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Factors related to web positioning for a real estate.

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The active presence of a real estate on the Internet maintains the trend and it will be one of the main factors of marketing and positioning online.

Although we know the used algorithms are changing every year, there is a series of aspects linked to the web positioning which will not change at all and will become even more important this year.

Here you have some of the most important trends which a real estate should take into consideration in order to get a good positioning on Internet in 2015:

  • Quality of contents.
  • Optimization of websites.
  • Presence on social networks.

– Quality of contents.

According to the experts, during 2015, the quality of contents will be more important than it was last year and will become one of the most important factor which favors the real estate in getting good results of positioning on Internet.

When we speak of the quality of contents that a real estate agency has on Internet, we refer to a series of characteristics the contents have to respect and which are valued by a series of factors related to the search engines.

Those factors are:

  • Original contents with real external references.
  • Correctly edited articles written with no orthographic mistakes.
  • Texts that exceed a thousand words that have a good number of key words.
  • The use of images and graphics will be an extra advantage.
  • Add contents of video format.
  • The author of the real estate contents will get a higher importance.

In conclusion, the real estate which does not pay attention to the quality of contents will damage its positioning and will not be recognized by the search engines.

– Optimization of websites.

The websites of a real estate should be optimized in order to be visible to the eyes of any type of device. This is essential for the intelligent mobile devices (smartphones).

In the same time, there is another series of technical aspects linked to the real estate websites on the Internet.

This year, they will be seen as key aspects by the search engines:

  • Optimized templates for any type of device.
  • Correct highlight of the data structured on the website.
  • Indexical problems will be converted into penalties.
  • The speed of uploading the page is essential this year.
  • The headers and the tags should be correctly used.
  • The navigation on Internet should be fluid in order to improve the visitor´s experience.
  • The backlinks that lead to the real estate websites is relevant this year.
  • The host of the real estate websites must not suffer any breakdowns.

In order to get a good positioning, the real estate should take into consideration that the templates used to support the websites on Internet are an important factor and they should not be only optimized, but they should also offer a positive experience to the users.

– Presence on social websites.

Social networks have converted into good platforms that entered to our societies. The search engines value the presence of a real estate on social networks.

Most of the real estate argue they do not need any social networks, as they will not sell there any property and they are right, but this is not the same thing. An active presence of a real estate on social networks has another target, but selling properties.

The target is strictly related to the developing of the brand and the good positioning on the Internet. The real estate manages to get a better positioning through the links generated by the social networks.

In order to get a development of brand and get a good positioning, the real estate agency should take into consideration the following factors:

  • Share random contents which bring added value.
  • Do not bother people by advertising properties for sale.
  • Generate a community of followers around your brand.
  • Do not use automatic systems of answering on social networks.
  • Use URL addresses of the social network linked to your name.
  • Do not buy followers for your social networks.
  • Use personalized designs for your pages on social networks.
  • Manage all the accounts of social media in a coherent and related way.

Regarding the presence on social networks, the best recommendation for a real estate is to leave the management of its social networks in the hands of a qualified and experienced Community Manager.

The pillars of the contents of a real estate.

Due to the importance the quality of the real estate contents has for the search engines, we should touch this topic by dividing it so that the real estate could get better results of visibility on Internet.

In the same time, it is also important to remember that there is not only Google that exists on Internet- this is what a real estate does not get. A real estate which pretends to publish international contents and name on Internet should implement a global strategy and in order to achieve this, the visibility on Google is not enough.

A real estate that pretends to get to potential international clients, must position its name and contents on other search engines apart from Google, as for example: Bing, Yandex, Yahoo, etc.

It is highly important that a real estate which pretends to get a certain level of international domination, should index its contents on other search engines and should be actively present on social networks.

Once the real estate determines the exact international segment of clients, the former should analyze the search engines related to those countries and discover the social networks where the clients are active.

The real estate should also understand an important thing: the search engines are algorithms that determine and value the contents of the real estate under some specific and well-defined aspects.

We said that Google is not the only search engine on Internet on which a real estate should develop its strategy, but we should also understand that the other search engines are not so different from Google and they also have a standard regarding the quality of contents.

In conclusion, the real estate should count on the fact that the search engines try to show the results that are the best regarding the searched done by the users and that the quality of the contents of a real estate will be evaluated by different algorithms.

However, the real estate should understand that in order to achieve a good visibility of its contents they need to be of quality. No matter the search engine or the algorithm, there are 3 key factors: the authority, the utility and the presentation of the contents.

– The authority of the real estate contents.

When the algorithm of a search engine evaluates the authority of a real estate content, it is the same as answering these questions: Is the content reliable? On which site is it published? Who is the author of the content?

The search engines use different and quite complex variables in order to determine the authority of a content of a real estate of which: social media links, cited references, name and identity of the author recognition and other related factors.

In the same time, that authority is treated differently depending directly on the specific segment to which the search of the user is related.

– The utility of the contents of the real estate.

The utility of the contents of a real estate is related to the utility of its page and it is seen as a useful content which brings more value to the search made by the user.

The search engines ask these questions: Is the quality touching enough? Does the real estate page inform the user? Does the page serve for the target public?

A content´s utility should pay attention to the richness of images and external links which are related to references.

– The presentation of the real estate contents.

From the search engines´ point of view, it is forbidden that a real estate web and real estate blog do not provide an easy access to its users. The real estate sites, apart from being attractive, it should also provide us with an easy use.

At the moment of positioning a content, the search engines pay a lot attention to this. The real estate should present its contents in an accessible way and its websites must allow a good level of navigation on Internet.

On the contrary, the visibility will be negative. Another factor related to the presentation of the real estate sites which will determine the visibility of its contents on Internet is the adding of adverts which might result invasive for the visitors.

The positioning of the sites and contents of a real estate on Internet is a very important element. That is why it is very important for a real estate to plan and implement specific strategies which allows it to get better results.

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