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Basic social media strategy for real estate (2).

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We will now continue to analyze the basic elements of a real estate social media strategy. Before, we talked about the target of a real estate social media strategy and the main factors that take part in it.

Now, we will concentrate on the following factors:

  • Community Manager and Content Curator.
  • Changes on the real estate web and real estate blog.
  • Strengthen the network of professional contacts.

Community Manager and Content Curator for a real estate.

In order to get the best level of effectiveness from the social media page, the real estate cannot allow the possibility of converting each real estate agent into a Community Manager.

It is recommendable that each real estate member shares contents on different social media pages, as this is a totally different strategy which results well-planned and organized.

When the target is to get the best results with the social media strategy for a real estate, the role of a real estate Community Manager is essential and becomes an important factor.

A real estate must manage to get potential buyers through its social media pages. That is why empathy with the audience is needed.

The coherence of the shared contents and the way of communicating with potential buyers are also very important. That is why we consider the image of the Community Manager of the real estate social media so important.

We should not forget the Community Manager is the responsible of setting the frequency of publishing, taking into consideration the specific needs of the real estate. Community Manager is a linking figure, connected to social media community created around the real estate.

The audience and the social media community must be segmented taking into consideration the necessities of the real estate in order to get the best results. Social media platforms allow us also to use certain measuring tools.

The latter become the objective evidence of the results obtained from the strategy of digital real estate marketing. Although if those tools do not provide advanced functional characteristics, they are quite effective for analyzing the results obtained.

Closely linked to the figure of the Community Manager of the real estate, we can find the figure of the real estate Content Curator. The Spanish translation of the Content Curator has no meaning, so the English term is used by most of the countries.

The Content Curator has a very important role inside the real estate, but in the real estate sector in Spain, the Content Curator is not taken too much into consideration.

Generally speaking, a Content Curator is seen as a Community Manager, a Content Manager and a Social Media Manager. Nowadays, apart from being so important, the figure of the Content Curator has become a specific role independent form others.

Merging the organizational roles is almost a necessity for a small and medium real estate in Spain. That is why we find mixed competences made by the Content Curator and the Community Manager.

– The main work of a Real Estate Content Curator is to:

  • Investigate: find info sources for the real estate.
  • Get sources: define and archive the sources of info found.
  • Follow up: this is about linking to other contents.
  • Filter: select the info taken from different sources.
  • Optimize: content optimization (text, images, videos, etc.).
  • Publish: real estate blog, real estate web, social media pages, etc.

Make changes on the real estate web and real estate blog.

In order to improve the visibility of the real estate on social networks, the first thing to do is to make changes on the real estate web and blog.

If the real estate publishes links on the social channels that lead to weak and low appearance, will increase the probability of leaving the page and the visitors will definitely not become potential buyers.

This is a basic factor, although most of the times not taken into consideration by the real estate in Spain.

A real estate must analyze its webpage and real estate blog with certain tools in order to make good changes and so strengthen the digital marketing strategy.

Here you have some basic factors to take into consideration regarding the real estate web and blog:

  • CMS or content manager for the administration of the sites.
  • Optimization of the used templates (loading speed, usability, etc.).
  • URL addresses for the users and search engines.
  • Multi- language system functioning correctly.
  • Images with linked attributes and valid formats.
  • Revision of possible lacks of orthography and grammar mistakes.
  • High definition videos optimized for their correct visualization.
  • Analyses of the structured data from the real estate sites.
  • Maintain a planned frequency for the publishing of contents.
  • Real estate newsletter for subscriptions.
  • Consider the legal regulations regarding the websites.
  • Offer a positive experience to the visitor.

These are basic factors to take into consideration. For the reason of being so basic, they turn to be the key points that a real estate must never neglect. There is no need for a well-planned social media strategy if the landing websites of the real estate are not correctly optimized.

The real estate shares its contents on the social networks through its website and real estate blog, which make them the landing points on the real estate website. To analyze, re-edit and optimize the contents of the real estate both on its webpage or real estate blog are three important points.

Real estate agent´s network of professional contacts.

Social media platforms take as a main target the interaction with its users. That is why both the real estate agent and the real estate itself must never forget about this aspect.

Certain platforms such as LinkedIn target the creation of a network of professional contacts, but there are also others, such as Facebook, that have the same target.

On the other hand and following the example of LinkedIn, other professionals that do not appear on the real estate market might also convert into potential buyers.

In conclusion, every social media platform is useful for the real estate and real estate agent on one way or another. A long time ago and before the existence of the social media platforms on Internet, the real estate agent´s network of contacts was also very important.

Now, the huge advantage is that the process of creating contact networks has simplified a lot and we are able to generate positive professional synergies on any social network.

We start to notice a change in the attitude of the real estate agent inside the real estate sector in Spain, although there are certain levels of resistance, especially on the business level.

Nowadays, the presence of a real estate or real estate agent on social networks is almost a necessity.

The constant involvement and interchanging of contents and opinions with other users (apart from a constant development of the brand), promotes the increase of the number of professional contacts from a network.

However, there are many professionals from this sector that contact only with the users dedicated to this sector. This is a limitative factor, as there are millions of potential buyers from other sectors also. That is why it is so important for a real estate and real estate agent to implement a diverse digital strategy.

Some of the aspects to take into consideration when trying to achieve the best results with a strategy of social media are found linked to some basic aspects.

Here you get some recommendations for the real estate and real estate agent, targeting the achievement of the best results from a strategy:

  • Try to increase the contact network in a natural way, without an aggressive attitude or by force.
  • Expand the list of contacts without limits of activities or professional sectors.
  • Do not underestimate any of your contact, as he/she could be an important pawn that might recommend you to a potential buyer.
  • Share different contents without imposing editing lines that might harm the audience.
  • Transfer professional values to the contact lists.
  • Set bidirectional communication means without self-locating on domain positions.
  • Make secondary connections, starting from the existing contact list.
  • Never use Booth systems in order to increase the number of contacts.
  • Avoid the “buying of followers” although they are real.
  • Participate in an active and proactive way, maintain a frequency of publishing.
  • Do not create any SPAM of any type (invitations, visualizations, comments, etc.).
  • Do not use emoticons because they are too childish.
  • Avoid debating because it might damage the professional and corporative image.
  • Respond fast to any comment or message from another user.
  • Always use a correct and educated language and avoid writing with capital letters.
  • Differ from other by the way of responding to comments and publishing unique contents.
  • Do not respond to any message or comment in an impulsive way.

We will continue analyzing the elements and the basic factors that must be taken into consideration when creating a strategy of real estate social media in the following articles inside the category called real estate marketing.

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