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SEO by Yoast for a real estate blog (Part 2).


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On the previous article, we start analyzing the functions of SEO by Yoast plugin. This is a useful tool used to get a good visibility of the real estate blog.

These are the main aspects of this plugin for the real estate SEO:

  • Basic general configuration of the plugin for the real estate blog.
  • Use of the webmasters tools that come with the app.
  • Aspects offered by this plug-in linked to security.
  • Title and Meta tags optimization.
  • Plugin link to social media platforms.
  • Now we keep analyzing the basic aspects offered by SEO Yoast for optimizing a real estate blog.

Sitemaps of the real estate blog through Yoast SEO.

Before focusing more on the specific functions offered by this plugin when we want to create sitemaps for the blog, we need to remind the importance of them when we want to get good real estate SEO results.

– Main advantages of the sitemaps of a real estate blog.
  • Effective indexing of the blog contents for the search engines.
  • Improve the visitors´ experience on the real estate websites.
  • Strengthen the resources management. Once configured, resources are automatically updated.

In the same time, it is important to highlight the fact that the creation of sitemaps can be done differently, taking into consideration the specific necessities of the real estate and its blog.

A real estate can generate different sitemaps such as:

  • One for each language of the contents published.
  • Image sitemaps to index them in a more effective way.
  • A specific one for the multimedia contents shared on the real estate blog.

These are only examples of sitemaps that can be generated in order to help the positioning of the real estate blog and bring better levels of SEO results.

SEO by Yoast offeres the following sections for the creation and optimization of the sitemaps on the real estate blog:

– General options of the sitemaps.
  • Exact location of the generated sitemaps (articles, pages, tags, etc.).
  • Define the number of clicks on the page ( default 1.000).
  • Plugin reminds us that sitemaps are generated automatically.
– Sitemaps users of the real estate blog.
  • Deactivate or activate a specific sitemaps of the author or user of the blog.
  • Disable the users without published entries.
  • Exclude users roles (admin, editor, author, collaborators and subscribers).
– Content exclusion by type of entry.
  • Articles and entries (posts).
  • Real estate blog pages.
  • Multimedia contents (attachments).
– Exclude entries manually.

This is a very useful option offered by SEO plugin which allows us to manually exclude those contents of the real estate blog that we do not want to include on sitemaps.

These contents that are to be excluded manually from sitemaps must be introduced by their ID numbers in a row and separated by commas.

– Taxonomy of the real estate blog.

On that section we can define the taxonomies that we want to exclude from the sitemaps by marking the following boxes:

  • Categories of the real estate blog (category).
  • Tags of the real estate blog (post_tag).
  • Contents format (post_format).

Advanced optimization options for the real estate blog.

Although basic, advanced options for SEO configuration that Yoast offer are very important functions that have a great relevance for getting a good result for the real estate SEO.

These are the advanced options of SEO configuration that this plugin offers:

– Breadcrumbs for the real estate blog.

Breadcrumbs allow us to improve the experience of the visitors of the real estate blog and the users of the real estate webpage.

Apart from improving the navigation on the real estate sites and the visitors´ experience, breadcrumbs are a very important factor inside any real estate SEO. They index the contents of the real estate in an easier way because they present a better structure.

When marking the correct boxes, some options for the configuration of breadcrumbs appear:

  • Breadcrumbs separators.
  • Link to the homepage.
  • Prefix of the breadcrumbs route.
  • Prefix of the linked archives.
  • Prefix for the search page of the breadcrumbs.
  • Breadcrumbs for 404 error pages.
  • Leave the last page of breadcrumbs on bold.
  • Define the taxonomy in order to show the type of entry (none, category, tag, format).

Yoast plugin provides a link to an article where developers explain the simple way to configure breadcrumbs for any real estate blog admin who does not know how to configure the breadcrumbs in a correct way.

A correct configuration and editing of the breadcrumbs setting for the real estate websites will bring a good positioning and good results of real estate SEO.

– Configure permanent links for the real estate blog.

A correct configuration of the permanent links is another factor to take into consideration, because of its importance inside the real estate SEO. Yoast plugin is a simple task to achieve.

These are the configuration options of the permanent links for the real estate blog:

  • Change URL addresses (exclude the base category of the URL address of the categories).
  • Redirect URLs of the attached archives to other addresses (parent post).
  • Clean permanent links (exclude words from the generated slugs).
  • Remove replytocom variables.
  • Add a diagonal bar at the end of the URL addresses of the categories and tags.
  • Redirect addresses in order to clean permanent links.
  • Clean <head> of the real estate blog (hide RSD, WLW,RSS links).
– Optimize RSS feeds of the real estate blog.

SEO by Yoast brings the editing function of the RSS for a real estate blog, allowing in this way the adding of setback links targeting the real estate website.

That function is also used to include contents to the different RSS feed for real estate blog in an automatic way. It helps the search engines to identify the original font of the content and get better levels of indexing.

This plugin offers the possibility to define some factors related to the RSS feed content and it brings also the function of adjusting some variables inside the contents (which will eventually be replaced by the selected value).

– Configuring options of the feed content:

  • Content to share on the feed of every entry.
  • Content located after every entry on the feed.

– Configuration of the variables inside the feed content through links:

  • Archive of the entry´s author with name as anchor text.
  • Specific entry of the real estate blog using the title as the anchor text.
  • Use the real estate webpage and name of the company as an anchor text.
  • A real estate site with the name of it and a text description as an anchor text.

Extra SEO options for the real estate blog.

This plugin offers some very efficient extra tools which strengthen the position of the real estate blog, only when the latter are correctly used. There are three tools that are part of this plugin on the free version:

  • Archive editor: allows us to modify the important archives for the real estate SEO in a faster way (robots.txt or htaccess).
  • Massive editor to modify titles and descriptions of the contents without the need to enter on each o them.
  • Import and export. This option allows us to import and export the configuration used with another SEO plugin in order to reuse it on another real estate site.

Apart from the extra tools mentioned before, this plugin offers the possibility to link it to the Google Analytics account. In order to get this, we need to introduce the authorization code of Google Search Console. SEO by Yoast includes the link sent directly to the Google account of the user, in order to get the authorization code.

SEO by Yoast is a free plugin for the optimization of the real estate blog, but it has also some payable options. If it chooses the Premium version, the real estate can access more functions for the real estate SEO.

However, the free version of the plugin is basic but effective for the improvement of the SEO of a real estate blog. It is a simple and intuitive tool that can be used by all users and it has some advanced options of configuration.

There are other SEO plugins for the optimization of the real estate blog positioning that are also very effective. The main advantage offered by SEO by Yoast for a real estate is its simple use. However, as it is a tool for optimizing contents, we need to take some precaution measures.

Anyway, the most negative thing that we could do is to not optimize the contents in a proper way.

On the following articles inside SEO real estate category, we will keep analyzing other plugins used for the positioning of the real estate sites.

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