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What are Twitter Cards.

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Twitter Cards were developed to make Twitter posts more attractive.

These Twitter Cards are a type of tweet that allows you to include more information than a standard post.

In Twitter Cards you can publish an image with a title and a link to a landing page, including a more attractive design for users of the platform.

With Twitter Cards activated, real estate agents can publish their properties for sale on Twitter by pasting a link, and the system automatically attaches the linked photograph from the web with its title and description.

You can also publish articles from a real estate blog, and the Twitter Cards system will work in the same way as with a property on the web, attaching the main image of the content, its title and description.

The posts with the Twitter Cards have become a call to action , because they use an automatic system to attach the information, and they are very attractive.

Advantages of Twitter Cards.

  • Improve the visibility of posts on Twitter.
  • Get traffic from Twitter to the real estate website.
  • Tweets are more attractive and professionally designed.
  • They enhance interactions with the audience.
  • They convey a better brand image.
  • They help to get more followers on Twitter.
  • Edit the post automatically.
  • It makes it easy to share content on the platform ( copy and paste the link).

Sharing a post with or without Twitter Cards is a completely different thing, because standard tweets only include text, and they are not attractive at all.

Twitter Cards completely modify the design of a tweet, and make it visually attractive to users.

Types of Twitter Cards.

There are four types of Twitter Cards: Summary Cards, Summary Cards With Large Image, App Cards, and Player Cards.

Twitter Cards have different characteristics, and they serve different purposes.

The old Gallery Cards and Photo Cards, since July 2015 became part of the Summary Cards With Large Image.

Summary Card.

Summary Cards allow users to preview the content posted with a link in the tweet, before they click to the real estate landing page.

These cards are very practical for publishing articles from the real estate blog, industry news, and text-based content.

Summary Card With Large Image.

Summary Cards With Large Image work the same as Summary Cards, except in this case they allow you to include a large image in the content preview, which makes it much more attractive.

These cards are recommended to publish the properties for sale of the real estate, because they automatically attach the featured image of the house published on the web.

One of the advantages of these cards is that they redirect users when they click on the photo to the real estate website, and thus users can find the property for sale published.

It is one of the best ways to generate traffic from Twitter to the real estate website, and at the same time a very effective method for spreading the real estate product.

App Card.

App Cards are ideal to promote mobile applications on Twitter, and also to encourage users to install the real estate App.

App Cards allow you to publish information linked to the real estate application.

  • App name.
  • Description.
  • App icon.
  • Attributes of interest.
  • User rating.
  • If it is a free or paid App.

Player Card.

Player Cards are focused on posting videos and sharing audio streams on Twitter, and allow users to preview and play content with one click .

These Cards are very attractive and very useful, especially considering the great relevance that videos have as a type of content on social networks.

On the other hand, Player Cards are very practical, because users can play multimedia content without leaving Twitter.

Conclusions about Twitter Cards.

Twitter offers real estate agencies more than 300 million active users, and it is a great social media platform to disseminate properties for sale and the different services offered by companies in the sector.

That is why using these cards  is very important, because they allow to capture the attention of the audience, and the tweets become a call to action.

In addition to implementing Twitter Cards on their sites, real estate companies have to optimize tweets and publish quality content that is attractive to users.

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