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Toodledo and the real estate productivity.

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manaToodledo is a highly advanced manager of task lists via web which allows the real estate to organize and structure its organizational work, both internally as externally.

This is a tool with a great quantity of utilities designed for the effective management of time and offers good resources inside the real estate.

It has also the target to manage to increase the productivity of the agency.

Toodledo is a very flexible tool for the task management of the real estate including characteristics that permit a good assignment of tasks according to their priorities. In this way, an effective supervision and following of them is made.

The simple link to different platforms and technologies is another important aspect of Toodledo. This highlights the increase of the productivity inside the real estate sphere.

The small and medium real estate in Spain should find tools and effective models of management, which must adapt to the organizational necessities.

In this way, Toodledo is presented as an excellent option for its use inside a real estate.

Characteristics of Toodledo for the real estate.

In order to get a correct understanding of the characteristics and functions of Toodledo, it is better to divide them into different groups which are also organized according to their rate of functionality and their specific target that they show.

Based on what has been said, we can observe the following groups of characteristics of Toodledo according to their functionalities and target:

  • Task organizer for the real estate.
  • Productivity tools for the real estate.
  • Real estate team collaboration.
  • Management of real estate data.

Task organizer for the real estate agency.

– Organize the tasks of the real estate.

Folders are a very effective way to organize the list of pending tasks of the real estate. The folders can be used in order to make a following of different projects inside the real estate or to keep separated the tasks related to work.

In other words, this separates the individual tasks of each agent of the collective ones. Toodledo allows the management, the filing and activation of the tasks folders of the real estate.

In the same time, if the real estate uses shared folders for the work in team, their access can be restricted and they become private, so that they could only be accessed with a password.

This is a practical function in order to avoid external collaborators to access important or not authorized info.

By activating that function, the members of the real estate team can only visualize their assigned private work space.

– Divide the great tasks of the real estate into subtasks.

The subtasks are an efficient way to organize projects and tasks on different stages.

This helps with the increasing of the efficiency level of the real estate team and maintains a better organized to-do list.

Every task can be transformed in a box full of other tasks which are normally called subtasks and this allows the real estate to organize the things in three different hierarchal levels.

The possibility to create hierarchies is another functionality which transforms Toodledo in a more effective management tool.

– Geographically located tasks for the real estate agent.

This is a function that allows us to link a task to a specific geographic location.

For example, we have titled the task ¨visit a property for sale in order to take it on the market¨ and we link it to a map and when the real estate agent is close to that property, he/she will immediately get a reminder.

This is probably one of the most effective functions on this real estate agent platform.

On the other hand, the real estate manager or the director of the real estate could create that geographically located task so the real estate agent receives a notification, without any previous notice.

In the same time, when the real estate agent is in a specific location he/she can see if there is any task set for this area and according to its priority level, it can be done in order to manage better the time.

The possibility to receive active or pending alerts through the geographic location is a useful resource which allows us to manage better and in a more effective way the real estate resources.

– Set priorities for the tasks of the real estate.

Setting priorities for the tasks of the real estate is a key factor in order to increase the global productivity.

There is a need to understand and determine which tasks have a higher priority and which do not. The tasks with more priority can be set on the top of the list and the ones with no priority or a very low one, can be set to become invisible for the real estate agent.

In this way, the less important tasks or the ones with a lower priority can be hidden but still activated.

In this way, we avoid the situation in which the real estate agent received info which might bother him/her.

– Set tags to the real estate tasks.

The tags are key words or phrases which can be used in order to describe a task. Adding tags in order to follow the state of progress of a task, to classify or use it for the private organizational schedule is a very useful resource.

Toodledo allows the real estate to manage the most used fifty tags, link them to several tasks, to pending tasks and contextualize them.

Assigning a task for different contexts is something usual in the real estate sector as when we create lists of properties which need to be visited in different geographic areas.

On the other hand, the context can be created according to the necessities of the real estate, allowing us to include different other variables such as: commercial management, customer service, post sale, notary, office, scheduled appointments, etc.

The idea related to the concept of  “context” is actually maximizing the time as a resource.

There is no productivity when a real estate agent is reminded of a task all over again just when he/she is in the middle of another context.

Productivity tools for the real estate.

– Reminders for the real estate agent.

The reminders of tasks correctly used might influence the increase in the real estate productivity, because this avoids the situation in which the members of the real estate team forget completely about the assigned task.

The reminders on Toodledo are completely personalized and configured in a simple way. This allows us to set reminders by date and specific hours and also to reschedule automatically those alerts.

The reminders and task alerts can be sent to any of the following sites:

  • Email address.
  • SMS text message.
  • A web browser as a pop-up (pop up window).
  • Direct message on Twitter.
  • Alert of any app for iOS or Android.
  • When loading a specific webpage as “webhook”.
– Special list of tasks for the real estate.

Toodledo creates a special list of specific tasks of imminent execution, which is called “Hotlist”. This list is generated automatically according to the deadline of the task, its priority, its state and the context previously assigned to it.

In the same time, the tool allows the creation of the hotlist manually according to the variables previously established. This is called “Favorite list”.

This system is very effective for the real estate to establish a list of tasks assigned by priorities, organized according to their context and a clear and well define structure from the beginning.

– Manage attached documents.

Any project of the real estate can be stored with the help of Toodledo in order to be managed correctly.

This platform offers the possibility to manage up to 50 Gb of info and data which can be made of documents, task lists, graphics or any type of important document for the real estate.

This is a very effective way of managing the info because it allows us to access the documents through any device and from everywhere.

– Supervision of the real estate tasks.

It is essential to get good levels of productivity and make a correct following of the tasks. Speaking of this, Toodledo makes easier the supervision of the tasks assigned to each real estate member.

In the same time of assigning the tasks to individuals or to the entire collective, the platform offers us the possibility to set targets for short, medium or long term. Globally speaking, each task could be linked to others and so set a target for the entire real estate.

It is highly important for a real estate to define its targets and so create the list of tasks that would help achieving those targets.

In order to supervise the real estate targets (which depend on the different tasks linked), Toodledo uses a chained visual representation. Each link of the chain represents a pending task and when the task is not finished, the chain breaks.

This is a very effective system of representing the progress up to the final target of the real estate. It also detects in a fast way where the not completed task is located and what has caused the interruption.

In the same time, this is a system that motivates the members of the real estate team and it requires a certain level of self-supervision and collective managing especially when the target depends on several persons.

– Productivity statistics with graphics for the real estate.

The visualizing of the data obtained allows the real estate to create graphics and draws in order to get a global vision of its productivity. Analyzing the time dedicated to tasks and projects makes easier the real estate management, allowing the maximizing of the resources in the same time.

With Toodledo we can create different types of graphics to reflect the level of real estate productivity and assign different variables for each participant factor or element.

It calendar of activities made as a graphic allows us to visualize the time dedicated to each task and how a real estate agent manages it.

In order to maximize the resources of the real estate and achieve an effective time management, Toodledo includes the “time meter” which determines the exact time used for the completion of a task.

The timers for supervising the time spent for a task can be activated or programmed, considering they will not be deactivated until the task is entirely finished.

In the next article we will analyze the following functions of Toodledo when we want to increase the real estate productivity:

  • Real estate team collaboration.
  • Management of real estate data.

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