen.

Apart from the spectacular environment, this castle for sale counts with an active farm, a private forest and a huge collection of furniture and Irish paintings with a huge history behind.

Source: zoopla.co.uk

Pointiers Castle in France (5.600.000€).

Although it looks much like the Magic Kingdom, this castle for sale close to Pointiers (France) is not part of Disney´s fantasy; not yet.

This castle for sale is located at 15 kms from Pointiers and it shows a particular elegance, characteristic to the XIX century. In the same time, this castle presents its own particular essence.

The restauration of the property was made under the most taught standards of quality and design in order to preserve the castle´s essence.

The inhabitable size of the castle is 900 m2, divided into four levels with a lift.

The distribution of the property is composed in this way: an entrance hall, a double reception, a dining room, a totally furnished kitchen, a heated greenhouse, 5 bedrooms (which can be extended to 10 bedrooms) with en-suite bathrooms and dressing rooms, a playing room, a home cinema, an indoor pool, a gym and an air-conditioned wine cellar.

The guest house counts with the following characteristics: three bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, separate offices, garages for four cars, outside pool, barbecue, tennis courts, several auxiliary rooms and a greenhouse.

This property counts with a total size of 29 hectares and 665 m2 of huge pavilions that can be used for different purposes, but also a dovecote restored during the XV century.

Apart from the park that surrounds this castle for sale, this estate is composed of forests, meadows and farms which includes a river, too.

It is also possible to land a helicopter on the property and the airport of Pointiers is at only 15 minutes by car.

  • Note: the website that advertises this castle for sale in France has taken the price off. However, the property´s price that we show here is the one that was advertised on the portal few weeks ago and it probably the exact price of this castle.

Source: maxwellstorriebaynes.com

Craigcrook Castle in Scotland (6.600.000€).

Craigcrook castle is situated at only 5 km away from the city of Edimburgh.

It was originally built by William Adamson in 1542 and it was transferred to different owners until John Strachan (Signet writer) bought it and left it to Craigcrook Mortification Trust in 1719.

The original design of the castle counted with a house in the tower of the castle that has been extended and adapted through years.

The castle is divided into 3 floors and includes an awesome tower which offers views to Costorphine Hill, Blackhall and the Firth of Forth.

During various years, this property has been rented out to offices. During the 70s, a one floor building (in the shape of an L) was added to the original castle.

Situated in the corner of the entire plot, the stables represent an attractive point of this building constructed of rock. They are divided into 2 floors which can be used for various purposes such as: auxiliary rooms, bedrooms, offices, guest accommodation, etc.

This castle for sale is located in a very extended plot of more than 4 hectares of green areas, a small part of forests and a garden.

This property is qualified for commercial purposes such as offices. It was qualified with the G mark under the rules of Scotland. However, this castle can also be used for habitable purposes and it can also be restructured.

Source: sothebyrealty.co.uk

Castle for sale in Italy (8.000.000€).

The medieval castle for sale dates from the XI century and it is situated in the Piedmont area of Italy (the western part of Italy). It counts with beautiful views to the hills of Monferrato.

For many experts, this is one of the most beautiful castles in Italy, because it is perfectly preserved, as it maintained its original aspect through the centuries.

Surrounded by green scenery, the castle offers a great private environment. In the same time, its proximity to Alexandria allows a simple access to the services of this city.

Alexandria was created in 1168 with the purpose of creating an obstacle in relation to its strategic position to the Marques de Monferrato Guglielmo the Old.

It was named after the rival of the Emperror, Pope Alexander the Third. Along with the city of Milan, this was converted into a symbol of the Longobardi family.

Along the history, the castle was hold by different families until 1707 when it was given to the Savoy House, becoming part of the Piedmont region.

Piedmond is the second biggest region in Italy and it offers a great commercial and touristic

Potential. Its scenery is magnificent. The Alps, its beautiful lakes and forests have played an

important role during history and they left us a great cultural heritage for this region.

During the centuries, this property has been renovated and modified, maintaining some characteristics which date since different periods of the history.

It counts with all the basic features of a medieval castle: rectangular structure, round tower, bend windows, stone balconies and amazing stairs.

The castle has a huge dining area created in a Neo-Gothic style and a big theatre decorated with frescoes. Moreover, there is also a small chapel inside the patio.

What was formerly known as the stables, nowadays are used as the accommodation of the maintenance staff. This area counts with an apartment for the guards.

In the surrounding areas of the castles we can find the guest house created back in the XVI century.

There is also a huge park which surrounds the castle and a garden that separates the castle from a modern pool (as you can see in the picture). Moreover, the castle counts also with plots used for farming purposes.

Source: zoopla.co.uk

Castle for sale in Florence (Italy).

  • Price not available

The castle for sale in Italy is situated on top of the hill, just in the middle of Chianti countryside area, between Florence and Siena.

The two towers of the castle dominate the field. The views from the exterior rooms of the castle are also spectacular.

The size of the castle is 5000 m2. There are 94 hectares that surrounds the castle of which 18 hectares of vineyards, 15 hectares of olive fields, 30 hectares of farming plot and extended areas of forests. This property is situated in the middle of a charming patio which counts with a pool of 13×7 m.

The main body of the castle has been totally renovated. It has 19 rooms with private bathrooms, a wine cellar, offices, accommodation for the staff and 300 m2 of rooms without renovation.

This property is good for using it as a hotel, or an events venue, due to its huge size. However, this castle can also be used for residential purposes.

The renovated areas of this property have high quality finishes, typical of the Tuscany area, with terracotta floors and beam ceilings.

Its rural location offers tranquility and some amazing views of Tuscany.

There is a small village which offers basic services really close to the castle. Florence is located at only 35 minutes from the castle, Siena at only 45 minutes and Pisa airport at only 60 minutes.

Source: prestigeproperty.co.uk

  • Costa Invest ® is not responsible of possible changes on the prices of these properties for sale, or some related details that might not be exact.
  • The info presented here comes from cites sources and the prices of some castles for sale in Europe are showed in pounds. Certain price adjustments are made when converting the currency to euro, depending on the value of the currency at the moment of converting it.

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