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The real estate´s CRM.

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CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) is a management software , so when we talk about a real estate´s CRM we directly refer to a management programme for the agency.

The purpose of a CRM is to facilitate the management of the incoming and outgoing data but it also supervises the processes of sale of your real estate agency such as: starting from the first contact with the client to the end of the sale and also the consume derived from the real estate´s services.

Monitoring the process is the only way to improve the elements that are not working as they should and in the same time, it facilitates the strengthening of those that are working right. It´s not only a way of managing the real estate agency but expanding itself, maximizing its resources and increasing its global productivity.

A CRM for real estate agencies would basically manage and supervise the following areas of your company.

General characteristics of a CRM for real estate.

  • Online access.

This is probably one of the main characteristics of CRM for real estates, which is the possibility of managing your agency online from any available device with access to Internet.

This is a great function known for its usefulness, taking into consideration the mobility and flexibility regarding time.

  • List of properties.

It´s fundamental to structure a detailed inventory of the properties, because an agency is primarily based on its portfolio of properties.

A CRM permits you to add classified houses automatically in case you later want to manually correct specific related data.

  • Computerised database of clients.

No clients, no sales! And without sales there is no agency! This is a very simple and quite easy to understand issue: the management of the database of clients is determinant for its existence.

A real estate CRM is not used only for creating a list of clients , but it also permits you to manage them and supervise the entire process and their relation with the agency.

  • Manage the properties.

Managing the properties of a real estate means controlling everything related to them, from the legal paperwork related to the owners, to the visits with potential clients.

  • Control of offers and marketing.

A CRM for real estates does not need to be directly related to the webpage, although it facilitates the management issues. If a real estate uses a CRM and a webpage which are created by different services, the agency must focus on their relation which must be as non-existent as possible.

Between the advantages a CRM offers we can find the possibility to upload properties on web but also publish them on related portals.

How to use a CRM for real estates.

We come to the use of a CRM in order to supervise the flow of possible clients and we follow the automatic reports for a next evaluation.

First contact with the client (by phone, email, visit, video conferences).

How did the client get to know the agency ( through the agency´s webpage ,portals, social networks, blog, classified advertisement or or other means of media used by the real estate agency).

Specific sector/characteristics. If the client contacts the real estate agency for a certain property , a certain type of house(apartment,semi-detached house, chalet, etc) or a certain price.

Develop a record for each client so to supervise all the process and be in control in which phase the client is.

There are a lot of benefits of interpreting the reports generated by a CRM and right from the beginning it gives us the possibility to analyse of certain relative aspects:

  • The clients nationality and the purchasing power. 
  • Which are the properties with the highest request. 
  • The most requested budgets of our possible clients. 
  • The most effective means of media for the real estate agency.
  • How are our clients managed by the agents. 

The ability of doing a specific record for each client and property facilitates our tasks making possible in the same time to maximize the resources and then win a higher rate of effectiveness.

On the other hand, a CRM for real estates gives the possibility to offer a better service to the clients, including a better and personalized attention towards our clients. All these features characterize Costa Invest.

New properties to manage.

Speaking of new houses for sale that are brought by the agents, the CRM turns out to be a useful tool which doesn´t permit only the creation of property and clients´data.

The greatest advantage of the CRM is that it generates clear and reliable reports on how is going the managing of a property on sale.

By that, it permits the access of very important info in order to analyse and which would be difficult to have access to it by other means. That info is:

  • How many clients are interested in a certain property.
  • What agents visited the advertisements.
  • The reason why the clients did not buy that property.
  • Their feedback.

All this info managed by the CRM facilitates the negotiation on the price with the owner and turns out to be important so that the latter could evaluate the possibility to lower the price of the property.

This info is also a useful and excellent tool in order to prove to the owner that the agency does all the possible to sell his/her house.

Finally, but not the least it is prior to underline its importance as it shows the activity of the entire team of agents of a real estate, being also useful to evaluate the effectiveness of the team and detect those factors that must be improved. 

The CRM and the real productivity of the agency´s team.

The link between the CRM and the database of clients permits controlling the management of the tasks and it also shares that info between all the agents of the company.

This goes to a very important time saving as we all know how important is the time in this job.

The relation between the CRM and the agents permits.

  • Having a daily to do list.
  • Precise assignment of functions and tasks.
  • Supervise who is handling the control of a sale.
  • Rapidly detect what tasks are done by each agent.
  • Analize objectives and their evolution.
  • Obtain reliable data in order to correct and strengthen its efficiency.

The performance reports of the team is a very interesting tool valued differently. That tool is basically what results from from its correct interpretation in order to strengthen the individual´s performance so the entire company will progress.

A CRM for real estates must offer one of the most important factor which is the instant get of reports. It is highly important to be able to visualize the exact and updated data of the company so we could improve on its management.

The advantages of a CRM is fundamental for improving the global  productivity. Basically, it is highly recommended when we deal with a lot of agents working for a company.

Moreover, a CRM not only permits the realization of sales reports, but also , it gives us the possibility to supervise the numbers obtained from each agent:

  • The realized callings.
  • Sent and received emails.
  • The visit with potential clients.
  • Keeping contact with the clients.
  • The volume of individual obtained earnings.

Obtaining such a clear and detailed info, means also having the possibility of improving the processes and evaluate each agent´s performance and skills as maximize the resources and make more effective corrections.

In the same time, a well introduced and used CRM permits us get more precise answers for many questions such as:

  • Why a certain sale never ended?
  • In which area someone made a mistake?
  • Were those external factors?
  • What shall be done in order to improve and get a higher success in sales?
  • Does the clients get the expected attention?
  • How does the real estate agency relate with the owners?
Variables to be taken into account when getting a CRM.
  • Price.

When getting a CRM for your real estate, there are two options: paying all from the beginning or getting a monthly payment.

The second option is more effective, because a CRM for real estates requires technical maintenance and the majority of the companies offer other services on the same time.

  • Flexibility.

A CRM must be flexible and it is probably the main characteristic which must be valued by the company. This feature may also be described as open CRM.

  • The user of the CRM.

As with other type of software, the user is the most important factor. As we are talking about a real estate, it is highly recommendable that the CRM to be used by a certain skilled person with knowledge of this sector.

The person that starts using that CRM, must learn its functions and with the help of this experience he/she is able to achieve the best the success.

There must be also said that a real estate agency must achieve a CRM to adjust to its functional and operative necessities.

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