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The real estate´s weekly meeting.

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The real estate´s weekly meeting is a much more complex aspect than anyone believes and if it is well managed, this reunion can have positive consequences for the whole organization and company.

It is so necessary to have a plan of weekly meetings inside the real estate, because it will become a positive aspect which increases the productivity.

In the same time, there are a lot of people who believe the meetings inside the real estate are boring or tiresome and this happens because of its bad organization.

If it turns into such a boring activity, it turns into a stupid loss of time for the real estate agent and a loss of resources for the real estate itself.

By no means could the real estate´s weekly meeting turn into a loss of time, but it must convert into a very important aspect for the real estate agent and into a positive factor for the real estate itself.

In other words, this results into an increase of the productivity and it highlights the best results for the real estate. The weekly meeting inside the real estate has a great target: improve the organization, increase the business´ productivity, set real objectives and delete the detected negative situations.

However, in most of the real estates, the weekly reunions are seen as time wasting, both for the real estate agent as for the company itself. In those circumstances, it is recommended not to have them anymore.

No real estate can lose precious time, because time is one of their most important resources. In order to achieve a productive reunion it is fundamental to obey certain specific rules of strategic organization.

The change of perception of the real estate agent regarding the weekly meeting is also very important. A real estate agent must see this reunion as an opportunity to improve his productivity as get better results.

He must also know to make a distinction between the aspects discussed with his colleagues inside the real estate and the subjects developed in a reunion. The latter must be previously planned and assigned a certain target.

Profits from the weekly reunion for any real estate.

There are a lot of advantages for having a weekly reunion in the real estate but it also depends on how the real estate manages it and what results will get.

These are some of the positive aspects which the real estate will obtain:

  • It facilitates the operative coordination of the real estate.
  • It increases the internal communication in the organization.
  • It flourishes the professional links of the real estate team.
  • It makes the team take important decisions.
  • It improves the real estate agents´ productivity.
  • It reinforces the internal and multidirectional links.
  • It increases the global productivity of the real estate.

Why to have a weekly meeting?

In any process of planning, both strategic and management, we must take into consideration the time in order to determine the winning of the objectives which will be determined for short or long term.

It is also very important that the objectives discussed in the meetings of the real estate to be linked to the real estate´s interests and the company´s team.

The real estate weekly meeting target.

The real estate reunion´s target depends on different factors, but there are 2 that are mostly important:

1 – The main target of the real estate ´s weekly meeting. In other words, this is the target that determines the reason of a weekly meeting with the real estate agents.

2 – The secondary target of the real estate´s weekly meeting is a variable one which can be determined according to the necessities of the real estate.

Strategic planning of the real estate´s reunion.

In a real estate, the strategic planning of the weekly reunion is a competence for the managing of the organization inside it. That is why it is highly important to decide in whose hands to leave this responsibility.

This depends on the organizational structure of the real estate. In the same time, there are other factors to take into consideration as the size of the real estate counting the number of its members.

Anyway, this competence can be led by any of these members:

  • Director of the real estate.
  • Real Estate Coaching Department.
  • RR.HH Department.
  • Owner of the real estate.
How to manage the real estate weekly reunion.

The whole process of the real estate weekly reunion must have a leading figure that should be the responsible of the company´s management. It is very important to achieve a high rate of efficiency in order to get a higher rate of productivity.

Highly important is that the real estate weekly reunion to be productive. This is both for the real estate as for each real estate agent.

Generally, there are three important phases in the development of a reunion and they must be evaluated by its responsible:

  1. The first phase of the weekly reunion.
  2. The development phase.
  3. The last phase of the reunion.
1 – The first phase of the weekly reunion.
  • Set a day for the weekly reunion.
  • Set the duration of the reunion.
  • Mark the objectives of the reunion.
  • Analyze ideas and suggestions set during the week.
  • Analyze individual issues related to each real estate agent.
  • Gather previous feedbacks.
  • Send the issues which will be discussed in the reunion 72h before.
2 – The development phase.
  • Start the reunion on the settled time.
  • Read the subjects to discuss during the reunion.
  • Set the order of the participants.
  • Touch organizational subjects debated on the last session.
  • Realize a following of the properties the real estate sells.
  • There must be a brainstorming of the team.
  • Take note of each agent´s commentaries.
  • Summary of the actions to be taken and set responsibilities.
  • Feedback for closing the weekly reunion.
3 – The last phase of the weekly reunion.
  • Analyze the feedback received from the agents and process it towards getting more productivity without skipping any detail.
  • Send each real estate agent a report of the discussed subjects and underline the names of the persons responsible for different actions.
  • Supervise the marked targets, both for each real estate agent as an individual and as part of a team.

It is very important for the real estate´s interests that the weekly reunion to be a positive factor in the organization of the company and set well-defined targets.

The real estate´s weekly reunion must be dynamic and must serve for the increase of the real estate´s productivity and of the agents´ too.

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