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A real estate website is the online store window of some of the properties for sale a real estate has and its target should be effective. That website should offer a positive experience to the visitor, who eventually could become a potential client of the real estate and he should never be negatively conditioned by a bad experience while navigating on that website.

Nowadays, there is a standard used for the real estate website and blog, in which we could find the factors and elements which must be introduced in order to offer a good experience to the visitor. In the same time, we will achieve a good visibility on the Internet.

The elements a real estate web and blog should introduce, start basically from technical aspects (which will affect the SEO in a way or another) to those elements related to functional aspects.

Anyway, it is highly important that the real estate web and blog adjust to this standard in order to achieve a good visibility. They should also incorporate those elements which might increase the development of the real estate without affecting the visitor in a negative way.

Basically, the real estate could manage separately the website and its real estate blog, although there has been the tendency of merging everything in the same place and in the same domain. Regarding the visibility (SEO), merging the real estate´s website and blog into the same domain, will also achieve a better work management.

On the other hand, managing the real estate website and blog from different domains is also an effective strategy. The concept of managing the real estate website and blog from the same domain has as target the creation of an operational center on the Internet which will eventually become the place of reference for the visitors and potential clients of the real estate.

Even in the same website of the real estate we could incorporate the pages of every real estate agent and this is known as online portfolio. In order to achieve something like this, the real estate should count with a good system of hospitality, with a correct capacity according to its necessities and implement an effective system of management of contents so everything could work correctly.

The real estate websites elements.


– A real estate updated with sliders in order to present the properties to the potential clients.

For a real estate website, a slider is absolutely obligatory to implement into its design, although we must pay a lot of attention to this, because a wrong implemented slider could be converted into a negative aspect and could affect the real estate website´s visibility on Internet.

When a slider is implemented on a real estate web or blog, it should count effectiveness and not rest it. We should understand a slider is no more than a graphic interface system which has as a target to invigorate the visitor´s experience. It is very important that the slider be flexible with the images size and to be adjusted automatically.

This is a much more effective system which permits the slider to remodel itself. Apart from the main slider of the real estate website, it is always better to implement other sliders, for example, one below each property which should be related to other offers of the real estate.

In the case of a real estate blog, the additional sliders could serve in order to promote some related articles.

– Optimize the real estate in order to achieve a good visibility.

The quality of the real estate web and blog´s contents is essential in the first place and it is also important the two of them be well-optimized for the SEO. In this way, nowadays, the minimum is that a real estate web and blog count with a HTML5 and CSS3 structures well-optimized.

We should not forget about the fact that they should count with schema.org integrated and a correct optimization of the headers inside its template. A good template is necessary for the real estate web to work and it should be effective if we want it to be the hub of the pages on the Internet.

For this, a clean programming will be needed and this is possible by using the CSS style sheets with coherence and by using the codes of JavaScript. All should be nicely included in the template so to achieve a much rapid upload both of the real estate web as the real estate blog.

The management system of the web and blog´s contents is essential and it is not advisable to use closed or almost nonflexible systems in order to manage the contents.

– Responsive Design for the real estate web in order to get more audience.

It is essential the real estate web and blog adapt to the nowadays technological devices and this is known in the domain of design and development of a webpage, as Responsive Design. It is a strictly technical factor which permits the real estate web and blog to be easily seen on any device (computers, laptops, smartphones or tablets).

As each device counts with its own technical properties (as the screen resolution or the processor´s power), the most important concept is that, starting from only one design we should achieve a correct visualization of the contents, no matter what device we use.

If we take into consideration the huge success achieved by the mobile devices, we could easily understand why a real estate web and real estate blog should be Responsive Design.

Retina Ready in order to improve the real estate web´s efficiency.

The system Retina Ready is the one that allows the real estate or blog to offer to its visitors an ideal quality of images no matter what device is used. It is related to Responsive Design. Retina Ready is a technical factor (very important), which should be taken into consideration by the real estate agency, because for sure, a huge number of its clients access the real estate web and blog using mobile devices.

The concept known as ´retina´ is coming from the concept developed by Apple and it is basically about incrementing the number of pixels so to achieve images more clean on very small screens.

The system Retina Ready detects automatically when a visitor of the real estate accesses it from a mobile device and it shows the images with a doubled resolution and an ideal quality.

– High definition images for the real estate web in order to offer a better quality.

For a real estate, its webpage is the window where it presents its product (its portfolio of properties for sale) and the importance of the images´ quality is evident. In this way, it is highly important that the real estate supports high definition images and so the real estate blog, obviously with the help of the Retina Ready system.

This system appeared because of the necessity of visualizing images in a website with a high rate of sharpness and less space (a characteristic of the mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets). In the case of the real estate agency, which uses videos as well, in order to promote its product, the former should take into consideration that those videos need to be made with high definition. For this to happen, its template should be able to support it in the first place.

A very used resource in order to incorporate videos on your real estate website and publish its properties for sale in a different way is to link those contents from a YouTube channel of the real estate to its website. For this, we should always maintain a high quality standard for a good visibility and so improve the visitor´s experience.

– Multilingual real estate website in order to reach international clients.

It is very important for a real estate to have its website and real estate blog enabled to support a multilingual system of content management, because in this way, the real estate could reach international clients. For the particular case of a real estate, it is common to find websites that does not support a multilingual system of content management.

We need to leave it clear, the fact that a real estate website or a blog with translated contents is not the same thing with those that support a multilingual system of contents management. It is totally different.

When we talk about the RTL system, we should take into consideration the fact that the real estate web should be previously prepared to support a multilingual system of contents management and the fact that it should be enabled to support any type of writings and adapt to different alphabets such as the Cyrillic one.

In the next article we will analyze more elements which must be added to a real estate website and blog in order to get a better visibility on the Internet and offer a good experience to the real estate´s potential clients.

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