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Technological roles inside a real estate sector in Spain

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We have previously analyzed the importance of the technological roles inside the real estate sector in Spain and we have defined some new organizational figures linked to technology, their importance and their main competences.

Let´s revise again the points we already talked about in order to place ourselves inside the context:

  • New technological roles inside a real estate in Spain.
  • The figure of the IT person as an organizational reference inside the real estate.
  • Technology needed inside the real estate sector as a professional resource.
  • Qualifications and training of the real estate agent on IT area.
  • Basic technological training for a real estate in Spain available nowadays.
  • Competences and functions of the real estate Community Manager.

New technological roles inside the real estate sector in Spain.

Many of the organizational new figures inside the IT sector have emerged inside the real estate sector in Spain during the last five years.

There are also technological roles and figures that have existed since always and they are now seen as different. This is a change made due to the use of English inside the IT sector.

This is just a semantic aspect, but sometimes, we get to translate to Spanish professions that does not seem to have any logic at all.

This happens to the real estate Content Curator syntagm, which if translated, it will appear as “the curator of the contents of a real estate”. This does not even sound good at all.

Anyways, the tags of the technological professions and roles inside a real estate sector in Spain are not important at all. The key is to define their competences and functions.

Real estate webmaster.

A real estate webmaster is the responsible person of the functioning and development of the architectural aspect of the webpage and real estate blog.

Among his main competences we can find: programming of the real estate website, management of the real estate website, setting of security controls, site optimization, coordination with the responsible persons of the real estate (manager or the owner of the real estate), etc.

If the real estate manages the website and the real estate blog in an independent way, only a webmaster can assume both competences. Those competences can also be assumed by different professionals. Everything depends on the organizational model and business management implemented by the real estate.

In the same time, the real estate webmaster is the responsible person of supervising the correct functioning of the real estate host.

Counting with a good hosting service is a very important factor for the real estate because it increases the productivity levels of the real estate and it helps to improve the level of organizational functioning both internal and external.

A real estate webmaster will be responsible of the online management of the real estate websites, apps and useful tools such as:

These are only some of the utilities offered by a real estate hosting. There are others for which a real estate webmaster will be responsible.

The responsible person of the real estate blog.

As we already mentioned before, a real estate can manage its website or real estate blog independently or through a hosting by using different domains.

Anyways, a real estate webmaster must not necessarily be the responsible person of the real estate blog, nor the creator of the contents published on this site.

Normally, the majority of the real estate in Spain merge competences and responsibilities into only one organizational role, mainly because of the economic and knowledge lacks.

This must not be understood as an effective or negative aspect. On the contrary, the higher the level of specificity inside the professional activity, the better the results.

However, when the website manages its web independently, the author of the real estate blog is also the webmaster of the website. Most of the times, he becomes the responsible of the strategy of sharing the contents on social media platforms; competence normally owned by the real estate Community Manager.

Traditional competences of the administrator of the real estate blog in Spain:

  • Site management.
  • Programming of the template used by the site.
  • Update of the content manager (WordPress plugins, etc.).
  • Post creation and setting of editing timeline (categories).
  • Sharing of contents on social media platforms.
  • Post editing on different languages (multilingual real estate blog).
  • Content curation for the internal sharing.

Real estate Content Curator.

The organizational role of a Content Curator is not new. However, he becomes the key figure for any strategy of real estate marketing nowadays.

Content marketing is mainly based on filtering information, segmenting and sharing it in an effective way.

Outside the real estate sector, the figure of the Content Curator can be found since decades ago inside different professional sectors, such as inside library science. This is a sector inside which the professional of classifying info do more than categorizing books and magazines.

Moreover, several experts of the sector show a strong opposition towards the use of the words Content Curator, as this role might be understood as an unqualified practice.

The organizational role of the documentary maker is not new at all and we can state that a Content Curator´s role is similar to the professional figure of a documentary maker, not to a Community Manager.

A working methodology implemented by a real estate Content Curator might vary depending on his training, experience and personal preferences. However, there are different models of professional approaching and many authors suggest different models of implementation.

Anyways and no matter the experts´ points of view on this subject, there is an extended model for the professional curation of the contents inside the real estate sector:

  • Planning and methodology of the content curation.
  • Info search on Internet.
  • Selection of most relevant contents.
  • Characterizing the selection according to the set criteria.
  • Spreading the contents through the channels previously set.
  • Reinforce or strengthen the link with the segment of the predefined audience.
  • Evaluation of the results obtained though data.

The real estate Content Curator uses several tools to implement different phases of his work and most of tools are online. They bring the feature of filtering and segmenting millions of contents generated daily on Internet.

This is an organizational role which can be adopted by any member of the real estate and its competence could be passed to another external professional.

The functions of a real estate Content Curator are internal of the organizational level but it could also be external. They strengthen the info flow that passes among the real estate agents and they also reinforce the strategy of the Community Manager.

The administrator of the real estate CRM.

The use of a CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) is essential inside the real estate in order to get good levels of productivity. The role of the administrator and responsible of the real estate CRM receives a very important relevance inside the real estate sector in Spain.

While it is true that all members of the real estate team must know how to use a real estate CRM, a responsible figure is also essential inside the organizational level.

The configuration of the real estate CRM is an essential factor. So it is the incorporation of new modules and functions which brings a better functional level for the real estate.

There are different types of real estate CRM on the market and different ways to implement them inside a real estate sector.

The responsible person of this internal management system will also be the responsible of the implementation of the CRM and its adjustment to organizational necessities, but he will also be responsible of training the members of the organization in order to manage to use it properly.

A real estate CRM allows us the supervising and managing of different areas inside a real estate. These are the main characteristics and functions offered by a real estate CRM:

Depending on the implemented real estate CRM, the functions might vary and each CRM counts with specific modules and characteristics for a real estate.

There are different options for a real estate in Spain, such as: SharePoint, Bitrix24, Hipergate, including WordPress as a real estate CRM or open code CRM.

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