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Characteristics of real estate agent.

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A real estate agent must show certain characteristics which give the definition of a true professional in this business and the former must also transmit certain positive values.

An agent must also be capable to transform his qualities and personal abilities into his work so he could gain the maximum profit.

A real estate agent is more than a simple house seller, he/she is a professional qualified to manage all the processes and activities inside a real estate. A real estate agent should not count only on qualification and experience, but he must also show certain characteristics at work.

There is no special model for the agents of a real estate, but there are some basic characteristics which help us create the agent´s profile.

Generate positive synergies.

It is highly important the real estate agent be in permanent contact with his other colleagues as with other real estates. In this way, he can generate positive synergies.

The real estate agent´s list of clients must not be focused on getting only new clients but also on the creation of professional relations which could be helpful.

We said professional relation with some colleagues could generate positive synergies but the agent could also create positive links with workers of banks, solicitors, lawyers and so on.


For a real estate agent, this principle will become very important, as we know his work is actually based on it.

We should not think of an agent as not being capable to coordinate himself, no matter if he is a freelancer or he works in a real estate.

A real estate agent who autosuggests himself gains a higher level of independency in his work. He also manages to generate optimal conditions for the real estate.

Professional ethics.

In the countries where the agent´s professional activity is not standardized by the government, ethics turns in an entirely personal aspect and is part of each person.

However, there are certain principles linked to the professional activity of the real estate which must be part of each agent.

In this way, honesty and transparency are two values which add a plus to the agent´s professional image.

Personal image.

In one way or another, personal image transmits certain specific characteristics of a person and for a real estate agent this will become a very important aspect.

Most of the times, the personal image means rejection or acceptance and if it is negative, will also be very hard to revert.

Regarding the real estate agents, taking care of their personal image is not just about dressing well, it is more than that.

They must also look after their neatness and their general hygiene. Nowadays, and contrary to the saying, ´ Clothes do make the man´.

Assertiveness and proactivity.

The real estate agent must be assertive in all his actions and must also learn from his mistakes. This will help him gain assertive results in the development of his profession.

We cannot confuse the high esteem with an ego badly managed. Passivity is not admitted as a way of working and the agent´s attitude must be proactive and oriented to a positive result.

The agent´s attitude must always be directed towards the consequences of his objectives, avoiding eventual problems and maintaining a state of alert.

In this way, the real estate agent will get better results and will always be prone to success.

Be updated with all the market´s news.

A real estate agent must be up to date with all the news of the market and also be aware of certain events that could influence it.

In other words, this means being informed of everything. In the same time, it is highly advisable the agent to be super informed of the legal changes.

This is very important and it influences his sales in a good way.

Keep progressing and improving.

This makes the real estate agent be in a constant search of personal excellence. This refers to both the professional training, as his personal abilities he has.

A real estate agent must never be happy with his training level, but he cannot make his path to laziness.

A professional must never end experiencing the new and must never live with the abilities he holds. The real estate agent will always be in a constant process of learning and improvement.

Social Abilities.

The real estate agent must be able to apply the majority of his social abilities.

If a real estate agent is not capable to do it naturally, he must start working on how to get those abilities and how to apply them, because this will turn to be a negative aspect and a difficulty in his profession.

The negotiation and the communication.

The real estate agent must take the negotiation as part of a daily routine, not only with the clients but also with all the different persons with whom he interacts.

Both negotiation and communication are seen as tools which can be gained.


The real estate agent must be specialized in his sector, both in a specific area as in the geographical space.

We could say it is the same aspect of two factors: the specific specialization in a professional area as it can also be in properties or in a geographic environment.

Both professional specialization as the geographical one permit the agent turn into a model in time.

Love for his work.

It is very simple to observe if any professional loves his work or not. His passion is visible when he loves his work, but even when he does not, one could easily notice it.

A real estate agent is no exception at all.

He must show his passion for his profession, be enthusiastic and infect the others with good mood and energy. The professional agreement starts with the agent himself.

Dominate new technologies.

In order to become an effective real estate agent, it is very important to control new technology, as to be updated to all social networks.

It is not about knowing how to use a real estate CRM and a data base, nor having a lot of accounts on social networks.

A real estate agent must know by heart different software, must be advanced in informatics and must try to become his own Community Manager of his Branding strategy in all the social networks.

Adaptation to changes.

It is very important for a real estate agent to be able to overcome all the possible obstacles, and this is available both at work as in his private life.

Flexibility is also a good characteristic for a person and the latter will never react confusingly to all the changes and he will not permit these changes to overwhelm him.

The scarcity of knowing how to overpass positively all changes in his environment, are actually limitations for a real estate agent.

Control and improve the abilities.

All the skills a real estate agent possesses could eventually help him do his work better. From having a driving license to the ability to speak different languages, all this turns out to be of help.

Regarding the professional area (not only the real estate sector), having different personal abilities and knowing how to achieve them, become a functional advantage.

Organized and tenacious.

Tenacity and order become very important in any sector. In the case of real estate agents, if they are tenacious and organized, they will also be able to increment their professional productivity levels.

In order to achieve a higher level of productivity, a real estate agent must be able to prioritize his works and maintain a strong relation between them. In this way, they manage to obtain a positive factor related to a good managing of one´s time.

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