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Costa Invest Real Estate has become a well-known company inside the real estate sector of Orihuela Costa (Spain), following an extensive trajectory based on more than 20 years of experience, offering to our clients an excellent service.

Costa Invest Real Estate organizational structure.


Costa Invest Real Estate

The organizational features of Costa Invest ® are based on transparency, highly qualified agents and an excellent clients´ support.

  • The transparency shown in the real estate´s management strategy shows the high rate of trust our clients put in Costa Invest ®.
  • The highly qualified agents, experts in different areas of real estate marketing, permits us create a great portfolio of international buyers around all Europe.
  • Costa Invest Real Estate is characteristic for the best support both towards its buyers as its clients who leave their houses for sale.

Costa Invest Real Estate business structure.

Costa Invest Real Estate

Regarding its business structure, Costa Invest Real Estate is divided into specific areas based on a process of management.

– Commercial.
  • Sales and clients´ support.
  • Earn of new clients.
  • Ownership changes.
  • Pick-up from the airport and property viewings.
  • Translation services in 10 languages.
– Legal Advice.
  • Personalized legal advising.
  • Contracts and managing of documents.
  • Property registration.
  • NIE numbers.
  • International collaboration contracts.
– Real Estate Coaching.
  • Professional training for real estate´s agents.
  • Management of public relations of the real estate.
  • Branding and Networking.
  • Coaching services for other real estates.

In order to get more info about our real estate and the services we offer, you can contact our agents through: costainvest.com

Costa Invest Real Estate.

Address: Salvador Dalí 20, bajo 1, Ctro. Comercial Via Park 1 – Playa Flamenca (03189).

Town: Orihuela Costa (Alicante, Spain).

Telephone: (+34) 966 760 422

Email: info@costainvest.com

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