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The beauties of Torrevieja in Spain.

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Torrevieja is a unique place to live or spend spectacular time. It counts with beautiful beaches and the necessary infrastructure for the visitors.

A place of reference for the national and international tourism, Torrevieja is remarkable for its mild Mediterranean climate which can be enjoyed all year round.

The origins of Torrevieja as a city for fishermen dates back to the 13th century, era when different sailors, mainly Genoese and Neapolitans started to search for a shelter in a good harbor. Linked to the sea, Torrevieja is also based on a very important economic activity which is the exploitation of its salt lakes.

Taking advantage of the sea and the commerce with the Salinas, Torrevieja has converted into an extremely active commerce.

At the moment, this activity is flourishing due to the recreational harbor and the different nautical activities realized all year round.

This is easily observed both by the tourists and locals who only need to give a stroll on the harbor´s area to realize it. This is the area where from early hours you could observe the presence of all kind of boats: leisure, sports and fishers.

Torrevieja´s beaches.

Counting with 20 km of coast, Torrevieja offers a great number of beautiful beaches, small natural bays and beautiful spots that represent an authentic attraction for the visitors.

The small natural bays, a natural creation which characterizes Torrevieja, are the proper environment highly used both by the divers and the people who seeks for the tranquility of the waters. Torrevieja´s most known beaches are.

La Mata, an extended beach with white sand and a beautiful esplanade. This area´s hotel industry is complex and of high quality.

Cabo Cervera with its known Torre del Moro offer the visitors an opportunity to enjoy unique landscapes. Torre del Moro is actually known as Torre Vigía because it shows a panoramic view of Torrevieja and Mediterranean Sea.

Los Locos Beach with its strange name. It was given because there is actually a sanatorium in the same area. This beach is situated in the same area as the old historical area of Torrevieja and offers to its visitors a large variety of services.

Naufragos Beach situated on the southern part of Torrevieja´s harbor, offers a special environment specific for its waters suitable to enjoy the Mediterranean Sea with your family.

Punta Prima situates the limit between Torrevieja and Orihuela Costa. Cala Ferris is a reference place to visit. With its rich ecosystem and a great number of palms, Cala Ferris closes the southern part of Torrevieja. Right from there starts another spectacular area of natural beauty.

Orihuela Costa is also a reference point for the national and international tourists.

Torrevieja beaches ´quality is qualified by ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates as a quality synonym and excellent environmental marketing. Its keywords are distinct beaches, beautiful landscapes, great gastronomy and brilliant leisure area.

The most important factors that show Torrevieja´s beaches can be enjoyed all year round are a mild Mediterranean climate and a lot of sunny days per year. All these factors and more make Torrevieja and Orihuela Costa proper places to live or spend the holidays.

Torrevieja ´s esplanades and harbor.

Torrevieja´s esplanades are based on the active presence of the pedestrians, especially in the afternoon, moment when each sunset converts into a unique moment.

Juan Aparicio, Vista Alegre or Dique de Levante Esplanades are the best opportunities to enjoy a long strolling and a complex gastronomy in Torrevieja.

Torrevieja´s promenades count with a large variety of leisure areas and places for shopping, especially the Liberty Esplanade which is a typical area for shopping.

Torrevieja´s natural pools are other attractive and quite unusual places. They resulted from natural forms and with the help of man, and they are seen as perfectly designed small beaches.

Dique de Levante Esplanade is known for its spectacular design and beautiful landscapes which can be enjoyed from it.

This esplanade is created for visitors to enjoy the spectacular views with the help of an artificial breakwater of more than 1 km long. From there you can enjoy a panoramic view of Orihuela Costa and surrounding beaches. There are also some brake points for the visitors to enjoy better the views.

From there people can also observe the nautical installations created by Torrevieja.

Torrevieja´s marina overpasses the other harbors in Valencian Community due to its high number of available berths.

This factor influences in the large number of boats all year round. In the inner harbor of Torrevieja, leisure boats are mixed with the fishing boats and the cargo ships of salt.

Torrevieja and its naturalness.

Playa del Cura en Torrevieja España

52% of Torrevieja´s territory is occupied by a natural park. This connects Torrevieja to the idea of naturalness and natural environment.

The Natural Park of the Salinas of La Mata and Torrevieja sustain 37000 acres of authentic ecologic diversity. Flora and fauna of the area converts it into a reference area for nature lovers.

Torrevieja and La Mata´s lagoons are known for their colors, green and pink which give them a particular beauty and personality. Torrevieja´s lagoon with its pink color because of the bacteria that live there is the place where the salt extraction takes place.

The cycle of Torrevieja exploitation of salt is completed with the help of La Mata´s lagoon which is used as a heater for the salt.

The 70.000m2 of Torreblanca´s El Barranco Park and the 17 acres of Municipality´s Molino de Agua Park are counting to the natural beauty of the areas of La Mata and Torrevieja.

Torrevieja – sports city.

playa de acequión torrevieja españa

Its more than 300.000m2 makes Torrevieja a reference city in terms of national and international sports. It offers different football courts with artificial grass, 8 padel courts, 10 tennis courts, a closed gym of 400m2, a rugby court, 2 court walls and offers all the necessary services for its users.

In Torrevieja, there is also the magnificent Palace of Sports ´Infanta Cristina´. It offers to its users an Olympic size heated pool in order to enjoy all year round.

The athletic track ´Daniel Plaza´ and the football stadium ´Vicente García´ represent an important offer regarding sports.

There cannot be a city based on sports if it does not count with all the infrastructures necessary to shelter all its users and that is way Torrevieja counts with 5000m2 of green areas and 23000m2 of parking places.

Torrevieja is also a great environment for nautical sports lovers, offering more than 3000 berths and services of high quality for its users.

Torrevieja´s marinas also offer the possibility to practice different activities linked to the sea such as: scuba diving, windsurf, fishing, diving lessons and sailing lessons and excursions.

Torrevieja is an ideal place for lovers of any kind of nautical experiences.

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