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In order to get an effective online marketing strategy for a real estate, the latter must create its own YouTube channel.

YouTube has become a very important tool to be used in any marketing strategy for a real estate. It has become such an important tool mainly because of it high range of users and its communication that it is offering to the users.

YouTube is Internet´s most important social network for sharing audiovisual contents, so any real estate must take it into consideration and never omit it.

In order to introduce an effective strategy of marketing in YouTube, a real estate must firstly focus on the organization and then continue with the other phases which are: the elaboration of the content and its sharing. After that, a real estate must never forget the evaluation of the obtained reports.

Creating a real estate channel on YouTube means offering products and services in a different way and in the same time it opens a new way to communication.

The most important characteristics and advantages in owning a YouTube channel are the following:

  • Is a platform that permits a higher level of positive consequences in a lesser time that all the other networks.
  • Its cost-effect rate is very effective for a real estate.
  • It increases indirectly the visits on the real estate´s website and blog.
  • It improves the real estate´s SEO on Google.
  • It permits the real estate to present its products and services. The audiovisual contents are clearer and more direct than the written ones.
  • It offers a higher power of sharing than all other platforms.

In this way, this last characteristic is the one that makes YouTube the leader between all social networks.

The level of users´ interactivity is higher on YouTube, fact that helps to the rapid contamination of contents.

Just like a virus, a YouTube content can be transmitted very fast and in this way, a higher and unimaginable level of effects will be achieved.

YouTube keywords for an effective real estate strategy.

  • Quality and original contents.

The quality of the shared contents on YouTube is very important. It is highly advisable to create good and original contents and surprise the users and so they will also share them on YouTube and on other social networks.

  • YouTube content time.

The duration of the contents a real estate will share on its YouTube channel is a specific point as the contents must also be balanced.

The users´ attention when visualizing contents on YouTube starts to decrease when passing 2 minutes. That is why we should give a lot of importance to the videos´ time and so, effectively use the first seconds of them.

  • Real estate´s SEO on YouTube.

YouTube is a service offered by Google so there is no need to say how important is for the SEO strategy.

First of all, it is important to place the contents on the real estate´s channel and then, tag them correctly by using a title and a clear description.

  • Link them to the real estate´s other accounts.

We have to relate the real estate´s channel to all the other accounts that the agency has such as: Facebook Page, blog, Twitter, Google Plus and social networks.

An effective resource is to adopt the videos on the website and blog so we could get a higher level of sharing and impact.

What a real estate must not do on YouTube.

There are some important elements on YouTube which a real estate must value right on the moment of organizing the contents.

In this way, it could gain an effective and strategic development. You will next see the most common errors made by a real estate when introducing its strategy on a YouTube channel:

  • Create false expectations.

A lot of real estate companies think that by uploading a video they will get unbelievable results. It is right that on YouTube it is easy to get millions of visits by sharing one content but it is quite hard to reach that effect.

A real estate must manage its expectations regarding its channel on YouTube, knowing that the real success on YouTube is not given only by a video.

On the other hand, it is important to underline the fact that YouTube has millions of shared hours per day on videos, making a quite aggressive competition.

In conclusion, the real estate must have it clear that a ´most watched´ content is just an exception.

  • Organize a loose real estate strategy.

Although it is true that we should always be realistic when creating a marketing strategy for a real estate on a YouTube channel, we must not create a loose strategy either.

A small real estate in comparison to other companies on YouTube could also get a lot of success by sharing its contents.

A good thing on YouTube is that any company, large or small, could get the same results when speaking of their contents.

Regarding what has already been said, there are a lot of examples in which small companies or even anonymous persons managed to get an extremely high level of good results on YouTube.

  • Mix up contents with real estate adverts.

The real estate must not mix up the YouTube contents with adverts. YouTube and all the other social networks are not means of advertising.

On the contrary, they have their own codes and characteristics. The aspects related to the organization of a strategy are totally different and need a perspective change from the traditional models.

A real estate must not publish adverts type contents on its YouTube channel, but it must share its value, principles and transmit its company image. It is highly advisable the real estate to achieve positive reactions with the contents shared.

  • Visits on real estate channel.

The number of visits on the YouTube channel is very important, although it does not show the exact impact on visitors.

The most important factors that show a real success on YouTube are: the level of participation of the users, the level of sharing on other social networks and the time spent on a content.

  • The real estate focuses its strategy only on YouTube.

It is clear that YouTube is the most important means of sharing audiovisual contents on Internet, but it is not the only one. A real estate should consider YouTube as another way part of the marketing strategy and should never leave aside other options.

An important thing is to observe and compare the obtained results and so, it could redirect better the resources.

If the strategy on YouTube is not resulting too positive, the real estate should not stop using it.

YouTube should be considered as another way of sharing real estate contents and must be added to other parts of a strategy.

Inside the marketing strategy of a real estate, most of the times the results are positive coming from all the parts involved not due to only one strategy. 

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