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Optimize the real estate web for mobile devices.

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Nowadays, the use of different gadgets to navigate on Internet has extended a lot and that is why we need to optimize the real estate web in order to be easily seen on mobiles.

We should always take into consideration that the user could be a possible client and we know the first impression counts.

The key of an effective real estate web is to manage to get the balance between quality and functionality, facilitating the user´s access to the list of properties the real estate is selling and offering to the user a great expectancy of the web site.

According to Google´s studies and theories, the user´s behavior when navigating on Internet is totally different than one´s that is accessing the webpage from a computer.

Moreover, there are different behaviors of the same individual when using certain options and this makes us optimize the real estate´s webpage for mobile devices.

Apart from this, the studies are also showing a negative experience from the users of gadgets when the page is too slow or when its loading lasts more than one second. This kind of behavior must never be left aside.

The real estate webpage seen on mobile devices.

It is very important to highlight that the rule of one second regarding the time of loading the real estate webpage, is not the same with the time of its complete loading.

It is important to load the images or contents from the upper page so that the users will stay on the website and not leave without seeing more properties.

This is a radical factor in order to give the users of the real estate website the best and positive experience and in the same time maintain their attention on the images of the properties on sale.

Once the upper contents of the real estate website are loaded on the mobile´s screen, we definitely manage to get the user´s attention. Meanwhile, all other pictures and contents will keep loading.

What network connection is used by the user of the real estate webpage?

This is a quite important question as it has different answers. It implies searching for possibilities and analyzing different aspects and factors. Achieving to make a real estate website load in a second through a network of 2G or 4G is not an easy task.

First of all, we must start from the phase of knowing the network connection that the user is using. The lag time of different networks are so high that we must take into consideration it covers most of the time available for loading the superior part of the real estate´s website.

It is highly important to analyze the results got from the users´ behaviors and this is possible with the help of some tools of Webmaster of Google, Microsoft and other services. These services offer the answers regarding what type of tools the visitors use.

We can also analyze the types of connections used or these operational systems and other factors very important in order to achieve to optimize the real estate website.

Once we manage to achieve the loading of the website in less than a second, we are in the situation of entering into the structure of the communication system considering the internet terms.

We know that in this sector, time is measured in milliseconds and they are very important in achieving the final result. Once we deal with time lags, we have 400 milliseconds available for the superior part of the real estate website. After this, there is less time left to achieve the goal.

How can we manage to load a real estate website in 400 milliseconds?

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To effectively load the real estate web in 400 milliseconds it can be achieved if we take into consideration several and individuals factors, which finally would determine the final result.

We should add that we are talking about how to get a positive experience for the visitors on our website, because they could easily convert into possible buyers and their experience is influenced by the real estate website on their mobiles.

We know that this is strictly an informatics aspect and the visitor of the real estate website only wants the site to open in less than a second. For the visitors of our website is just a normal and regular action which lead them to the navigation on internet with the help of the mobile, but it is actually a complex technical process which must be developed effectively in less than a second.

When the user of the real estate website enters form a mobile device, the normal development of the technical process would be:

  • The server of the real estate must give him an answer.
  • The application code used by the visitor should run.
  • The browser of the visitors´ website must organize and show the content of the real estate website.

Taking into consideration what has been said earlier, some important factors must be considered in order to optimize the real estate website for mobile devices:

  • Hosting.

The server of the real estate website must be efficient, because it can have only some milliseconds to process the order given by the visitors and answer them as well. The server sends back the initially sent HTML code.

That is why we must optimize the HTML code of the real estate in order to try not to exceed more than 200 milliseconds.

  • Redirections.

The wrong redirections of the real estate web could turn into a negative factor which will definitely damage the visitors experience on our website.

If for example, the visitors of the real estate website enter on their mobile device through a 3G network, the additional addresses HTTP will only add more milliseconds of lag and more time will be needed to open and visualize different properties.

  • TCP.

The TCP convention uses a system to calculate the capacity of a particular connection. If a TCP connection is established, this will not be used properly.

The ideal way to optimize the real estate web for mobile devices taking into consideration the system used by the TCP, is trying to make equal the number of trajectories in order to achieve a first viewing of the website more rapidly.

Achieving this, the website´s visitor will remain on the page and his experience will be a positive one. He will continue visiting the website and navigate on the real estate´s properties on sale.

  • JavaScript.

With a real estate web, it is very frequent to overuse the JavaScript archives and implement a CSS very complex which will offer a good design but less functional.

If the visitor is opening the website on a mobile device, the complex CSS will be very important. It is recommendable not to use any script which could eventually block the visualization of the real estate web. If this happens, it is ok to insert the correspondent codes in the indicated place (in the place of the website´s template which will not make difficult the opening of the webpage).

If the real estate web is very complex and the mobile device of the visitor has no good connection, the visualization of the properties will be very difficult to open.

There are other factors that influence the loading of the real estate website on mobile devices, although the most important ones are the ones described above. We must understand that the visitor of the website might be a possible buyer, who might also have his first contact with the real eatate.

It is also important to bear in mind that if he decides to use a mobile device, the evaluation of his experience must be positive.

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