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Technological roles inside the real estate sector.


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The organizational figures linked to technology have just started to be marked out in a clear way inside the real estate sector in Spain.

Considering the actual circumstances determined by the relevance of Internet in the persons´ lives, the organizational figures of the real estate linked to the technological sector are really vital for a company.

The organizational figure linked to technology inside the human resources sector of a real estate in Spain used to be the IT person – a person with defined competences and unique in terms of functional aspects of the computers inside a real estate.

Inside the organizational sector of the real estate, the IT person´s professional competences were traditionally focusing on the management of the networks and the computers of the entire company. I do not want to mean that the function of the IT person inside the real estate is not important at all. This organizational role is quite essential.

The IT person of the real estate has gained a relevant role during the years because of the technological addiction.

However, the competences of the roles linked to technology inside the real estate sector in Spain have transcended the management of the computing system.

Nowadays, a real estate in Spain depends on technology. That is why the need of hiring new organizational figures specifically linked to the technological sector. Reality asks for it.

The organizational model implemented by the real estate will condition the agency in the first place, but also the human and economic resources. These are factors that will condition the internal management model in a way or another.

For a real estate with few economic resources in Spain, the possibility to hire professionals for the technological sector might become impossible.

This is not an exaggeration if we analyze the great quantity of organizational figures linked to technology that have been hired during the last years. Moreover, for a small or medium real estate in Spain, the human resources area does not even exist.

Basic technological knowledge inside the real estate sector.

Before analyzing the technological roles inside the real estate sector, we should underline the lacks detected among the users of Internet and the new technologies inside this sector.

The term “average user” means an absolute ignorance of the basic concepts of IT. This is an important factor which brings negative consequences to the real estate sector in Spain.

Knowing how to use a text processor does not mean a total knowledge of the office software package. We do not mean programming knowledge, we are only talking about knowing how to use daily and basic programs inside a real estate office.

When a real estate agent or any other member of the real estate is dependent on looking at the keyboard when writing, means that person needs a typing course.

This is only a subject of increasing his level of productivity. Moreover, any real estate agent or person who works inside a real estate could have an online typing course which is also free.

Basic training linked to technology.
  • Minimum ability to write on a keyboard (typing ability).

  • Office software abilities (text editors, presentations, data base, etc.).

  • Knowing the characteristics of a real estate CRM and its functions.
  • Linking different technological devices.

  • Basic protocols on Internet.

  • Configuration of IT programs of daily use.

  • Legal aspects on the private data protection.

  • Knowing the formats of the most-used archives and their function.

  • Differences and usage of the different internet browsers.

  • Functioning of the applications for the mobile devices.

  • Aspects linked to security (antiviruses, firewalls, encrypted data, passwords, etc.).

The technological training must be taken as a priority by all members of the real estate and it must be evaluated as an investment.

The lacks inside the technological sector might convert into a limiting factor when trying to increase the global level of the real estate productivity.

Organizational figures related to technology.

The competences of the organizational figures are determined by the organizational model adopted by the company.

In the same time, the roles assigned for the management of the tasks linked to technology vary according to the business limits of the real estate.

This is a model based on the new organizational necessities and does not mean a real estate must include professionals in its team.

In the same time, any real estate in Spain must understand that those organizational figures are key especially if we focus on the technological reality that we are living now.

The IT person of a real estate.

As we have previously stated before, the IT person of the real estate is the most known technological role inside a company in Spain.

He is the responsible of managing the network of all the computers used in the office inside the real estate, maintaining the operating systems in the best condition and maintaining the IT terminals in a regular way.

When specific cases, especially when the real estate does not count with a webmaster, he is the responsible for managing the hosting services hired by the real estate blog and real estate web.

If the real estate counts with its own servers, the IT person is the responsible of their correct functioning and maintenance (security copies, set security systems, etc.).

On the other hand, when there are problems with the computers of the real estate such as viruses, wrong functioning of the hardware, etc. the IT person becomes the protagonist who solves these incidents.

As we have previously talked about his competences inside the real estate, the role of the IT person is quite clear from the organizational point of view.

The Community Manager of the real estate.

The Community Manager of the real estate is the person responsible to spread the organizational contents on Internet, such as: properties for sale, properties for rent, real estate blog posts, corporate newsletters, status updates, real estate promotions, real estate newsletter, etc.

In the same time, the online brand development of the real estate and the management of different social media accounts of the real estate on different platforms (Google Plus, Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube,  LinkedIn, Vk, Twitter) are among his competences.

The management of the social media pages of the real estate on different platforms is a very important factor mainly for the brand development of the real estate. Moreover, the Community Manager is the responsible of generating a community apart from managing them.

Managing the social community of the real estate does not mean getting followers for the several accounts. This is not a task focused on the spreading of the real estate web or real estate blog contents. A community on the social platforms requires the generation of positive synergies with the users, strengthening the feedback with the followers and so achieve a brand development but also more potential buyers.

The professional field of the Real Estate Community Manager is based on the social networks, but there are also other fields of Internet where he can develop his tasks such as forums, directories, real estate portals, etc.

On the other hand, the Community Manager becomes the ideal advisor of the real estate agent who wants to create his own branding campaign on different social media platforms as through any other online communication ways such as webpages, real estate blogs, professional forums linked to this sector, specialized online communities, etc.

For a real estate in Spain, a Community Manager has an essential role at the time of implementing a digital marketing campaign strategy for the real estate.

In the following article inside the category called real estate coaching, we will keep analyzing other technological roles needed inside a real estate in Spain.

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