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Basic social media strategy for real estate (3).

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Each social media platform is different in a way or another, from the users´ profiles to the type of contents that seem to be more effective at the moment of sharing.

This must be taken into consideration by the real estate in order to get the best results, because every social network has its own functional characteristics and particular codes.

It is very important to set targets for a real estate strategy and then see what offers each platform for the brand development. A real estate must not underestimate in advance any social media platform and should not invest any of its resources in some networks that do not bring any interest to the company.

Before implementing a real estate social media strategy, some questions must be asked both for the organizational and business levels:

  • What organizational and business necessities does the real estate have?
  • Why do we need this platform?
  • Which is the profile of the users on this platform?
  • Who is the responsible of the social media strategy of the real estate?
  • What targets do we intend to set?
  • Do we have the needed economic resources?
  • Do we have a time target for the achievements of the positive results?

The main target of a real estate social media strategy is simple: get potential buyers and a sustainable brand development. Of course, it is always better to get to achieve both targets, but it is not always that way.

Anyway, a real estate must be constantly present on different social media platforms no matter if it is about getting clients or strengthening the brand development.

We have analyzed some important organizational roles essential for a successful social media strategy in different other articles from the category of real estate marketing (Community Manager, Content Curator, etc.) and now is the time to understand its importance when planning and implementing that strategy.

A strategy of real estate social media is not created to share images of the properties for sale or to share links to the real estate blog articles; it is more than this. That is why it is so important that the strategy must be planned and implemented by a qualified professional.

Main social media platforms for a real estate in Spain.

– Google Plus.
  • Private profiles (real estate agent) and corporate pages (real estate).
  • Live hangouts linked to YouTube, to the real estate and the real estate blog.
  • Generate RSS feed of the profiles and pages of the real estate.
  • Hash tags for a better visibility of the shared contents.
  • The backlinks generated with every link are indexed in an effective way.
  • Tips from Google Plus to the real estate.
– Facebook.
  • Creation of private and corporate profiles.
  • Personalized header images for profiles and pages.
  • Advertising campaigns via Facebook ADS.
  • System for the reach control of the published contents on the pages.
  • Event advertisement of the real estate.
  • Create groups and/and participate to others.
  • Generate RSS feed with status changes.
  • Real estate on Facebook.
– LinkedIn.
  • Platform targeting the professionals of different sectors.
  • Share contents (links, articles, videos, etc.).
  • Allows recommendations and the possibility to publish them on the profile.
  • News notifications (LinkedIn Today).
  • Presentations on SlideShare.
  • Creation of groups and follow up of the data through statistics.
  • Geographic location of the contacts (InMaps).
  • Advanced searcher with excellent functionalities.
  • A real estate could publish job offers.
  • Basic and Premium (payable) accounts.
– Pinterest.
  • An account that requires a register process.
  • Platform targeting the share of images (photos, graphics, etc.).
  • Boards in order to distinguish different types of shared contents.
  • Bookmarklet for the browsers on Internet.
  • Distinguished follow up (only some of the boards of other users).
  • Generate more referred traffic than other platforms.
  • “Do not track” function (privacy of the user).
  • No invasive advertisement.
– Twitter.
  • The most important micro blogging social network in the West.
  • Allows 280 characters by published message.
  • Hashtags to tag the shared contents
  • Automatic status updates from any social network.
  • Personalized header image.
  • Automatic links through pre established symbols (@,# ).
  • Possibility to follow and be followed.
– YouTube.
  • Social media platform focused on videos.
  • Google´s social network.
  • Subscription to other users´ channels.
  • Allows comments and the cancellation of them also.
  • SEO optimization of the videos for the real estate.
  • Linking of videos with the real estate web and blog.
  • The best platform for real estate video marketing.
  • Real estate channel on YouTube.
– Socl.
  • Social media platform of Microsoft.
  • Name of the account´s holder and user´s nickname.
  • Register with Microsoft or Facebook account.
  • Collections of contents to share.
  • Video playlists.
  • Bookmarklet for fast access on Internet browsers.
  • Link the account to Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and Pinterest.
  • Socl and real estate digital marketing.
– Tumblr.
  • Blog platform which functions like a social network.
  • Real estate blog with customizable templates.
  • Allows the use of individual names.
  • Indexation on search engines.
  • Schedule the contents publishing.
  • Asymmetric (we can follow and be followed by others).
  • Archive of published contents divided by date.
  • Generates a feed RSS in an automatic way.
  • More info on the real estate blog on Tumblr.

Russian social media platforms for the real in Spain.

-VK ( Vkontakte).
  • Individual and corporate profiles.
  • Setting of communities and groups.
  • Status update through signs.
  • Filter section with notifications, feedback and answers.
  • Video hosting.
  • Attached contents publishing (public or private).
  • It offers hundreds of apps.
  • It includes news feeds.
  • Interface available in Spanish and different languages.
  • More than 100 millions of registered users.
– OK (Odnoklassniki).
  • Great quantity of predetermined themes in order to customize the profile.
  • Contents filter through bookmarks.
  • Geographic location of the info.
  • Setting of groups (official ones with the real estate brand on it).
  • Video hosting with views statistics.
  • Events advertisement (classes, training, etc.).
  • Individual and group threads.
  • Not available in Spanish, but in English and Russian.
  • More than 200 millions of registered users.

Other social media platforms for the real estate in Spain.

– Viadeo is a platform focused on the professional environment, but not focused that much on the necessities of the real estate agent. It seems to be very interesting for a real estate that wants to recruit new members for its team.

Nowadays, Viadeo has focused on the recruiting on staff and this is a goofd option to be taken into consideration by the real estate´s Human Resources.

– Weibo (China) has more than 350 millions of registered users. It is known as China´s Twitter and it is more than just a micro-blogging social network because it has more functions than Twitter. There are small chances that a real estate will get potential buyers on Weibo, but it is an excellent platform for the brand development due to its millions of users.

If we take into consideration experts´predictions, they say is it very probable that this platform will be open to the West public in a few years and its success will be huge.

Each social media platform brings different elements to the strategy of real estate marketing and the type of contents seems to be more effective on some platforms than others.

On the other hand, the user profile on each social media platform is different and the segmentation is also totally different .

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