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SharePoint as a real estate CRM.

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There are a lot of people in the real estate sector of Spain that are still asking themselves what SharePoint is and how can a Microsoft CRM impulse the productivity of the real estate.

It is essential to introduce a real estate CRM in order to achieve good levels of productivity and SharePoint (as a CRM) offers a high potential for the real estate.

We know SharePoint offers a high variety of functions for the real estate and its main characteristics as CRM are that it allows us to store, organize and share info inside the real estate sector easier than ever.

In the same time, SharePoint can be used internally and externally by a real estate and any member of the real estate can access it from any device (laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc).

For its strictly internal use in a real estate sector, an intranet will be needed (SharePoint Server). Its external use requires a connection to Internet (SharePoint Online).

In any of the cases, SharePoint as a CRM offers great advantages to any real estate because it helps increasing its productivity and its level of competitiveness.

Nowadays, to achieve good levels of productivity and competitiveness is essential for any real estate, as its ability to reduce its costs. SharePoint stimulates the positive synergies inside the organization, easing the work of the real estate team.

For any real estate, the achievement of a better collaboration between its members is an essential factor, because if the real estate team functions well, we will also get better levels of productivity.

If the real estate team is effective, it manages to get levels of productivity and if the real estate achieves good levels of productivity it will then have the probability to become a competitive company.

This is not a play on words, on the contrary, is the link which is generated between the effectivity, productivity and competitiveness.

SharePoint used as a real estate CRM.

SharePoint is a management tool which allows the real estate to speed up the processes and be more effective both individually as collectively.

We know that every real estate will use SharePoint according to its specific necessities and there is a series of positive elements that Microsoft brings to any organization or business as for example:

  • The effectivity as a system of management comes from its main characteristic: the possibility to centralize the info of the real estate and manage it from a single place.
  • Control the flow of information and supervise the processes of the real estate, both internally as externally. It gives the possibility to supervise who accesses the info and when.
  • Update different data bases as for example a legal document linked to the real estate operations or data of its clients.
  • Generate positive synergies inside the real estate by leaving the members of the real estate team and other persons interact.
  • Full availability of the resources of the real estate. In case the tool is used online, the member of the real estate might access it without any time restriction and from any device.
  • Introduce systems of collaboration for defined projects allowing the members of the real estate team to generate ideas which will be available straight away for all the group´s members.
  • Assign individual tasks inside the real estate which will be managed and supervised easily by the member in charge (application of the auto-management principle).
  • Create calendars. In order to set meetings and reunions, invite members of the real estate team to events and create automatic reminders.
  • Create access filters for every info and section created for the real estate, according to the organizational necessities and the competences achieved.
  • Avoid the loss of info by using security copies, which can be set automatically with no necessity of implication of the real estate agents.
  • Centralize the post-sale process of the real estate in only one place, so that every member of the real estate could use it for its clients.
  • Implement a help system for the customer service of the real estate by creating systems of management based on the standard policies.
  • Used as another means of organizational communication, active 24h for its clients and collaborators of the real estate.
  • Unifying the link of the ideas of the members of the real estate team, a great way to manage the ideas in an effective way in order to get higher levels of productivity.
  • Strategic planning for short and long terms with the possibility of having results analysis based on specific evidences, leaving aside the individual thoughts or suppositions which will affect the organizational effectiveness.

We could keep enumerating a large list of characteristics of this tool as a real estate CRM although each real estate will have its own specific list according to its specific necessities.

However, we could also resume the main characteristics from the global perspective as a bonus of what this tool brings to the real estate:

  • Reinforce the effectiveness when taking individual and collective decisions.
  • Carefully analyze the info and do not interpret it.
  • To the assignment of tasks and defining the competences.
  • Make easier the solving of conflicts of the real estate internally and externally.
  • Stimulate the competitiveness and promote participation.
  • Increase the level of individual commitment in the real estate.
  • Increase the level of individual and collective productivity in the real estate.
  • Promote the sense of uniqueness inside the real estate team.
  • Improve the customer service of the real estate.
  • Establish new and effective internal management systems.
  • Create working models to attend to the specific necessities of the real estate.
  • Introduce good, clear and productive means of communicating and linking.
  • Establish internal and external channels of communication.

Products associated to SharePoint for a real estate.

SharePoint can be understood as a facilitator tool which is used as a link, as we all know that many other products and technologies can be linked to this tool.

Depending on the specific necessities of the real estate, and how the tool is used, the utility of SharePoint as real estate CRM (internally and externally) is essential.

Among the main functions and products linked to SharePoint we can find:

– SharePoint Online. 

This is the service of storing the data on a cloud offered by Microsoft to any real estate. If the real estate can introduce the tool locally with the help of SharePoint Server, it can also use all the potential by using it on Internet.As it is also an online tool, the members of the real estate and the real estate team can easily access their info from any device in any moment.

The online option of Share Point allows us to share the info with collaborators and clients of the real estate. By setting security and access rules, we can control any type of shared info.

– SharePoint Foundation. 

This is the technology which underlines all the sites of SharePoint. In other words, it establishes the norms of communication and management of data (system known also as Windows SharePoint Services).

This system is available in a free version for any real estate and it can be downloaded and used locally.

This is a very effective system so that the real estate could create a lot of types of sites even faster each with its own specific targets, for example: data base of the clients, web collaboration, calendar of organization activities, etc.

– SharePoint Server. 

Is the way in which the real estate could implement and manage Share Point locally.

Apart from the characteristics that SharePoint Foundation has, the real estate could implement other functionalities as for example:

The management of contents, use the search engine Enterprise Search, manage the sites of each real estate agent and create a news syndicator.

– SharePoint Designer. 

Is a potential program to manage externally high levels of info and work of a real estate.

It allows the editing and managing of the external type of content and it is a complement based on the business connectivity, a very effective resource for a real estate.

The last update of Designer was made in 2013 and its download is free.

– Synchronized folders for the real estate. 

This is a desktop program which is good to synchronize a version without connection to a site or to any library of OneDrive of the real estate.

This is a very interesting complement to be used by the real estate and it allows the increase on the level of effectiveness in the updates of the levels of internal info.

An important factor for any real estate is the effectiveness and the possibility to change the info in the real time between the members of the real estate team.

The instant collaboration speeds up the working processes, bringing the possibility to get better levels of individual and collective performance.

– Yammer for the real estate. 

There is no exaggeration in the fact that the real estate might transform into a totally different business when using Yammer.

Yammer permits the real estate to count with an internal private social network.

It allows the members of the real estate to interact effectively, easing the internal processes and helps to get higher levels of productivity.

There are some direct factors that change the levels of productivity of a real estate: manage data, share info and manage projects.

The available applications to increase the performance of SharePoint are almost uncountable.

We should also understand that not all of them are interesting for a real estate, but among so many functionalities, it is almost sure that most of them adjust to the business´ necessities.

Anyway, SharePoint is an excellent option for a real estate, both as a real estate CRM and to manage certain tasks of the company.

*Source: SharePoint Microsoft

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