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Slack for the real estate team management.

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Slack is an online platform for the team management; a very effective tool for a small or medium real estate in Spain, as for those agencies which count with a higher number of agents.

Its configuration and personalization level is very high and it brings the possibility to segment the members of the real estate team by specific activities (rentals, sales, customer service, coaching, etc.). The name of the created domain can be personalized by the real estate such as name.slck.com.

The administration panel, which offers a platform, is very complete and it counts with functional characteristics of great utility.

Slack eases the creation of communication channels for the whole organization, the exchange of documents among the real estate team members, the sending of activity notifications from the real estate manager and the setting of an internal communication system that results transparent and effective for the real estate.

Nowadays, an online communication system such as Slack is a tool that eases the increase on the level of productivity of the real estate team.

Real time communication stimulates positive synergies and it promotes a proactive attitude for the members of the real estate.

Slack can be used as an online communication tool on different devices such as: tablets, smart phones, computers, etc. and it brings the possibility to exchange docs on different formats. It works also on Android, Mac and Windows.

In the same time, Slack offers the possibility to integrate different apps and this increases the level of functionality of the online communication platform.

Slack characteristics for a real estate team.

  • Slack´s control panel.

Slack´s control panel is clear and intuitive. It counts with different functions and characteristics, which can be enabled or disabled according to the necessities of the real estate.

Among those characteristics and functions, we can observe:

  • Set a default time zone for the real estate team.
  • Define a gateway in order to connect different devices.
  • Modify the name of the user of the platform´s administrator.
  • Activate the two step authentication in order to strengthen the security.
  • Change the access email address and add an additional one.

Sending a participation enquiry to the members of the real estate team is a simple task; an automatic invitation by email is needed.

  • Messages to the real estate team through Slack.

Slack uses a hashtag system in order to filter the messages; they can be sent individually, to the whole team or only to some members.

Each tag used must be preceded by the symbol # (similar to the tag system used on Google Plus). Examples:

  • #clients
  • #sales
  • #rentals
  • #sale-bungalows
  • #rentals-summer

The management of the messaged exchanged among the members of the team can be seen through a specific channel and it can be linked to the direct sending of the messages.

On the messages management on control panel, Slack offers the info attached to each section (hashtags, creator, members, number of related messages, last activity, etc.).

  • Management of the members of the real estate team.

Slack offers different commandos in order to maintain the communication system with the members of the team in a more effective and direct way.

Those commandos must be preceded by the symbol @ (Twitter style) and they show the different functions according to each one of them.

In the same time, those commandos help us to send messages to the members of the real estate, segmented by areas and competences, such as: responsible for rentals (@rentals), sales agents (@sales) and any other subgroup created by the administrator.

On the other hand, by using the correspondent commando, the administrator can add members to the real estate team on any of the active channels in an automatic way.

Each member of the real estate can create a profile by adding his photo, so the other users might identify them on the platform.

  • Exportable member list (CSV format).

The real estate members list managed through Slack can be downloaded as CSV.

This is a very practical function, which helps us to manage the member list with the real estate CRM, with Excel or any other spreadsheet.

That list can also be exported to platform such as Outlook.

  • Integrated apps with Slack.

Slack brings the possibility to link the system with different Apps, such as Google Drive, as it eases the creation on security copies to the exchanged documents among the members of the real estate team.

The management area of the Apps is simple, but effective at the moment of linking and creating access permissions to them.

The integration of different Apps can be personalized, connected to different accounts and they can enable access permissions according to the real estate criteria.

Access permissions can be restricted and they can be limited to certain members of the real estate taking into consideration some variables, linked to the permissions of the different channels.

  • Archive management with Slack.

Slack allows us to add different archives with different formats to a conversation channel in order to achieve a transparent feedback system among the members of the real estate team. Any authorized member on a channel can visualize and leave comments on the shared document.

There are two systems to share documents on Slack: drag and release or uploading the document from a device. Each document uploaded in order to be shared must have a title and a specific channel must be selected in order to be shared.

Documents can be exchanges among the users, without the necessity to upload a document on a specific channel. Slack offers the possibility to upload archives and tag them as hidden, so only the authorized user can see it.

If the user uploads a document on Slack and marks it as private, at the moment of sharing it to other users, that document will still be unavailable for the others, as they will not see it.

A foldable menu allows us to select the type of archive to be sent (Posts, Snippets, Images, PDF and access to Google Docs) and it offers the possibility to manually create an archive.

  • Statistics control with Slack.

The platform allows us to maintain a very detailed control of the completed activities of the users and it eases the supervision of the productivity levels showed by each member of the real estate team.

The system shows the total weekly number of exchanged messages, the integrated applications, and their level of use, but also the graphics segmented by users, written messages and read messages, exchanged documents, comments made and other statistics.

  • Personalization of the real estate team.

With Slack, the level of personalization is very high, as it offers the possibility to use emojis for the conversations between the users of the real estate different channels.

Emojis uploaded in the system can be selected previously in order to be used from a foldable menu. Each team created by the real estate can also be personalized.

Identifying each real estate team with an emblem can be seen as a simple detail, but an effective one, as the users are segmented by identifiable channels.

As an identifier of each team created by the real estate, the latter can use an image or a text with a solid background color, which must be 123 px by 123 px.

In the same time, Slack offers the possibility to download different official logotypes, in order to be used on different devices and optimized for those purposes (smart phones, tablets, computers, etc.).

Slack offers three different plans, from a free to a Plus plan, which offers advanced functions.

However, he free option is an excellent opportunity for a small or medium real estate in Spain, so the real estate gets used to this online communication tool and manage its real estate team in an effective way.

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