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SalesUp as a real estate CRM.

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SalesUp CRM is an interesting option for companies in the real estate sector, and although it is an application that is not specifically designed for real estate, it can be adapted.

It is an online CRM, which ignores the need for facilities and complex configurations in real estate hosting, and allows access to members of the real estate team  from any device and for 24 hours.

SalesUp CRM organization system.

The SalesUp sales organization system is very simple to use, and has a very intuitive structure that makes it a very effective real estate CRM potential .

The entire commercial process of the real estate can be monitored accurately, as well as all accounting information and linked to sales.

The administrative processes of the real estate, such as quotes and online billing, can be done quickly and without complications, because the system offers a very low learning curve, almost without difficulties.

SalesUp CRM features.

SalesUp is offered in three plans, which depending on each one offers different features and functionalities, however, from the basic version the real estate can have a complete CRM.

General features.

  • CRM online accessible from any device.

  • Unlimited users

  • API for developers.

  • File storage capacity (1G / 50G).

  • Integration of corporate email.

  • User access control.

  • Configuration of permissions and restrictions.

  • Sales reports.

  • Administrative control.

  • Predictive system

  • Channel report and performance.

  • Linking with contacts from Facebook or website.
  • Video tutorials / Webinars / Manuals / PDF guides.

  • High speed hosting available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Security: Hardware and Software Firewalls / Connection with SSL Certificates.
  • Backup and backup of data every six hours.

  • Linking with the real estate website.

  • Integration with Zapier (MailChimp  and 900 applications).
  • Online demo and 30 days free trial.

Automatic marketing system.

  • Integration with campaigns on Facebook.

  • Pre-configured email templates.

  • Integration with WhatsApp and WordPress .
  • Automatic registration of page contacts on Facebook.

  • Control of emails sent and opened.

  • Email marketing campaigns.


  • Product catalog and pre-configured formats.

  • Quotes tables from Excel.

  • Control of goals and objectives.

  • Export and import of database.

  • Segmentation tags.

  • Predictive sales system.

  • Collection and payment manager.

  • Currency converter.

  • Automatic contact management.

Customer Support.

SalesUP CRM offers a personalized customer service, available through different means and for all plans.

  • Email / Live Chat / Support Tickets.

  • Telephone support with sales executive (for more than 4 use licenses).

CRM support.

In addition to the standard customer service system, SalesUP offers different personalized support plans according to the needs of each client.

  • Registration and email configuration .

  • Signature and mail configuration (base format included).

  • Configuration of five email templates.

  • Configuration of two automatic mail campaigns.

  • Currency type configuration for commercial transactions.

  • Configuration of folios and quotation formats.

  • Configuration of price lists, brands, taxes and commissions.

  • Billing module configuration (not available for European countries).

  • Training in billing forms.

  • A training session on the basic functions for CRM administrators.

  • An in-service training session for managers and executives.

  • A training session on reports and goal setting.

Conclusions about SalesUp CRM.

SalesUp CRM offers basic features for real estate management, although being an online program implies certain functional advantages of access (available 24 hours from any device, etc).

However, it has certain functional limitations, such as in relation to the management of real estate equipment and human resources, characteristics that all CRMs currently offer.

It is an online CRM oriented to the administration of real estate, sales processes and billing, and is focused on simplifying these processes to achieve better commercial results.

In any case, SalesUp CRM offers a free trial version for 32 days, and also an online Demo to test its features and functionalities.

Source: salesup.com

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