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Basic social media strategy for real estate (1).

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The use of social networks in order to get potential buyers is not a new thing. Normally, a real estate in Spain uses social platforms as a means of communication and there are many real estate agents that are active on those platforms.

Platforms such as Google Plus, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr or Pinterest are used for the brand development, both for a real estate and real estate agent.

However, not everyone manages to set an effective marketing strategy on social media. If someone is highly present and active on a social platform it does not mean the latter will bring potential buyers.

It is not suffice for a real estate in Spain to count with different profiles on social media. A real estate agent will also find this not enough.

We need to implement a specific real estate marketing strategy which must follow the real estate necessities and it should be targeting only the social networks.

As any strategy of real estate digital marketing, going back to the basic concepts might result more effective. Knowing all the codes of each social media platform and focusing only on getting more potential buyers are the main basic elements to be taken into consideration.

During the last years, a change of perspective has been noticed regarding the target and the utility of the social networks. However, both the real estate and the real estate agent in Spain underestimate the importance of these platforms.

The reality shows us that in Spain, there is a certain apathy towards the effectiveness of the social media strategy and this happens on grounds of ignorance and a minimum knowledge on this matter.

Before planning a real estate marketing strategy focusing social networks, we need to set the target first, attending from the real estate´s necessities.

In the same time, the real estate and the real estate agent must understand that this strategy might need another type of investment (economic, related to time or both of them).

Target of the real estate social media strategy.

As we already stated before, the first thing to have in mind when implementing a real estate marketing strategy on social media is its target.

Setting a well defined target is essential in order to get the best results. In the particular case of the real estate marketing strategy, this is essential.

Depending on many variables, the target of a strategy might differ, but they are all based on three basic points:

  1. Get potential buyers.
  2. Increase the volume of the rentals.
  3. Strengthen the brand development.

1 – People still believe that inside the real estate sector in Spain, social media is good only for advertising the company. The reality is totally different, as the social networks are not good only for the company´s brand development, but they are very good and effective means of communication for getting potential buyers.

2 – Social media platforms are a means of advertisement for those really good rentals. Social networks such as micro-blogging like Twitter (which are so underestimated in Spain) might help the real estate to increase its rentals.

The presence on those platforms is quite particular and even if the real estate will not manage to sell to many properties, it will manage to strengthen its rental portfolio.

3 – The first two points discussed are the real targets of a real estate in Spain: selling and renting properties along with the development of the brand in order to get good visibility.

The social media platforms are an excellent resource for advertising the properties for sale and rent with zero cost of expenses and to get to know the real estate and its products.

A real estate agent must advertise himself, because if no one knows details on him, probably no enquiry on properties for sale or rent will enter. This is a simple thing, but not taken into consideration by many real estate agents.

Factors of the social media strategy of a real estate.

– Define the social media platforms for a real estate.

The first step a real estate must do is to define the active platforms in order to manage to implement a real estate marketing strategy targeting social media. Both the corporate pages as each agent´s profiles must be linked in order to create positive synergies and so get the best results.

The linking of the pages and realtors profiles become very important. In the same time, a real estate must take into consideration a very important factor: each social media has its own predetermined codes and rules.

What might function on a social network, will probably not work on any other social platform.

No matter the level of segmentation of the contacts from social media, the previous factor is essential. Each platform has its own particularities and each platform´s profile is totally different.

Then we have two extra factors which we must take into consideration: the functions of each social media and the users´ characteristics.

Each social media platform offers a certain type of audience and some functions, which might become the advantages or disadvantages of the real estate marketing strategy.

Anyway, all social media platforms will show some important benefits for the real estate.

By the number of the active users and some other variables, the most effective social media platforms are: Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkdIn, Instagram y Pinterest.

There are also the so called “regional” social media platforms that are more effective to find the users by geographic location. These might become attractive to a real estate in Spain.

– Shared contents for a real estate.

It is essential to set from the beginning the type of contents will be shared on social networks. Normally, in Spain, a real estate only publishes its properties for sale or rent, but this turns out to be a totally negative factor.

The variety of contents shared by a real estate or a real estate agent is essential. When a real estate page becomes monothematic, it harms the real estate and brings only negative results.

Right from the beginning, the themes of the contents must be linked to the real estate sector and that page must help advertise the properties for sale of the real estate, but we should not share only similar contents.

That is why the role of the Content Curator is so important. The Content Curator, the Community Manager and the real estate agents must collaborate and define the type of content to share.

It is important to be updated to all the new tendencies of the real estate market in Spain and the international news that might appear. Sharing info has always been an important and practical resource as it brings more value to the real estate marketing strategy.

The articles of the real estate blog are a resource and a good source of contents to share, but so are other blogs related to the real estate market from Spain or abroad.

Videos and other type of contents are very well accepted by the users of the social networks. One of the keys for getting the best results is diversity.

– Users are the collaborators of the real estate.

Although it might sound trivial, we need to take into consideration that when we manage to create a community around a social media page for the real estate, every contact is a potential collaborator. 

Even if the users of a platform are not collaborators of the real estate, there is always a time when they show good linking and they strengthen the real estate marketing strategy.

For example, if the real estate page counts with thousands of active users and every agent counts with other thousand of contacts, the advertisement of the shared contents increases significantly.

If the real estate counts with 10 members and each counts with a list of 500 users from a platform, then we will be sure that the contents will reach 5.000 persons.

This is just a simple example linked to the social networks. When the real estate agent counts with different social network profiles, the level of audience will increase a lot.

In the next article related to real estate marketing, we will keep analyzing other factors related to the strategy of social media for a real estate in Spain.

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