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Swimming pools with luxury designs.

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The pools with many luxury designs become masterpieces of architecture, and set trends in the decoration of the exterior spaces of the homes.

Usually, although not always, these pools have a minimalist and even very simple design, and become luxurious for the property in which they are located.

In short, swimming pools usually start from the same design concept, focused on functionality and conditioned by the space of the properties.

Infinity-edge pools are usually very spectacular, and their impact is greatly increased by the views they offer, although many pools are not infinity-edge and do not offer great views and are still very attractive.

Luxury pool at Montauk Beach.

Photo by Michael Arnaud

This spectacularly designed luxury pool is located in Montauk Beach, New York, and was designed by Katch ID Interiors .

The unconventional design of the pool is very attractive, especially for its infinite edge favored by the location of the property on the side of a hill.

Different high quality materials were used for its construction, and different textures were combined.

Luxury pool with mountain views.

Photo by David Marlow

This pool designed by the architecture studio Shope Reno Wharton is not that it is too spectacular or something never seen, however the views are spectacular.

The infinity pool offers privileged views of the mountains, and turns it into a luxury pool with a minimalist design where its style blends with the surroundings.

The dimensions of the pool are not extravagant, and its style fits perfectly into the concept of its designers who have managed to create a comfortable outdoor space to enjoy nature.

Simple luxury pool.

Photo by Manolo Langis

Many times luxury is found in simplicity, and this pool is a good example of this.

The pool integrates beautifully with the architectural design of the house, and high quality combined materials were used for its construction.

The pool of this luxury property in Manhattan Beach was designed by SUBU Design Architects.

Modern luxury pool.

Brady Architectural Photography

The luxury pool of this spectacular house is part of the environment as if it were an extension of the property.

Designed by Dawson Design Group , the large pool has different accesses and well differentiated areas.

Direct access to the pool through a design walkway from the second floor of the property becomes a very attractive and functional element.

Hawaii pool with its own style.

Photo by Matthew Millman

This luxury pool in Hawaii designed by Wiseman Group became a reference in terms of simple and effective designs.

Amid the beautiful surroundings of the Pacific Island, this pool seems to be directly fused with the house by one of its columns.

The infinity edge of the pool does not stand out for the low elevation of the land, although the views and the exterior design achieved by the architects more than compensate.

Pool inspired in the middle of the century.

Photo by Greenblott Design

The design of this pool inspired in the mid-twentieth century became the star of the luxury home located in Los Altos, California.

The luxury pool with retro style at first glance does not seem to stand out too much, however, from near you can discover the different materials and colors combined that Greenblott Design designers used .

The combination of colors through the materials used manages to convey a sense of calm and relaxation to fully enjoy this luxury pool.

Luxury indoor pool.

Photo by Sozinho Imagery

Luxury indoor pools tend to be very shocking, and this is no exception in any way.

The highest quality materials were used for the construction, and special attention was paid to the pool’s background color to contrast with the tone used on the walls and ceiling.

This luxury indoor pool was designed by LeeAnn Baker Interiors Ltd.

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Author and Editor.

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