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Tips for a real estate leader.


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Nowadays, real estate sector has to face many challenges. That is why the role of the leader of a real estate in Spain becomes so essential.

No matter the real estate organizational structure, roles must be defined according to the competences. Normally, in Spain, the figure of the real estate leader is targeting the owner of the real estate, or the manager of the real estate.

Anyway, we need to focus on the fact that a leader must have certain innate qualities and some achieved abilities after specific training. By combining the innate qualities with the achieved abilities, the owner of a real estate or even the real estate agent can become the company´s leaders.

The owner of a real estate in Spain does not have to be the leader or manager of the company or try to control several roles. On the contrary, the main ability of the owner or manager is to achieve to define competences and assign the organizational roles to other persons in an effective way.

When the real estate leader is the owner of the real estate, there is no need to define attributes or power when taking decisions. However, when the role of the leader is given to another member of the real estate, the latter must be helped by the owner of the company also.

The actions and the responsibilities of the leader must be well defined from the beginning, but the leader must count also with the help and support of the owner.

Real estate leader in Spain.

The small and medium real estate agencies in Spain are exposed to a bad habit; of assigning the organizational roles based on arbitrary criteria.

The consequence of this is the dysfunctional behavior. In order to avoid this, the real estate owner must achieve to brake with any compromise or external condition and focus only on the specific necessities of the company.

A real estate is a business and if the organizational level does not work properly, its business interests will be definitely harmed. This is an obvious and logical aspect, but not taken into consideration by most of the real estate agencies in Spain.

The figure of the real estate manager is also mixed with the leader, although the former has no functional abilities to adopt that role.

The real estate manager must show a series of personal characteristics and prove some functional abilities. However, we can easily notice that in Spain, the manager of the real estate is also its leader.

No organizational model is the perfect one, but the best model to follow is the one that attends the specific necessities of the real estate. However, the organizational model implemented by the owner of a real estate in Spain will only reflect the great success of the fiasco of the company.

These are the traditional organizational models showing the figure of the leader which can be found in Spain:

  • Real estate owner and leader.
  • Real estate manager and organizational leader.
  • Real estate owner, leader and manager (all of them in one role).

There are also other organizational models in Spain, but the ones above are the most used. Anyway, the economic and training limits affect the model in most of the cases.

Challenges for the real estate leader in Spain.

The organizational leader of the real estate must take decisions and be effective, must solve internal conflicts, manage them properly and become a good manager of the human and material resources of the real estate.

These are some of the factors to be taken into consideration by the real estate leader. Of course, they should not be seen as a manual, as the best results come from the experience got from training. 

  • Internal conflicts in a real estate.

A real estate, as any other company is constantly exposed to some internal conflicts. The interpersonal relations created inside the real estate sector are always filled with a certain level of competitiveness and envy on the success of other members of the real estate team.

In any of the cases, the real estate leader must come with a basic rule, which is useful in any organizational sector:

The leader of the company controls and manages a conflict, brings constructive answers which are not the result of a question, but they must be leader´s decisions put it into words or actions.

All critics, discontents, rage or interpersonal conflicts inside the company will become the responsibility of the real estate leader. That is why a real estate leader must always manage his/her emotions in an effective way and manage the emotions of the whole real estate team.

It is essential to generate positive synergies among the members of the real estate and detect when the negative synergies are harming the company. A real estate leader must take the needed measures, be assertive and convincing when he/she deals with negative synergies in order to avoid major damages.

  • Real estate leader´s conduct.

The behavior and conduct of a real estate leader affect the entire organization in a negative or positive way. A real estate leader must understand that his/her actions will affect the members of the team and so he/she needs to take the responsibility and consequences for them.

An organizational leader must dominate his/her impulses and emotions in a satisfactory way.

The separation level of the emotions must be high, mainly because he/she needs to preserve his/her image and the one of the company also.

A company´s leader must situate himself in the centre of the members and will be the reference model of conduct for the entire company.

A real estate leader is the mirror which reflects the members of the entire company.

  • Real estate leader´s time management.

A real estate leader is the most exposed member to the problem of managing time, to the unnecessary interruptions and to other variables that might affect his/her level of productivity.

He/she is the most exposed figure to anything inside the company, although sometimes not understood by the others.

When the real estate leader does not manage time in an effective way, the real estate will be damaged in a negative way, affecting both the organizational and business level.

A bad time management will affect the productivity level of the leader. A low level of productivity means economic loss for the real estate.

It is important that the leader achieves a functional balance between his/her responsibilities and the ones of the other people inside the real estate.

Time management is an important factor for the real estate leader to which he/she must pay attention in order to maintain the level of productivity and not harm the global productivity of the entire company.

Spending many hours of work badly managed will not bring any good levels of productivity. On the contrary, when the real estate leader adopts this strategy, the results can only be negative.

  • Real estate leader´s resilience.

A real estate leader must count with a good level of resilience in order to manage to get an effective and productive real estate team.

The level of change adaption and the effective management of the problems will make the real estate more efficient and productive.

A good level of resilience will allow the leader to maintain his/her level of productivity and so he/she will be able to stimulate the individual and collective productivity of the real estate.

The organizational leader of the real estate is an internal reference and his/her level of resilience will stimulate the rest of the members.

In the same time, the level of resilience is an essential functional factor for the real estate leader, especially on difficult situations.

For a real estate leader, resilience is the ability to overpass a difficult situation with the help of the necessary psychological resources in order to win after the negative circumstances, managing to get an excellent personal and professional mood.

On the following article from the category called real estate coaching we will keep sharing and analyzing more tips and resources that make the real estate leader more effective when exercising his/her organizational role inside the real estate and how to increase his/her productivity also.

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