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Revive Old Post is a WordPress plugin to share the old contents of the real estate blog on social networks and, although its name does not reflect it, also the new ones.

Once downloaded, installed and configured the plugin works automatically, publishing the new content and also the old ones randomly.

The possibility of publishing old content is an excellent functionality for real estate, because in addition to republishing the articles of the real estate blog, it can also be used to republish the properties for sale of its website.

Revive Old Post has many advanced features, such as the ability to schedule content publishing by defining time intervals and other variables.

Features of Revive Old Post.

  • Social networks to share.

The plugin serves to share the contents of the real estate on the most popular social networks: FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedIn and Tumblr.

At the same time, Revive Old Post allows you to program automatic publications in several accounts on each of the compatible social networks, without limitations of any kind, and in both profiles and pages.

  • Custom posts.

This functionality is especially useful for custom real estate sites that use other types of content, in addition to the default ones, such as the pages of homes for sale.

Revive Old Post can manage the personalized publication of all types of content, from real estate blog articles to properties for sale published on the real estate website.

The plugin can also obtain images of the publications automatically and then attach them to the shared resources of the social networks.

  • Custom messages.

Revive Old Post will normally share messages using a template defined by the real estate.

But what about some special articles that do not fit the template? What if some properties do not fit the predefined publication format?

For these special situations, personalized messages can be used, and when that specific content is shared on social networks, the system will use the predefined message written by the real estate company instead of a template.

  • Total control over social actions.

It is a complement for automatic social publications very flexible, and that adapts to all real estate marketing needs at social media level.

Publications can be configured to publish only with the titles, including hashtags , mentioning a username, or even adding some additional custom text.

  • Hashtags of labels or categories.

Revive Old Post adds optimized hashtags automatically by searching for them from site categories, tags or even from custom fields assigned to the post.

The automatic hashtags linking system is a very practical feature, although it implies that both the real estate blog and the real estate website have their taxonomies correctly configured.

It can be configured to automatically publish the articles of a specific category of the real estate blog, or a particular type of property of the web, for example only those contents labeled as bungalows.

  • Performance Analytics.

Marketing actions must be measured in their results, and the plugin allows the monitoring of social media campaigns through Google Analytics.

This allows you to see the real estate agency how popular their publications are and control the exact traffic they are generating towards their sites.

Revive Old Post works with the most popular address shortening services, and integrates with all URL shorteners .

  • Share posts more than once.

Revive Old Post allows you to share individual posts several times.

It means that the properties will be published on social networks over and over again, thus preventing homes from being forgotten after a single exchange on social networks.

The publication of a property for sale cannot be limited to a single social action, and this functionality makes the flow of published properties constant, regardless of when it was originally published on the real estate website.

The articles of the real estate blog can also be republished to increase the conversion rate, and the site administrator can always configure what content he wants to be published again for its value or interest generated in the audience.

  • Post queue manager.

With the queue management function you can view, edit or delete each scheduled publication on any social network before sharing it.

The function facilitates the editing and optimization of any element previously programmed for publication, such as including a new hashtag, adding more text or modifying any part of the message structure, including modifying linked images.

It is a very useful function to achieve good levels of optimization for social media publications.

  • Compatibility with WordPress themes.

Compatibility is a fundamental factor for the use of any WordPress plugin, and Revive Old Post is compatible with all themes and templates.

The only condition for the plugin to work correctly is that the real estate site is managed with WordPress .

However, for many of the advanced features of the plug-in to work, it is necessary that certain elements of the sites are optimized correctly (taxonomies, categories, tags, attributes, etc.).

If the real estate sites are not optimized correctly, at least in its basic elements, many useful features offered by the complement can not be exploited.

  • Plugin configuration.

The configuration of Revive Old Post is very simple and is based on two steps: authorize and program.

  • Authorize the complement to work with real estate profiles on social networks.
  • Establish the programming and customization of shared resources with hashtags, mentions or custom text.

Revive Old Post plans.

The plugin of automatic publications on social networks is in three versions, Personal, Business and Marketer.

Each plan offers different features and functionalities for real estate, although the main difference between them is the number of sites to link, because the number of accounts in all plans is fifty.

Depending on the plan the real estate may access different features of the complement.

  • Supported sites: 1/3 / Unlimited.
  • 50 accounts in all plans.
  • Share the media library.
  • Post with featured image.
  • Use custom email types.
  • Share personalized messages.
  • Custom programming included.
  • Queue management of scheduled publications .
  • 1 year of updates and support in all plans.

Revive Old Post is a very effective plugin for automatic real estate publications on social networks, receives updates constantly and is easy to configure.

The complement used in combination with Revive Network, another plugin of the same developers, manages to improve the performance of real estate on social networks.

However, that implies the installation and configuration of another complement to achieve the same characteristics that can usually be achieved with a single plugin to publish on social networks.

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