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SEO On Page of a real estate blog.

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In order to optimize the real estate blog we need to focus on two types of optimizing systems: SEO On Page and SEO off Page.

SEO On Page is based on the internal optimizing of the real estate blog and focuses on the optimization of all its elements.

The first step to follow in order to achieve a great visibility of the contents and the most effective way to get positive results is to optimize the linked criteria of the SEO real estate blog in a correct way.

Real estate blog and SEO On Page.

– Content manager of the real estate blog.

Nowadays, there are several content manager to organize a website on Internet, although the best one is WordPress.

WordPress is an excellent content manager, not only for a real estate blog, but also for the real estate web.

The functional characteristics of WordPress, as its great quantity and variety of plugins that can be used, have converted it on one of the most wanted app by millions of professional bloggers.

– Optimized real estate blog template.

Using an optimizing template for the real estate blog becomes the most important step in order to develop the website in a proper way.

The optimizing of the programming code of the template of a real estate blog can be compared to the bricks of a building, as even if we cannot see them at first, they hold the entire building.

However, counting with good and well-structured programming lines is not enough. We need to make adjustments and changes on the programming lines in order to get the best results.

– Meta tags of the real estate blog.

Meta Title is one of the most important tag of SEO On Page and at least one of the essential ones that will affect directly the visibility of the real estate blog. That tag must contain the keyword of the real estate blog and it should appear as the first word.

The title must be natural and meaningful. That is why we should situate that word in a natural way at the beginning of the phrase.

In the same time, Meta tag with the description of the real estate blog must be suggestive and calling the user to action. In order to get a high level of conversion for the contents of the real estate, becoming the first on the search engines is not enough.

In other words, description is the invitation for the user.

– Robot.txt of the real estate blog.

This archive is about notifying the search engines what they must index. This is a simple archive but of high importance for getting a good visibility.

This archive must be included in the superior directory of the hired hosting of the real estate and it should be easy to access through set protocols and assigned ports.

Robot.txt is so important for the content indexing that the search engines have published some specific guidelines for its correct use.

– Content snippets.

For a real estate SEO, snippets are those short descriptions of the contents, which show the search results to the users.

Snippets have a great importance when we want to make a content visible, because they offer a short summary of the published contents and they favor the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) visibility.

This is a real estate SEO element linked directly to the organic positioning and it is important for the users when they want to make searches and find the contents of the real estate in a natural way.

There are also the Rich Snippets which include elements reflected on the search engines, such as: evaluation by stars, photograph of the author´s article (the real estate logo in this case), a significant image of the published content (the photo of a property for sale or one of the real estate blog articles.

Apart from getting the attention of the users, Rich Snippets can increase the CTR (Click Through Rate) in a significant way, even if the content might not be on the first position of the search engines.

– Density of the keywords.

The percentage of use of keywords is an essential factor and there must be a balance between the quantity and the number of words of the contents.

The percentage of used keywords will depend on the extension of the article of the real estate blog and the use of synonyms (in order to result natural for the reader).

Although this is an important factor inside the real estate SEO, we need to be careful with the percentage of keywords on each article and not overcome the maximum of 4%. Over-passing this percentage will bring the risk of getting trouble from Keyword Stuffing (exaggerate and useless strategy of using the key words even out of context).

This is a technique that attacks the organic positioning and harms the real estate SEO.

– Bold words and phrases.

Using bold phrases and words inside the real estate blog has two targets: they are used to show to the search engines that the words have a special importance and they become interesting for the readers.

Similar to the density of the keywords, we need to achieve a balance between what is natural and functional without filling up with bold words.

This is a resource for the positioning inside the real estate SEO that should be combined with other resources, such as the use of the headers usually placed inside the contents´ subtitles (H1, H2, H3, etc). Italics words and phrases have a similar function as the bold ones or underlined titles.

Anyway, bold words, italic phrases or underlined elements must be used for a specific necessity and they must never become a distraction that could harm the user´s experience.

– Multimedia content of the real estate blog.

Multimedia contents have become more and more relevant for the users and search engines. That is why a real estate must pay special attention to them.

Including multimedia contents both on the real estate blog as on the properties for sale of the real estate website favors the organic positioning. In the same time, multimedia contents offer an added value to the users and they can become an excellent tool for extra information.

It is important to provide a good experience to the visitors of the real estate websites. This can be achieved by using videos, audio or pictures. However, all multimedia archives used on the real estate blog and web must be optimized, in order to use them as a great resource of SEO positioning.

Images, especially those used on the real estate web to promote properties for sale, must count with individual attributes in order to strengthen the SEO real estate strategy.

– Internal and external links of a real estate blog.

Links must have a well-defined target, which could be used to provide more info to the users or to become a real estate SEO resource. Links to a real estate blog are divided into 2 types: internal and external.

Internal links are good when we want to link an article to an older one. This is an effective technique that manages to make the user stay on the page more time. In the same time, linking contents enrich the users´ experience, but we need to make sure the correlation is proper.

External links are good when we want to redirect the user to other sites. This might become a useful resource for citing references or derive traffic to the website of the real estate.

Summary of the factors of SEO On Page for a real estate blog.
  • Template with properly structured programming lines.
  • Introduce effective and functional meta-descriptions.
  • Optimizing the multimedia contents used.
  • Use bold, italic and underlined words or phrases.
  • Do not exceed the recommended percentage of keywords.
  • Relate to links of internal and external contents.
Other factors in order to improve the SEO On Page of the real estate blog.
  • Effective URL links of the contents.
  • Use readable sources in order to improve the user´s experience.
  • Pay attention to the use of the tag rel=canonical.
  • Optimization of the mobile devices (smart phones, tablets, etc.)
  • Avoid duplicated contents and titles.
  • Select the eventual problems related to error 404.
  • Use hreflang attribute for the multilingual real estate blog.

Sources: Google Developers and Microsoft Webmasters 

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