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How to get to understand the real estate clients.

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Feedbacks are a great tool for any real estate, because they help us get to know better the clients and to get better results. In the same time, a feedback improves the organizational functioning of the real estate and increases the company´s productivity.

A feedback generates positive synergies related to the real estate´s clients.

For a real estate, it is highly important to process the gathered info with the help of the feedback. The clients are actually the main reference in order to create the possible clients´ profiles, buyers of properties on sale.

A real estate is fed by the clients and they are all different and have different tastes. That is why we need to analyze those behaviors I order to achieve better results.

A real estate that wants to evaluate its clients´ behaviors will always need to start by creating a specific data base that will allow processing the info and analyze it.

This is work that must be done in time and must be constant and to which every real estate agent should dedicate to.

Knowing your client´s behavior is very important in order to determine several aspects:

  • What type of property the clients are looking to buy.
  • The maximum budget they could afford.
  • The areas where the clients look for properties.
  • How did the clients come to our real estate.
  • How was the general interaction between the client and the real estate.

How could a real estate know better its clients?

In order to create a data base related to the clients´ behaviors, a real estate should take into consideration the following factors:

  1. How will the feedback be managed by the real estate.
  2. The real estate agent is seen as the main factor of getting a feedback.
  3. Why does the real estate need any feedback?

How will the feedback be managed by the real estate?

At this point, the real estate must take into consideration the use of certain real estate software or directly create one. There are a lot of types of real estate CRM that can be treated as possibilities to reflect on the behavior of the real estate´s clients.

It seems to be a good option to create a specific CRM for any purposes. This will facilitate the internal communication from an organizational point of view and will generate positive synergies.

When you start searching for a system to process the information, the most important thing is that the real estate agent could access that info very easy, both when introducing related info as also when trying to find it easier.

That data base related to behavior profiles of the clients will also allow a better management of the resources and set higher objectives.

For example, with that kind of info a real estate could center its marketing resources effectively, reaching in this way, the best market with potential clients.

Knowing how to achieve a higher rate of details and precision is also important because the exactness of the info gathered by the system will make easy the real estate agent´s job and this will allow him to be more efficient.

For a real estate, counting with an effective real estate agent means an increase of its productivity and any tool that appears in favor of the company will always be seen as a positive value added to the business. It is highly recommendable to understand a real estate as an organization in all its meanings.

The real estate agent is seen as the mail factor of getting a feedback.

It is important the real estate agent´s compromise when gathering the info in order to elaborate the reports based on the clients´ behaviors. That is the responsible of gathering the clients´ feedback.

A real estate agent should stimulate the clients´ feedback, he should be assertive and know how to get the best rate of precision on the gathered info. The precision of the gathered info from a feedback is an important fact because it will allow the creation of reports based on much more effective behaviors.

A basic model of questionnaire when starting gathering info related to the clients´ behaviors must always count on strong aspects which should attend to the particular necessities of the real estate as a company and organization.

What shall a real estate agent do to get the client´s feedback:

  • Use the social skills of the real estate agents.
  • Stimulate the client to share his feedback with no pressure.
  • Be assertive as organization and company.
  • Argue the purpose of the feedback and its objectives.
  • Facilitate the client the means bring us its feedback.

Why does the real estate need any feedback?

The client´s feedback allows the real estate to:

  • Not cope with third parties.
  • Set commercial guidelines.
  • Set more specific objectives.
  • Manage better the resources.
  • Achieve a higher level of productivity.

– What to do with the real estate client´s feedback:

We know that the clients´ feedbacks are very important to establish business and organizational terms, but we also know that is highly important that those feedbacks should never be forgotten or left aside by the real estate.

It is highly important to process the info, structure it, and share it with all the colleagues and professionals of the real estate in order to get conclusions and from then on, to start work on them.

The actions derived from the conclusions must also be supervised in order to get a higher productivity and effectiveness.

– Phases of the entire process on the feedbacks gathered from the real estate´s clients:

  • Gathering the info from the client´s feedback.
  • Processing the data by structuring the info.
  • Sharing the reports between the members of the real estate.
  • Interchange of ideas and opinions on those reports.
  • Establish factors to consider or modify in order to get a higher professional effectiveness.
  • Maintain the job´s methodology and supervise it for a long period of time.

How do clients search properties on sale?

According to the statistics shared by different international organizations of this sector based on real estate, almost the 50% of the clients who want to buy a property are looking for a real estate on the Internet.

This is actually the reflection of the change of the client´s habits and we should always take into consideration that this is a very important fact because it also shows a new form of client-real estate relationship.

If the client wants to find properties on sale on Internet, this is very clear that the real estate webpage is an important means of communication and a vital tool to catch a possible buyer.

In the same time, the real estate blog is another important means of access in order to relate the potential client with the real estate. As important as this is the active presence of the real estate on social networks.

As a summary, all these facts present the necessity of implementing effective strategies of real estate Branding on Internet, in order to increase the development of the brand and its number of sales of properties.

Clients who search on Internet for properties to buy look at 2 important factors:

  • The pictures of the properties on sale.
  • The extra info attached to the pictures.

Among other important factors related to the development of the real estate´s brand, it is fundamental to implement a SEO strategy for the webpage and the real estate blog.

This is important because if the clients are looking for properties on Internet, the key is to be easily found on the website. For this, the search tools should have all the properties on sale indexed.

The statistics previously referred to, show that a 35% of the buyers of properties are indirectly related to the real estate through the agent. In this case, the client that wants to buy a property deposits his trust on the real estate agent and seeks for professional counselling.

The trust put on the real estate agent by the client generate positive synergies and gives the permission to other clients buyers of properties to relate to him.

A real estate that achieves implementing a good system of catching and processing of the clients´ feedbacks, will also achieve better results and offers an excellent tool to the real estate agent that increases his productivity.

If that system is effective, the real estate will notice a significant increase in its selling of properties for short and long term periods.

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