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Time management tips for real estate agents.

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A bad time management affects directly and negatively the real estate agent regarding his professional competences, but it also affects the main interests of the real estate, damaging its level of productivity and affecting its profitability.

An effective time management is one of the most important organizational pillars for a real estate as a company and of course, the way every real estate agent manages his own time will also be decisive. A bad time management which comes from a real estate or its agents will bring a lowering of the efficiency and so, a low level of productivity.

As always, we must consider the real estate as an organization and from there start to work on each member, the real estate agents. In this way, positive results will be achieved inside the organization. If there is only one real estate agent who does not manages well his time inside the real estate, the real estate will be affected in a negative way.

The real estate agent, as any other professional of other domains, has to take into consideration a decisive factor, which is based on the fact that his working schedule will not finish when the rea estate closes its doors.

The opening hours set by the real estate for customer service is not also the working timetable of the real estate agents, because the telephones will keep ringing even if we closed the doors of the company.

Lies on time management.

First of all, there are some series of lies related to time management when we speak about the real estate domain. Although these lies keep on, this does not mean they are valid and true either.

In order to show you those lies related to time management, we will use the backwards technique and not mention them one by one because our target is not to promote them, but to avoid them.

– A day has 24 hours.

It seems totally absurd to insist on the idea that we all count with the same time, although it seem not to be like that as the majority of the workers admit they have no time at all to finish their work.

The real problem for a real estate agent is not that of running out of time, but he does not know how to manage time better and of course, he will have to learn how to do it in order to get the maximum level of professional productivity.

– One thing is the idea of time and the other is putting it into practice.

Many persons know they have to finish a certain task, they are aware of this thing and of its importance, but somehow, they delay its beginning.

Here we can notice an unnecessary expense of energy when thinking of the importance of the task without finishing it, but we also notice a frequent element easy to observe, the postponing of doing things.

The real estate agent who postpones with no argument is not achieving his targets.

– It´s all about setting priorities.

By no means, an effective management of the time should only count on setting priorities, although this is very important in the first place. A really effective time management requires some other elements, too.

Plan, delegate and implement tasks facilitate the difficult task of time management more efficiently for a real estate agent.

– Losing time is losing money.

Both for a real estate agency as for a real estate agent, losing time is actually losing money.

A real estate´s wrong time management means a low level of productivity and both for him as for the real estate this means actually less sales and les economic winnings.

– The diary marks only the calendar.

A real estate agent uses the diary to organize the activities and the latter is a very utile tool. The thing is that a diary is not enough for the well managing of time.

A diary marks the tasks to do in a certain day at a certain hour, but it does not show the tasks the real estate agent has to do outside that calendar and that is why we need to use other tools in order to arrange the tasks that need to be finished.

– Arrange the tasks is the first phase of planning.

An organized real estate is a productive real estate and if every agent would value more the organization as a principle, it would be possible to start to plan an effective time management.

Planning is the first phase for an effective time management and the planning of tasks is not achieved in a background of general mess.

– Distractions are interruptions.

Any distraction the real estate agent might have will permit the losing of attention and he will have to make a huge effort to get back his level of concentration on the task.

Get distracted as a means of reducing the stress level is not the same thing as taking this as an escape or excuse.

– Delegate tasks is not about avoiding them.

The real estate should learn to delegate and depend on others´ actions. This is something to be understood very clear and must not be taken as an obstacle for his level of effectiveness and productivity be reduced or affected.

The key is to know to whom delegate something, how to do it especially when a certain task should be delegated to a specific person.

– Memory is a double-edged sword.

Memory is an important tool which depends directly on our minds and is conditioned by our subconscious.

A real estate agent will become more effective if he registers the info by other means than only memory, because this will permit him avoid forget and this will facilitate the processing of the info more efficiently. In this way, he will get a better time management.

– Better concentrated on one thing than doing it wrong on two.

Although we could do several tasks simultaneously, we will never achieve the same level of effectiveness as when we concentrate only on one specific task. It is true that our mind allows us to do several tasks in a simultaneous way, but what is important is actually the level of effectiveness we could get from that.

For a real estate agent is better to get concentrated on a specific task than try to do various things in the same time. In this way, he achieves a higher level of efficiency and productivity.

– A lot of working hours means low productivity.

The productivity and time does not necessarily correspond to each other and it is frequent to find persons who work a lot of hours inside a real estate and produce nothing.

The real estate agent who boasts of working too many hours or that his days are unfinishable, he is actually saying he does not know how to manage time satisfactorily and this is the exact proof that he needs in order to change something.

The previous myths related to time management without mentioning them in order to not sustain them, are converted into limited elements for the real estate and the real estate agent. They are seen as professionally negative elements that damage the business´ main level of economy.

An effective time management shows when a real estate agent does not need more hours for his work and if he is able to get the same results as if he were inverting more hours on his work.

The huge problem of not achieving an effective time management will affect personally the agent and this will negatively affect his personal life, too. A bad time management will be directed to stress as well and this should be satisfactorily managed by the real estate agent in order to get the maximum level of productivity.

Stress appears to the real estate agent when he does not manage efficiently the time. When we speak about stress, we directly link the real estate agent to this disease. The stress for a real estate agent brings some highly negative consequences for his health and this will affect his productivity as well.

When a real estate agent says he runs out of time or he has too many things on his head, it really means he is not managing time efficiently. We all have the same number of hours in a day, but the difference is how we manage our time.

In order to achieve an effective time management, we need to analyze a series of factors in order to get to understand its main keys, and that is why in our next articles we will touch this subject of time management again.

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