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The secretary of the real estate agency.

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On the previous article we analyzed the real estate organizational figures and we focused on the internal roles that are not specifically related to selling properties.

We will now analyze the role of the real estate secretary, who will not sell properties, but she will have a great impact on the company´s productivity.

As we already stated before, we need to understand that each organizational structure is differently implemented. There is no perfect organizational model, as there are no real estate that guarantee to apply models from the books.

In other words, each real estate in Spain has its limits and different resources, which means it has to apply the specific models needed.

In the sector of a small or medium real estate in Spain, the reality is the one that sets the organizational models. A real estate with few organizational resources will not be able to implement certain types of models, as they are not reachable at all.

However, this does not mean that a small real estate with few resources will never be able to grow someday.

Normally, inside the real estate sector, the feminine figure is assigned most of the times for this organizational figure, so we will refer to a “she” when we talk about this.

This does not mean that the role of the secretary cannot be assigned to a man, but I insist that the trend in Spain is to have a feminine secretary, not a masculine secretary.

Of course we will not focus more on this subject.

The real estate in Spain must manage to get the best levels of productivity and it is not so important if the figure of the secretary will be assigned to a woman or a man. More important is to manage to get good results.

The role of the real estate secretary.

It is highly important for a real estate to determine the specific role, functions and competences of its secretary and most of all, manage to define the concept that the organizational figure of a secretary means.

I understand I need to highlight the fact that these are only functional models and so they must be taken into consideration. Every real estate in Spain will and will not agree with those functional roles, but here we speak of “models”.

The figure of the real estate secretary is essential (as all the other organizational figures), although each has its own particularities, but we center here in a very special role.

A secretary is one of the most complex figures of the real estate and her level of effectiveness conditions the global productivity of the company.

The secretary of a real estate must show some particular characteristics, as its position requires them. These are efficiency and discretion and we will analyze them separately.

An efficient real estate secretary. 

Efficiency inside the organizational sector is defined as the capacity shown by a member of the organization to use the best available resources. In this way, the real estate secretary must manage efficiently all the available resources.

The secretary of the real estate becomes the double organizational link of the company: she receives tasks and she sets tasks also. That is why a real estate secretary must know how to manage effectively the pending tasks and be able to assign tasks that have been set by the leaders.

In the same time, the real estate secretary is the one that derives the necessities of the client or person in contact with the agency and must efficiently action in order to help the internal functioning of the organization.

A discrete real estate secretary.

The real estate secretary occupies a trustful position which is linked directly to the executive role and has access to some delicate material and content of the real estate.

By having a trustful organizational position, the secretary must take care of some important documents and keep them aside from the curious looks or persons that do not have the same competences.

This is an organizational role that implies lots of responsibility and the real estate secretary must be cautious in the first place. Caution must be seen as another characteristic inside her internal role, along with other given competences.

The secretary is the member of the company that is the best informed, because among so many internal roles a company might have, this is the best position to be the best informed on all the actions of the real estate members.

From here we understand the need of discretion of a real estate secretary. This must be seen as a rule, too. There are many occasions in which the owner of the real estate says her something, which if not said well enough must be taken as a discrete content.

The loyalty of a real estate secretary must be unbounded, especially towards the company´s leaders. Loyalty is a way appreciated value in the society. It is essential for a member of organization.

Another value shown by this organizational role is trust. We must take into consideration that it is achieved only with the passing of the time and it is based on evidences.

In this way, the behavior and the attitude of a real estate secretary are evidences that gain trust.

Qualities of the real estate secretary.

Normally, the qualities of a person can be innate or acquired, but there is also the possibility of having a combination of them. A real estate secretary must be trained but she must also show certain qualities in order to get the best results.

As we already stated before, the real estate secretary has the first contact with the clients. That is why it is so important for her to show certain qualities.

Right from the beginning, a real estate secretary must be trained and must count with certain knowledge related to the real estate sector.

She must have certain technical knowledge. Here you have some qualities and basic characteristics which must be shown by the real estate secretary.

  • Appearance.

A real estate secretary should transmit a certain image according to the organizational policy implemented by the company.

Wearing nice clothes is not enough, as she is the company´s whole image and she must also be pleasant. A good image is not only related to clothes.

  • Social abilities.

Courtesy, education and sympathy must be the main qualities that a real estate secretary must have without any effort. In the same time, she must be able to express herself verbally and non-verbally, but also in writing.

  • Proactive.

Doing many things does not mean you are proactive and some activity without intention is not enough for a real estate secretary.

Initiative must be constant for her as this is a characteristic that involves motivation also.

  • Organized.

Her agenda becomes the real estate agenda. Without having a well-structured agenda she will not get good levels of productivity.

  • Observer.

The secretary of the real estate must be a good observer and she must be capable to detect what other members cannot.

  • Calm.

A real estate secretary must stay calm no matter what situation and she must be peaceful and send to her interlocutor the trust needed.

In most of the situations, a secretary must show a high level of patience, not only with the clients but also with the work colleagues.

  • Punctual.

Punctuality has the meaning of respect towards the company and towards the working colleagues.

The real estate secretary must arrive to work always on time and she must be punctual regarding the completion of any task assigned.

  • Trained.

The real estate secretary must be trained on technical competences which can be knowledge on administration and effective use of office software.

For a real estate in Spain, it is quite important that its real estate secretary dominates English as much as possible and counts with knowledge on the use of new technologies.

  • Determined.

It is quite usual the situation in which the real estate agents do not understand the role of the real estate secretary and wrongly understand her as their personal assistant.

This is an organizational role that must clearly specify its competences directly to all the members, not only for the sake of her productivity, but also for theirs.

To be determined in setting professional competences is essential, but this does not mean that attitude must go along hostility.

  • Decisive.

A real estate secretary must deal with the management of the office but should also solve certain situations in an effective way by herself. Solve and take decisions are part of her job.

We here highlight again the fact that her charge is based on confidence and it involves certain actions among her many other competences.

  • Resilient.

A real estate secretary must count with a high level of resilience, as part of her job is to deal with frustration, mainly caused by the not completed tasks.

On the following article inside real estate coaching, we will analyze the organizational figures of a real estate linked to the technological sector.

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