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Real estate team page is a very important element inside the real estate structure; it personalizes the agents and it makes the company more human.

Real estate Team Page makes easier the personal connection with potential buyers and it becomes the first step in achieving a mutual confidence between both parties (the real estate and the clients).

In the same time, this section of a real estate web helps the clients to get to know the members of the organization from the first contact in the first place. The image reflected by a real estate is very important and so is the team page.

However, for a real estate, publishing its Team Page does not mean “uploading the photos of its agents on the website”. It is more than this.

Especially nowadays, when the online presence and reputation are so important, an incomplete real estate team page that does not adjust to the normal standards can become a negative factor.

All organizational project made by a real estate will always affect the business level.

We can easily resume the importance of the real estate team page by dividing it into different points:

  • Online presentation of the real estate working team.

  • Its content can be optimized in order to get a better SEO positioning.

  • Potential buyers will understand the role of each member of the team.

  • Real estate manages to position itself as a real estate brand though its professionals.

  • Positive synergies with other professionals from this real estate sector.

As we already stated before, the real estate team page has a very important role in relation to the real estate´s online presence. This is a section inside the real estate site that can strengthen the brand development and maximize the Team Page.

If the real estate manages its web with the help of a CMS such as WordPress, it has the possibility to use different designs for its Team Page.

Real estate Premium templates provide many models of Team Page and they can be configured and edited in order to get the maximum level of personalization. If the real estate web does not have that function, a specific plug-in can be installed in order to get a more professional and effective page.

In case the real estate does not use WordPress as a content manager, no worries because all the other CMS on the market provide or implement a Team Page template.

When using WordPress as a real estate web manager, the time needed to implement a real estate team page is no more than 20 minutes (estimated time for a company of 20 to 25 members).

Anyway, for a responsible person who implements a real estate Team Page, the time needed to upload the photos and links of the members is very low.

General guidelines on real estate Team page.

Regarding the functions and the structure of a Team Page, there are certain guidelines and standards.

Anyways, for a real estate is very important to get the best of the Team Page and get better levels of conversion.

– We need to communicate in the best way.

Nowadays, by navigating on Internet we can find very innovative and original designs in order to implement them to the real estate Team Page. The key is to manage to get the real estate communicating its interests in a more effective way by presenting its agents in a unique and original way, of course, with the help of the real estate Team Page.

In most of the cases, the curiosity of the users end up being a good point for increasing the online conversion level of the real estate and the Team Page is a good reference to it.

An innovative design of the Team Page should not be simple and effective. On the contrary, the real estate must find a way to have a unique design among other companies.

The innovation of the designers means to manage to be unique and get an original product, as effective as attractive to the users.

When a real estate team page is really un-common, this does not mean it is less professional or less serious.

It has a well-defined and clear target and it should be as interesting as possible for the visitors, as they are the potential buyers of the real estate properties.

– Online real estate team.

For real estate clients it is very important to get to know the persons behind the company and the Team Page brings this option for those buyers who want to know the company´s members.

Through the team page, a real estate can present other members of the real estate who are not agents. A real estate must not include only real estate agents. This is recommended in order to strengthen the brand development.

A real estate Team Page must highlight the real estate organizational strengths in order to show confidence and get the potential buyers´ esteem.

If the real estate shows only its real estate agents, it will limit the other services offered by the organization. A real estate, as an organization, is not composed only by real estate agents.

– Real estate cover letter.

A Team Page is a business and organizational cover letter. That is why we need to show special attention to what it is shown in it. It should not be only a way to calm the users and visitors´ curiosity, but it should play an important role inside the website´s structure. It is not enough to place the pictures of the real estate members.

We also need to include the links to their different social media profiles and some short words about them in order to connect to the audience.

The trend inside the real estate sector says that it is not suffice to place the figures of the members only. Potential buyers of the real estate want to know the members of the team, not only through an image.

That is why it is important to include some presentation words and their social media profiles, in order to strengthen the personal branding of each member.

General structure of the real estate Team Page.

  • Section on the main menu of the real estate web.
  • Main image or header image.
  • Internal design of the page.

Group picture could be the main image of the real estate Team Page that should be always found inside the web.

The picture of the real estate team used technically and used as the header image of the website must have a natural but serious look.

Nowadays, this photo is normally taken inside the real estate office; a traditional, but not too original feature.

For instance, if the real estate is located in a coastal area, this photo could be taken on the beach. In this way, it is original and it strengthens the position of the real estate products that the company sells.

– Basic info linked to each real estate member.
  • Names and surnames.
  • Photograph.
  • Function or role inside the company.
  • Email address.
  • Real estate telephone number and/or each member´s mobile.
  • Social media accounts with the icons of each member of the team.
  • Geographic location with the map.
– Photograph of each member of the team.
  • Outfit: it should be formal taking into consideration the used colors, because the latter always transmit feelings and they condition the visitors.
  • Make-up: this is a case to be taken into consideration by the women working in a real estate in order to avoid strident make-ups and focus more on natural looks.
  • Pose: sit and still, with the back arched. The picture can be taken for the whole body or just the face. Speaking professionally, the trend is to use only the pictures of the members´ faces, but any other option is valid. If we go for certain poses, we need to be careful with the hands and arms and avoid the situation in which someone´s arm is “cut out” from the whole image.
  • Image background: all pictures of members of real estate must be taken on the same background. We should look for originality and the final result of those images.
  • Smile: natural. Forced smiles are easily detected by the visitors of the real estate web and they normally bring a negative image to the content. If the real estate agent does not feel like smiling, better not to do it. The key is to be yourself and show originality to the visitors.

Final recommendations on the real estate Team Page.

Like any other section of the real estate web, a estate Team Page should be optimized (real estate SEO):

  • Headers (H1, H2, H3, etc).
  • URL addresses of the social media.
  • Blogs and personal pages.
  • Geographic location with map.
  • Photos with linked attributes.
  • Language tags (multilingual real estate web).

Actions speak more than words and the real estate team page is the cover letter for all the potential buyers.

It is an organizational shop window which can get really good benefits for the real estate when it is correctly used.

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