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Social media trends for a real estate.

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Social media platforms have more than a decade of existence and they have become the protagonists of the real estate online marketing.

In the same time, these social media platforms have become the most reachable communication means that have a great impact among all the social sectors. Strategies of real estate marketing and any type of advertising campaigns on products and services are implemented on these platforms.

Nowadays, we can state that any real estate in Spain that does not have an active presence on the social media platforms is actually making a huge error.

Having only a real estate web and blog is not enough!

The reality says that real estate pages on social networks are as important as the corporate pages. They are the shopping windows of the real estate product; the place where we can find potential buyers and a very effective communication means.

On the other hand, it is essential for a real estate agent to count with different active social media profiles, as a seller has to know how to sell his image in the first place.

Nowadays, the traditional business card is digital!

Nowadays, both for a real estate as for a real estate agent, social media platforms have become the means of advertising with international reach. They are segmented platforms with different functions and they are reachable by any professional in a free way.

Normally, this might result strange and even awkward for those professionals of the real estate sector that do not understand at all the meaning of social media platforms. However, the number of millions of active users must be analyzed in order to understand their potential.

Social networks have changes the game rules of the real estate marketing, by defining standards and guidelines for the new means of communication among the business sector.

Real estate social media: trends.


Let´s analyze the social media trends for next year and the guidelines to take into consideration by the real estate in order to achieve the objectives of online real estate marketing.

Real time actions of a real estate.

Real time actions are essential for any real estate strategy. The real time info interchange on social media is one of the best communication means among the traditional and online ones.

Digital or similar platforms, such as messages and chats sent through the real estate web or blog will be set aside. This does not mean that messages, or real estate newsletter, the chat systems or other means will not be useful anymore. However, the studies show that users prefer other means of communications.

If we are to analyze the ways of communication on social media platforms, we will find out that the preferred one is the real time communication, such as instantaneous messages, micro-blogging system, video streaming uploaded in few seconds. All users want an instant answer.

Since long time ago, Facebook has evaluated the pages according to the speed of the answers. If the real estate does not answer to the users´ enquiries and comments in less than 10 minutes, its engagement will be affected in a negative way.

This is the proof of the importance of real time actions and the traditional model of answering the messages “next day” does not really function at all. The majority of the potential clients of the real estate have a minimum knowledge of social media and this implies the fact that they prefer a quick answer to any inquiry, not after a day or when the agent considers it appropriate.

System of social search vs search engines.

The social search seems to be a strong competence to the search engines (Google, Bing, Yandex, etc.) during the following year and according to the year´s trends this will become a bigger battle. According to the studies (which might vary a bit), between 75-80% of the online buyers are influenced by the social media platforms. Although not all the potential buyers will come from those platforms, a high percentage is probable to be influenced by them.

Social networks count with their own search engines and their implemented algorithms in order to offer certain search results to its users.

A social media user of a certain platform will make a search from his account, but not from the search engines of Google, Bing or Yandex. This is an important behavior that a real estate must take into consideration!

On the other hand, social media platforms are the perfect means where the users can search for comments on products or services and find reviews on a real estate or real estate agent.

In the same time, the real estate marketing campaigns, the offers of properties for sale and any other type of real estate event will have a higher impact on the social media level than on the real estate web.

Online reputation of a real estate.

Real time news updates can be found on Facebook and Twitter, not on any traditional newspaper. An unknown person can become a famous person with the help of a video and a book has more chances of being sold through social media platforms than through any library.

Any real estate blog article has a reach level measured in thousands of persons, without having any necessity of becoming viral. Real estate must take advantage of the circumstances and exploit them.

Nowadays, the most effective way of publishing a property for sale is through the social networks. On the other hand, there are the real estate advertising portals, which started to lose ground.

Nowadays, a real estate does not need to invest thousands of euro per year in order to advertise its products, only because a simple status update on any social media platform can reach thousands and thousands of potential buyers.

The whirlwind of info on social networks can get to extreme levels and millions of users take everything as certain and true, although it might not be. When searching for critics or comments on a company, the majority of persons prefer to explore the social media instead of searching on Google.

That is why, the online reputation of the real estate must be well- taken care of during the next year, especially inside the sector of the social media platforms.

As the social media platforms offer all those features, a well-planned discredit campaign is enough to harm a brand and company in a bad way. These are the new game rules that we mention on social media level. They are not-written rules that do not have any established canon.

The real estate community manager is the one who marks the difference.

Quality and emotional links of the real estate.

Quality has always been an essential factor inside the online real estate marketing and this will be a vital element for getting better results during next year. The shared contents on social networks must be of high quality, they must be varied and based on a well-planned strategy.

The habit of sharing properties for sale on social networks without any previous planning might become counter-productive.

It is advisable to set objectives, plan actions and define the organizational approach of the real estate.

Any image of property for sale, articles of the real estate blog and any type of status update shared by the real estate on social networks must count with a minimum level of quality. The low quality contents (design, appearance or orthographic faults) will only damage the brand image.

The Content Curator of the real estate during the next year will modify its approach and it will focus on the excellence of the shared contents.

Inside the real estate sector in Spain, the organizational figure of the Content Curator is not taken into account yet and sometimes is unknown by some persons. However, if this professional is ignored this year, next year he will become the protagonist inside the strategy of real estate social media.

On the other hand, the emotional links are more and more important on social media platforms and the quality and excellence of the contents are not enough in order to get potential buyers. A real estate must plan the brand development and generate a community in order to become a reference inside this sector. In order to achieve these objectives, we need to create emotional links with the users and reinforce the positive synergies.

A new approach is being planned inside the real estate marketing, especially on social networks. It is not enough to publish only properties for sale, we need to connect to the clients through organizational values.

A picture of the property for sale published on the social networks has no meaning for the users and they will probably not notice it. In order to be effective, the call to action of the real estate must contain an emotional link and send specific values.

The name of the real estate must become its brand and the real estate must send information and its organizational values through its contents in order to connect to the users.

Real estate content curator sets the guidelines on the contents´ quality.

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