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The system of video conferences allows the real estate to save time and money, by increasing its business productivity and its level of effectiveness.

Nowadays, both the real estate agent and the real estate itself must know how to get the best of the online video conferences. The requirements are minimum: Internet connection, a device and a free program.

The real estate sector in Spain has a constant process of change and the changes are observed in the organization as in the whole business.

Among the several changes experienced in a real estate sector, one of the most known is in the means of communication, along with the use of new technologies.

Nowadays, it is usual for a real estate agent to make use of different devices such as laptops, computers, smartphones or tablets. Counting with an Internet connection does not imply a huge economic investment.

The decrease of the costs in technology and the easiness of using devices are not a limitative factor anymore and the professionals of the real estate sector in Spain can use those resources.

Moreover, installing a system for video conferences in the real estate meeting room strengthens the individual and collective productivity level and it eases the increase on the commercial benefits of the real estate.

Benefits of the video conferences inside the real estate.

The surveys of Poluycom and WainHouse Research reflect an increase on the level of productivity of a business when using video conferences as a means of communication. Those companies underline the main benefits of the video conferences that we can compare inside the real estate sector in Spain.

Beginning with, these surveys show four benefits for the companies when using video conference systems. Due to the relevance of the subject and the variables that we can consider positive, we will cite more positive aspects.

However, these are the four main benefits of the video conferences shown by the surveys: they bring major efficiency and productivity, they are part of the daily business life, they can be set from anywhere and they have still got much potential to show.

  • Video conferences increase the levels of productivity.

Basically, the ones polled showed how they received better levels of effectiveness and how they increased the levels of productivity with the help of video conferences. They highlighted the effectiveness of their use and the increase of the productivity as their main benefit, as they were stimulated to use them more frequently as a system of communication.

In the same time, the ones polled showed that team work through video conferences was strengthened and became a technological tool that helped the work team (collaborators, colleagues or potential buyers).

Taking decisions in real time and saving the expanses generated by the transfers needed for gathering people are two of the most highlighted factors tagged as positive.

If we take those elements to the real estate sector in Spain, we will find that all benefits can also be applied to the real estate agency.

  • Video conferences are tools for daily use.

More than 60% of the ones polled confirmed that the professional use of the video conferences was part of their work environment and they admitted they used this communication system daily with their clients.

A video conference becomes an internal tool inside the organizational environment, making easier the quality of the communication and improving the interpersonal dynamics.

The meetings are not less personal through this system, but they are more dynamic and effective when interchanging the info.

  • Video conferences offer mobility and independence.

Videoconferences can be set from anywhere, so the real estate agent will not be limited to a location by any circumstance.

Professionals of this sector can set a video conference from any geographic location, from miles away from his clients or collaborators. It can also be set from any type of device.

The survey has reflected a very important element which might become curious inside the real estate sector in Spain: the ones polled showed their interest for the video conferences used to communicate with other colleagues even if they were inside the same building.

  • Video conferences improve the management.

Linked to the point above, this data shows that the professional agents work better when they count with simple resources. Video conferences seem to be very simple to use.

The real estate agent and the members of the real estate do not have to go to the meeting room to interchange ideas.

On the other hand, the real estate agent who for example take part of an event in Norway, can set a video conference with a client in Spain or in any other country without any problem. Apart from the ability to access the new technologies, we must also count the fact that the system of Internet in Europe has completely improved during the last years.

  • There is much to improve.

Data shows there is an 80% of the potential of using video conferences to achieve yet. Half of the companies and organizations polled count with 20% or less meeting rooms prepared for video conferences.

The final users of the technologies must find solutions that respond to their specific necessities.

These technological solutions must bring them better levels of productivity and increase their targets.

On the other hand, and linked to the percentages previously shown, it is clear that companies must update their communication models (both internal and external).

  • Technology increases the commercial benefits.

When a real estate in Spain designs its office with technologies based on remote controls (such is the case of video conferences) and it offers constant access to them, the commercial benefits increase, of course.

A technological real estate office in Spain generates a more collective environment, it promotes the positive synergies and it converts into a company that manages well its resources.


Disadvantages of the video conferences inside the real estate sector.

  • A video conference needs a good Internet connection.

A real estate in Spain must have a good connection to Internet, as no device will work on any low quality connection.

It is not always about the real estate that does not have enough resources in order to set a good connection. Most of the times, the problem comes from the lack of providers of quality services in the area.

Anyways, we need to bear in mind that we will definitely need a good Internet connection in order to set up a video conference.

Moreover, technological resources of the real estate or real estate agent are not enough, as the client must also count with a good connection to Internet.

  • Video conferences are distant.

As a matter of fact, during the last years, the negative argument against professional video conferences was actually the fact that they were too impersonal. Nowadays, reality is different.

It is true video conferences does not achieve a face to face communication, as the persons are not in the same room. However, they are acting in a visual and audible virtual environment.

On the other hand, the interpersonal dynamics have changed during last years and the new technologies have strongly emerged into the consumers´ lives. That is why we cannot say video conferences are not used by people.

From the professional point of view, video conferences have been used as a communication tool since decades ago. Not considering exceptions, a professional inside the real estate sector in Spain is normally used to set up video conferences very often.

Real estate clients might find them difficult, as some of them might not be technologically experienced; especially those that are part of age groups that are not used to these communication systems.

  • Security of video conferences.

Security of the video conferences are also a negative point. However, encrypted communication systems are not too difficult to implement. Real estate info interchange must always be protected.

We should also take into account that any video conference can be recorded by the speaker or recipient. However, there are detecting and blocking systems available on the market in order to avoid intrusive practices.

Confidentiality of a video conference must be clearly set according to the laws, which can also be applied outside the country.

Possible security breaches must be taken into consideration by all real estate in Spain. Setting strict confidentiality frames and protecting the info interchanged during video conferences must also be taken into consideration.

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