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SNAP automatically publishes the contents published on the real estate site on 30 platforms, guaranteeing their maximum dissemination.

It is a WordPress plugin that facilitates reaching as many people as possible, and it does so automatically, publishing both real estate blog articles and real estate properties for sale.

SNAP works with the main social networks (profiles, pages and groups) and with ten platforms (blogging, email marketing, mobile phone App, etc.).

SNAP features.

  • Automatic social publications.

The plugin publishes in the most important social networks, both in profiles, pages, groups, Pinterest boards, satellite blogs, bookmarking services and content publishing platforms.

In addition to being an automatic social publishing plugin, SNAP has also become a very powerful online marketing tool, because it can be used with MailChimp, mobile applications, bookmarking services and different content managers.

  • Types of publications.

SNAP can publish any type of content on the different platforms: text publications, images, links,  real estate blog entries, pages of properties for sale, agency products and services, events and all other types of personalized publications.

If the real estate site has activated Twitter Cards, the Facebook Open Graph protocol and Pinterest Rich Pins , the plugin will automatically publish the contents with the preset configuration.

  • Publication filter.

The filters of the complement allow to publish different types of publications according to each platform and its standard.

The contents can be filtered by categories, labels, taxonomies, types of entries, languages, etc.

The real estate company can segment its audience in each social or marketing platform where you want to publish the properties, and also apply very powerful filters for each type of product you advertise.

The types of properties can be filtered from the web using taxonomies (bungalows, apartments, chalets, commercial premises, etc.), a very simple and quite effective way to disseminate each type of real estate product.

  • Programming of publications.

The contents can be programmed to be published at any time, or instantly they have been published on the real estate site (default and most used system).

On the other hand, SNAP allows republishing old or existing content.

It is a very useful functionality to maintain a constant flow of published properties, or to take advantage of the old articles of the real estate blog.

The pages of the properties sold must be redirected, because otherwise a 404 error page will be generated and the plugin will publish it.

Republican real estate web housing on social networks is very important, and the WordPress plugin simplifies the task, because once configured it works automatically.

Social networks to publish with SNAP.

  • Facebook.

Automatically publish text, images, videos and links, using the Facebook Open Graph content publishing protocol.

The plugin works on profiles, company pages, groups and community pages.

  • Instagram.

Automatically upload the main image of the content to the Instagram account.

Since Instagram accounts with less than 10,000 followers cannot publish links, the plugin links the metadata of the content published on the source site without linking it.

  • LinkedIn.

Automatically publish texts, articles, images and links, using the platform’s content publishing system for editing.

The real estate company can publish its contents in the profiles of real estate agents, groups or on its company page on LinkedIn.

  • Pinterest.

SNAP automatically publishes the featured image of the content published on the source site, linking the information attached in the original publication.

The segmentation of automatic publications on Pinterest with the plugin is done through the boards, and that is why it is convenient for the real estate agency to have created different spaces on the platform according to their needs (type of properties, languages, articles, etc.).

  • Vkontakte.

In the most important social network in Russia, the real estate agency can publish texts, images, links and videos.

The plugin uses the native system of rich Vkontakte publications, which is similar to that of Facebook, and allows publishing on profiles, pages and groups of the Russian social platform.

  • YouTube.

It does not allow to publish directly on the platform the videos of the properties for sale or the articles of the real estate blog, however, it posts messages on the real estate channel on YouTube.

The add-on also offers the ability to attach existing YouTube videos to posts automatically.

  • Odnoklassniki.

Automatically publish texts, images and links in profiles or groups.

  • Plurk.

Automatic publication in the account and the possibility of attaching images to messages.

  • Weibo.

In the most important Chinese microblogging network, it posts messages with images.

  • Xing.

Automatic publication of text messages, images and links.

Platforms for publishing with SNAP.

SNAP also automatically publishes real estate blog articles and real estate properties for sale on different blogging, marketing and bookmark platforms.

At the same time, the plugin disseminates texts, images and links in the real estate channel, group or chat.

  • Blogger: automatic blog posting, HTML compatible.

  • Flipboard: publish in the real estate magazine.

  • Google My Business: Create default posts.

  • Instapaper: direct posting to the account.

  • LiveJournal: Automatically sends the blog or web entry to LiveJournal blog or community, and is also compatible with DreamJidth.org of LiveJournal.
  • Medium: automatically publishes in the real estate profile.

  • Scoop.it: automatic publications with images segmented by topics or topics.

  • Sett: automatic publication of content on sett.com.

  • Tumblr: text publications, images, audios and videos compatible with HTML.
  • Diig: automatically sends the content marker to the real estate account.

  • Reddit: automatic bookmarking in subreddits.

  • Line: automatically publishes texts, images and links in groups or chats.

  • Telegram: send the contents to the real estate channel or its groups.

  • Me: sending notifications to subscribers.

  • MailChimp: sending content and email campaigns to specific subscribers.
  • DeviantART: automatic publication of images compatible with HTML.

  • Flickr: Automatically place images in photo galleries if tags are compatible.

  • 500px: automatic publication of the featured images of the contents.

  • Vbulletin: automatically sends the real estate publications to the vBulletin forums, and allows you to create new threads or new publications.

SNAP Pro version.

The free version of the plugin to publish the contents automatically is very complete, however, SNAP also has a paid version that adds extra features to the add-on.

  • Publish the contents in unlimited accounts of each social network or platform.

  • Automatic sending of random publications.

  • Deferred programming and additional segmentation filters.

  • Ability for each registered user to add and use their accounts on social networks.

  • Full support for WordPress Multisite Network.

The extra features of the complement in its paid version are very advanced, and allow exponential growth in the dissemination of content for real estate.

Because by adding all the real estate agents of the company as users, all the properties for sale of the web can be published in their social accounts, using the language filters and axonomies for a correct segmentation.

SNAP simply requires a correct configuration, defining the different variables for automatic publications, and that the contents of the real estate (articles of your blog and properties for sale) are correctly optimized.

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