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Sell your property with an international real estate.

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In order to sell a property, it is always advisable to create some relations with an international real estate agency which uses its resources effectively.

Costa Invest Real Estate has turned into a reference for the foreign clients who are looking to buy a property in Orihuela Costa (Spain) and its surrounding areas with the purpose to create a strong international real estate strategy.

There are a lot of owners who decide to sell their properties by their own without contacting with a real estate and this could be converted into a negative point for the selling process.

The well -known argument that the majority of owners have is that the real estate agency will increase too much the selling price because of their commissions and so, the selling process will be badly influenced.

This is a huge lie, because the commission the real estate charges is well justified, taking into consideration that nowadays, nobody works for free.

We should understand that in order to maintain a good functioning of an international real estate, it is highly recommended an important investment.

Reasons to sell your property with Costa Invest.

Costa Invest Real Estate

  • Personalized attention on the client who wants to sell a property.
  • Wide portfolio of foreign clients.
  • Adverts on the most important international portals of Europe.
  • Qualified and experienced agents.
  • Personal sector of legal counselling to manage the selling of a property;
  • Honest management of the entire selling process.

The personalized attention is a very important factor for the seller of a property and it permits reaching better achievements. The relation seller- real estate through the agents permits an effective counselling in relation to the different factors set by the owners of properties.

The agents of Costa Invest Real Estate are much more than just property sellers, they are also qualified counselors who will give you the best advice in the selling process.

A professional real estate agent will make an evaluation of the property and will recommend you the realistic and exact selling price for your property in order to achieve the main purpose of selling it.

The owners who sell their properties by their own should advertise them and so invest some money if they want to sell the properties as soon as possible.

The adverts made by Costa Invest Real Estate are international, presented on the main real estate portals in Europe.

Advertising on international portals the current properties on sale implies a strong economic investment which will increase and strengthen the possibilities of selling them as soon as possible.

A particular who wants to advertise his/her property on international portals will find it as a huge expense and will it as an inconvenient.

The strong economic investment Costa Invest Real Estate does is actually the main factor which has offered it to achieve a huge target of sold properties during the last years.

Another important factor is everything related to the legal process that is also strongly related to the selling of properties. If the owner decides to do the paperwork by himself, he will need to search for external solicitors will charge for all the paperwork.

That is why Costa Invest Real Estate offers to its clients the best and highly qualified team of legal solicitors and their fees are included in the commission they charge when the selling of the house is finished.

By doing that, Costa Invest manages to facilitate the selling process and all the legal aspects of it.

Costa Invest Real Estate and its international impact. 

Nowadays, a lot of agencies try to make themselves known on the international market. Taking the example of a real estate, this option will become very important, because the main level of potential buyers is not here in Spain, but overseas.

A company that decides to sell products or services overseas, must take into consideration some important aspects in order to achieve their main goal. There is more than just having a webpage in different languages.

The real estate that deals with selling properties overseas, must take into account other specific elements, if they want to develop a successful strategy to gather as much international clients as possible.

Before implementing a strategy of international development, a real estate must firstly realize a realistic and serious organizational strategy and then project itself overseas.

International strategy for a real estate.

  • Available economic resources for short and long term.

For a real estate agency, the development of its international strategy will mean a huge economic investment and must not only count on the necessary budget, but also take into consideration some long term risks.

  • Team of agents internationally qualified.

A real estate which pretends to advertise overseas , must not only count with international agents, but they must also be qualified and must have the knowledge of some important aspects in their countries.

  • How its strategy will be adopted in other countries.

Let´s imagine the scene in which a real estate has both the economic and human resources to implement its strategy of international development, but will it do it?

Here enters in stage a previous planning and structuring of the ways in which that international real estate strategy will be implemented.

  • Place realistic international targets.

A real estate that tries to position itself overseas must also be realistic, which implies to be conscience of the authentic potential.

Moreover, the real estate´s international targets must be linked to its resources and ideas of development.

  • Maintain the international management strategy for a long time.

The success of a real estate´s international strategy is determined by time and this means settle strategic overseas targets and objectives for short and long term. A real estate should plan and introduce a strategy for short term and then for long term and then to evaluate the obtained results.

A real estate which adopts an international strategy should also achieve all the factors already mentioned and mostly important, to stay related to its strategy, no matter what obstacles to overpass.

It is also very important for an international real estate success to subdue to a strategic, clear and well defined policy.

Right from its beginnings, Costa Invest Real Estate introduced an international strategy and policy which meant not only the advertisement of its products in different countries, but it also required some other specific elements.

  • Native or bilingual agents.

One thing is to count with a bilingual person and another to count with a qualified bilingual real estate agent.

If the agent is native on a language on whose country the real estate tries to become known, better for the agency.

Anyway, either a native or a bilingual agent, they must take into consideration several specific aspects related to the country, which in most of the times, the latter is not related to the physical space of the office.

  • Web platforms and social networks in different languages.

For a real estate with international targets, its presence in different languages and countries is determinant for its success.

From the web page to having a blog and passing to all the platforms of social networks where the real estate is highly positioned, they all should be available in different languages.

This requires an intense technical work which is determinant for the real estate´s development of a multilingual platform but it also needs an active participation of the real estate agent involved in the translations.

  • Take part in the international exhibitions.

The active presence of the real estate at the international real estate exhibitions it is highly important.

Not just for catch more clients but also to generate positive synergies with other agents and real estates that are located in the country where we want to become known.

  • Advert properties on international real estate portals.

The international real estate portals are a very important resource for the agency, a perfect way to advert the properties overseas and in the same time, they are very good to obtain advantages related to the real estate´s development of the trade.

Apart from this, the real estate should also invest on other advertisement media specific to each country in order to catch more potential buyers.

  • Translators and interpreters.

The area of translations of a real estate is much more than any basic translation.

It helps the selling process in all its aspects: from the client´s personalized first contact, to the collaborative work in the legal area, social media platforms, to the active involvement as a facilitator means.

Counting with the support of a prestigious company and international targets as Costa Invest Real Estate, it is not enough because the owner that wants to sell a property must also interfere and collaborate.

Over years, Costa Invest has implemented a solid and strong strategy of overseas positioning, which permitted it to turn into a referent in the Orihuela Costa´s real estate market and develop as a real estate trade in different countries in Europe.

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