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Socl is a very interesting social platform for a real estate in Spain. At the moment of implementing a real estate marketing strategy, this seems to be the most popular and highly estimated social network.

Socl is Microsoft´s social media platform and it has been developed by the division called Research FUSE Labs, a certain area of the company which focuses on the investigation and the development of different projects such as events, apps, social media, collaborations, etc).

Microsoft has been investigating and developing its social media on different phases. Nowadays, Socl has been changing a lot during last years and now, its functions are the main results of its last update from August 2014.

As any other social media platform, Socl counts with certain functions; this makes the real estate embrace it so much.

Characteristics of Socl for a real estate.

Socl offers a great quantity of characteristics; some of them similar among other social media platforms, but there are some that are particular. These are Socl´s basic characteristics:

  • Sign in must be done through a Microsoft or Facebook account.
  • Sign in with Facebook imports all details directly to Socl.
  • Profile page with photo and corporate image.
  • URL address generates automatically a name for logging in.
  • A main name and a nickname could be used at the same time.
  • Shared contents could be filtered and segmented.
  • Administration and editing of the contents.
  • Join other contents in only one for sharing.
  • Set level access to the contents (public, private, or partial).
  • Follow other and the possibility to be followed.
  • Video making lists.
  • Updates of the corporate info and the real estate agent.
  • Fast access bookmarklet for search engines.
  • Share contents on other platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr).
  • Mobile versions for all devices on the market.

The contents are indexed by the search engines (mainly by Bing) but also by Google. This is an important factor to take into consideration and it is linked to the real estate SEO.

Socl´s user interface is divided like this:

– Main interface.
  • Posts (shared contents).
  • Collections (collections of contents).
  • Likes (received by the real estate).
  • Following (followed users).
  • Followers (users that follow the page of the real estate).
– Secondary interface.
  • All posts (all the contents published).
  • Collages (created and shared by the real estate).
  • Video Parties (system of video making).
  • Picotales (system for updating the funny moods).
  • Blinks (capture of images).
  • Kodu (allowskids to create games on the computer or Xbox through the language of visual programming).

In another area of the user interface, we will find different parts of the drop-down menu: appearance, account configuration, help and other functions.

Socl functions for a real estate.

– Share the real estate content in a fast way.

The “quick post creator” system allows the real estate to share its contents in a faster way. This is one of Socl´s characteristics that make the difference among the other platforms. The speed of sharing updates and the diversity offered make this system become the post popular.

There is also a very interesting factor to be considered. In order to share real estate contents you will not need to leave the channel with the main sources. Any type of content can be shared in a fast way: images of properties for sale, rental properties, real estate blog articles, video adverts of properties for sale, mood updates, comments, etc.

The fast sharing on Socl brings the possibility to share any type of content individually or in a collective way (combined contents such as links, images, texts, videos, etc).

On Socl all the contents can be shared for the public or for a selected audience. This is a useful function, when defining the types of contents to share and to whom.

It is essential to segment the contents on a social media platform, as the real estate might eventually strengthen its strategy of real estate digital marketing in a more focused way.

– Content collection of a real estate.

We can create content collections on Socl, which if combined with the previous function they will definitely increase the segmentation level. These collections can be defined by the user without limit and the real estate can create sub-collections. A useful example of content collections would be:

  • Collection of properties for sale: apartments, bungalows, villas, plots, garages, etc.
  • Collections of property rentals divided by type of property and time: long term rentals and holiday rentals.
  • Collection of the articles of a real estate blog by categories: real estate marketing, real estate productivity, curiosities, real estate coaching, etc.
  • Collage to share different contents in one.

As you can get it from its title, this is a function that allows the real estate to create collages of contents in order to be shared as they were one. We can create a content to be shared which could have different types of archives or elements: links to the real estate blog´s articles, videos of properties for sale, images of properties for sale, descriptive texts of properties, etc.

In order to create a real estate collage with images, videos, texts or links, we can access them from different parts:

  • Real estate computer (upload the archives or drag them into the page).
  • Collections of the real estate published on Socl.
  • Copy and paste system (links of the real estate blog articles or properties for sale on the website).

Sharing any type of contents as if they were only one, will hep the real estate to turn its mood updates into something more than just some simple publications.

– Video Party for the real estate.

Video Party is a function offered by Socl which allows the creation of a real estate communicating channel, a very effective one for the internal and external level of the organization. The real estate can create lists of making videos by categories and share them in a selective way, public or private.

Examples of lists of video making on Socl:

  • Video adverts of properties for sale by type of property.
  • Property rentals by time.
  • Video collections based on real estate coaching or real estate training.

The Video Party can be shared in real time or not setting access restrictions and a mechanism for organizational communication.

– Riff: visual answers like comments.

Riff on Socl is the way to create a comment using images which can be defined as a innovative communication system for a social media. The idea is to establish a visual communication when answering the comments or putting some comments on other users´ profiles.

All Riffs are stored in order to provide a history of the visual communication. One can access them by “view riffs” button in order to get a global image of the interactions.

Each Riff is marked, segmented, stored and assigned a special attribute in order to include it in a specific folder.

– Picotales: serious contents shared in a playful way.

This is a hybrid function between a “meme-generator” and a game. These are mood updates which are created from a small history and they are fused with images. This is a unique system for sharing contents and getting high levels of advertisement.

This function is seen as a playful tool for the users of this platform, but it can become an effective system of real estate marketing.

This is definitely something innovative and funny also when used for real estate advertise. It can also be shared on other platforms of social media where the real estate is active.

– Images of properties for sale as a short movie.

Blink allows us to get image shots of the properties for sale and merge them in order to be seen as a short movie. The sources for getting the images are varied. This is a simple function and useful too.

Example for the real estate:

  • We can print screen the images of properties for sale from the real estate website.
  • We merge the edited ones in a short movie.
  • Blink is published in order to be shared on different other social media platforms.

In advance, it might seem more complicated, but this is so simple that you are only a few clicks distance to achieve it. In order to create a Blink and share it on your platform, we need to download the app and install it on a computer or mobile device (smart phones, laptops, etc.).

Technical requirements for installing this app: Windows Phone or Windows 8; on Windows 10 it works also. We remind you Socl is Microsoft´s social media platform. That is why it is better to use Microsoft instead of anything else.

The fluidity and the speed when sharing or searching contents on Socl is unbelievable. This allows the real estate to manage its resources in a better way and get more effective results.

Socl offers an app that functions as a selector and allows its users to share the contents in a an effective way and find the shared contents in an easy way. On this app you could make all actions without leaving the source page, an extra and very useful function that not many platforms have.

Socl is an excellent platform to be used for a strategy of real estate social media, but it is also a tool for the real estate digital marketing.

*Update from 15th of March 2017: Microsoft officially announced the closing of its social media platform immediately.

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