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The real estate agent and his social skills.

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A professional real estate agent with skilled social skills  is a real negotiator, a good and effective seller and a professional with whom any one would like to work. This type of seller generates positive synergies and becomes an active person for the real estate.

There are a lot of strategies to improve the social abilities of a real estate agent although there will always be a determinant factor that is very important.

All persons have a certain degree of social skills, at least the minimum possible to include their selves into the society. The real estate agent must convert into an authentic exert in order to effectively improve as a professional and become a valuable agent inside the real estate.

The real estate agent who has social skill will be a great seller but will also become a generator of positive synergies inside the real estate. He is capable of creating professional links with clients but he will also create interpersonal relations with his colleagues at work.

As any other person during the psychosexual development, the real estate agent gains some social skills. Those social skills are partly gained from family and school and others are developed by the agent himself.

It is highly important for a real estate agent to use and exploit his social skills because they will help him improve at work and in the same time, his personal life will become much more positive.

The interpersonal activities will action on each domain of interest of the person and this will be determined by the social criterial of the human beings and as a necessity to adapt to the environment.

It is very difficult to get away from being social and the social skills will always be a factor that marks the difference.

Any person will note this both as positive and negative in relation to the others. In the specific case of the real estate agent, being an expert of the social abilities will always turn out to bring a great level of effectiveness as seller but will also facilitate a great number of links and generate positive synergies with all the other colleagues from the real estate agency.

A real estate agent without any social skills.

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We know social skills are achievable on time, they are shared and they are part of the real estate agent´s personality.

During all the psychosexual phases those social skills are achieved or not. The different levels of training that the real estate agent experiences during childhood will also affect the social abilities of him.

One of the levels is the family and then education which will be the second level of training. In the end, the third level is the social one.

No matter how the process and the levels to overcome were, we could see two huge factors that influence on the achievement of these social skills:

1 – The real estate agent did not have a model to learn from and so he did not get any social ability because of negative training which probably happened during the familiar or educational stages.

2 – The real estate agent has social skills but he does not manage to use them effectively because his conduct is closed by other factors.

Basically, the real estate agent does not show a good level of social skills because he was not learned how to use them and he cannot use them because his personal factors.

How can a real estate improve his social skills.

Well, the real estate agent can improve his social skills and he firstly needs to analyze his weaknesses related to them. Once the real estate detects the weaknesses related to his social skills, he could start creating strategies in order to improve them.

It is highly important that the real estate agent know his level of social skills and we should detect his weaknesses that top him from professional and personal development.

It is also important that the real estate agent protect his strengths related to social skills so he could highlight the profit gained from them.

The level of control of the real estate agent is decisive in order to create good interpersonal relations but also for his own professional development.

When we speak of social skills we should always think of behavior and the conduct of the real estate agent in all environments.

There is also the analyzing of many more other elements that the real estate agent could improve the way he communicates, his emotional and affective intelligence or his level of assertiveness.

The real estate agent, as any other person, must try to improve his social skills starting from his own necessities. It is highly important to take into account that in order to achieve a great control of your social skills you will need to start with the conduct inside a context.

In this way, a real estate agent with a high degree of social skills, will manage to show his opinions clearly and effectively, using the argument as a tool and practicing the listening as a means of communication.

It is very easy to detect a real estate agent effective on sales and inactive when creating interpersonal relations with the colleagues of the real estate agency.

In the case of the real estate agent who is effective both on sales and creating new relations with clients, he is definitely an active and productive agent for the entire real estate.

We also know that if he does not manage to get well with his colleagues, this will end being a conflict for short or long term and later on, this will influence negatively on the entire real estate.

Right from the beginning, there is a decisive factor that is the organizational model adopted by the real estate.

This is decisive because the organizational model chosen will mark the terms and norms of the internal relationships of the real estate. It is true that the real estate environment, especially the one inside the real estate agency is most of the times competitive and individualist.

But this will never permit rudeness or impoliteness as a means of creating interpersonal relationships between the members of the organization.

A professional agent uses his social skills in order to achieve the sales of properties and to link with others inside the real estate.

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