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Services of the beaches in Orihuela Costa.

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The informative boards of the beaches in Orihuela Costa offer a great quantity of info to the users of the beaches; from characteristics of the beaches up to details on specific services.

On other previous posts we have analyzed the management system of the beaches implemented by the Town Hall, which has as a target the optimization of the users´ experience on the beaches of Orihuela Costa.

We will now analyze the different types of info offered to the visitors of the beaches in Orihuela Costa. That info is structured in a clear way on the informative boards.

Description of a beach in Orihuela Costa.

On those boards, the users get a detailed info on the beaches of Orihuela Costa (Spain) linked to different aspects, from geographic data to indexes of the satisfaction level of their users.

This is a description of a beach in Orihuela Costa that can be found on the informative boards:

  • Length (measured in meters).
  • Size (measured in square meters).
  • Width (measured in meters).
  • Location (for example: Playa Flamenca).
  • Northern limit (example: Torrevieja beaches).
  • Southern limit (example: Estaca Street, Playa Flamenca).
  • Access (example: from the National Road 332).
  • Type of beach (example: natural beach with golden sand).

The levels of satisfaction of the users of beaches in Orihuela Costa are shown by percentages and numbers, taking into consideration the following variables:

Cleaning and waste collection.
  • Cleaning schedule.
  • Bin collection and clean points.
  • Schedule for the cleaning of the beaches.
  • Quality of the beach in Orihuela Costa (Spain).
  • Ideal results of the bathing water.
  • Green, yellow and red flags.
  • Satisfaction level of the users.
Installments management.
  • Fulfillment of the maintenance programs of the installments and equipment.
  • Information services.
  • Days with complete and clear info on the boards.
  • Day of informative flag with info on bathing conditions.
  • Seasonal services.
  • Number of serious infractions made by the providers of the seasonal services.
Security, rescue and first aid services.
  • Fulfillment of the beach lifeguards.
  • Local Police notice.
  • Notices, first aid services, transfers from a sanitary center and rescue services.
  • Notices attended by the rescue team in less than 4 minutes.
  • Days of closing.
  • Monthly infractions by the un-fulfillment of the restriction inside the marked areas.
  • Users who made use of the amphibious chair.

Services of a beach in Orihuela Costa.

Services offered on the beach are showed to the visitors in a segmented way by high season (summer) and by low season (winter).

  • Analysis of the bathing water.
  • Micro-biological tests of the footbaths.
  • Sign posts with info on restricted areas.
  • Sign posts about the sea status, informative flags and the presence of jellyfish.
  • Beach closing in case of risk.
  • Rescue, maritime recue of first aid services.
  • Police surveillance service.
  • Service of removing seaweeds.
  • Beach surveillance.
  • Renting of hammocks and beach umbrellas.
  • Skate renting.
  • Daily cleaning of the sand, bins and containers.
  • Daily maintenance of the beach equipment.
  • Public transport.
  • Point of touristic info for all users.
  • Informative boards.
  • Bins in the middle of the beach.
  • Walkways.
  • Footbaths.
  • Snack bars.
  • WC.
  • Cleaning points.
  • Lifeguard cabins.
  • Proximity areas.
  • Playgrounds.
  • Amphibious chairs.
  • Parking for disabled persons.
  • Accessible ramp for disabled persons.
  • Adapted WC.
  • Lift.
  • Entertainment areas/ Bio-healthy park.

Assumed agreement for the beaches of Orihuela Costa.

The responsible of the management of services and management of beaches in Orihuela Costa, take a public agreement and they reflect it on the informative boards. The agreements assumed are different and they are segmented by high and low seasons.

Agreements during high season for the beaches of Orihuela Costa.
  • Quality of analysis of the water and the bimonthly results.
  • Daily placing of flags that inform on the condition of the sea according to the meteorological conditions (always following the criteria of the Maritime Captaincy), or the marine infestation or wastes.
  • Ensure the Police surveillance service during 24h.
  • Marked areas with buoys for the exclusive area of swimmers and marked ways for boats.
  • Ensure that temporary service providers will adjust their activity to what it is allowed.
  • Mechanical cleaning and sieve of the sand (daily).
  • Maintain the condition of the informative boards (daily check-up).
  • Maintain the ideal functioning of the WC on the beaches.
  • Maintain the playgrounds (daily check-up and immediately management of the problems).
  • Place WC and changing rooms for disabled persons.
  • Presence of lifeguards every day during the scheduled time.
  • Daily collection of the bins and containers.
  • Communicate the beach closing by the tannoy. Communicate the reopening of the beaches on paper format.
Agreements during low season for the beached of Orihuela Costa.
  • Ensure the Police surveillance 24 h.
  • Maintain the informative boards in good condition.
  • Bimonthly collection of bins and containers.
  • Mechanical cleaning and sieve of the sand only if it is so considered by the Toilet Facilities Responsible.
Info for the users of the beaches in Orihuela Costa.

As we have previously cited, the responsible persons of the beaches in Orihuela Costa (Spain) and the users are committed to the care of the beaches, and the former suggest some guidelines on how to collaborate and help. In this way, we must take into consideration a very important factor: the users´ behavior on the beaches.

On the informative boards placed on the beaches of Orihuela Costa with the title ¨How you can help¨. Expected behavior for the use of the beaches¨ we can find the following guidelines:

  • Fulfill the sign advertisements and the norms on the beach protection.
  • Be cautious, respect the sea status and the flags.
  • Practice sea and fishing sports following the norms.
  • For your own security, follow the indications of the lifeguard service.
  • Take this into consideration:
  • Driving vehicles on the beach is not allowed.
  • Throwing waste in other places than the ones not authorized it is not allowed.
  • Boats aground is not allowed on the beach.
  • Street vendors are not allowed on the beach.
  • Placing beach umbrellas or chairs are not allowed before 9 AM.
  • Bath zone: activities that might disturb or harm people are not allowed on the beach.
  • Noise disturb people and the environment. Respect the serenity and the rest of the others.
  • Do not use soaps or detergents in the installments of the beaches.

These are basic guidelines which focus on the proper use of the beaches in Orihuela Costa by the users.

On the other hand, they help the responsible persons of the beach management to keep the beaches in the best condition.


  • Costa Invest Real Estate and the author of the content are not responsible of possible changes in the info shared here.
  • This is not a paid sponsorship and it must be seen understood like an informative text.
  • The info shared here might suffer changes made by the municipal authorities of Orihuela Costa (Spain).
  • This content does not show any direct or indirect link between Costa Invest Real Estate or the author of this article and the authorities.
  • As a source, we have used the info shown on the informative boards of the beaches in Orihuela Costa, which is for the whole public and it is managed by the municipal authorities.

Source: orihuela.es

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