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For a Real Estate Agency having a blog means a business necessity not just because of the need of strengthening its trademark. With the idea of introducing trademark business strategies , a real estate blog receives an importance more than relevant.

Although it´s true that nowadays, all the real estate agencies cope with a webpage, not many of them develop strategies of branding and know how to manage different contents through a blog.

It is very important to notice that a typical real estate webpage differs a lot more from the true concept of a blog, especially in the distinction between them when speaking of a ´ static site ´and a ´dynamic site´. The classic and extended method to differentiate a web from a blog for a real estate agency has no meaning at all , because the website of a real estate is usually updated with contents periodically.

There is very important to emphasise that the contents which are periodically uploaded to the real estate´s webpage , are normally visual through the images of the properties on sale which are intended to be uploaded.

The percentage of the contents in the format of a text of a real estate web is naturally very low, taking into account the bulk of images that those webpages host. Limiting ourselves to our webpage www.costainvest.com, the pages with texts are very few, that is why I insist on the fact that a real estate webpage has another function very different from the one of a blog´s.

From where this necessity of a real estate blog?

These are the factors that sum up the answer for the previous question:

  • To introduce another way of communicating with our clients.
  • To improve the visibility of the real estate webpage´s SEO.
  • To emphasise the strategy of Marketing Branding.
  • To add up other social media means of dynamic contents.
  • To present the agency as an expert reference in this area.

– A real estate blog becomes a new means of communication to the current clients and to the future potential clients. A potential client must not always contact the agency through the webpage so, in this way, the real estate´s blog transforms into a new means of access.

A well implemented and used blog could easily convert into a great partner facing toward the SEO. Technically, a blog can always overtake the SEO, because its contents can be rapidly indexed with the help of the search engines and each published article magnifies its potential.

Here we need to underline that a real estate blog turns into a great generator of backlinks for your webpage.

– For every strategy of branding or brand management for a real estate agency, a blog is something more than just “another Internet site”.

Because of its great potential regarding its functionalities and possibilities in spreading info, it acquires a higher range of independence than the webpage.

– A blog permits a better relationship with the users, as sharing articles is much more friendly than sharing houses on sale. For example, the agency can easily use its Facebook Page to extend its properties on sale but what would be the result of that strategy?

For sure it will manage to flood its followers with the same repeated contents and of course, not all the users of Facebook are constantly interested in seeing houses or flats on sale.

– A real estate agency´s blog is a very important factor in order to transmit to its potential clients the knowledge of this economic sector. Moreover, it is a means of transmitting confidence and seriousness to the clients but it converts also into a professional reference for possible clients.

It permits the creation of positive synergies not only with potential clients that are interested in buying a property, but also with other professionals from this area.

In conclusion, implementing a real estate blog is a matter of the agency´s specific necessities at a certain period and in the same time, it must be taken as something new to invest in rather than an expense.

In the next articles we will keep going into detail about the different aspects that need to be taken into consideration before starting publishing a blog for a real estate agency.

Those aspects are related to what a blog really means, the best ways to start doing it and much more factors to be considered by the agency.

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