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Real estate productivity with Toodledo.

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On the last article we started to analyze some characteristics of Toodledo, a platform seen as a task manager and a tool for increasing the real estate productivity.

In this second part, we will center our attention on other two big aspects: Toodledo as a platform that can be used in order to highlight the collaboration of the real estate team and the possibility to make faster the management of data of the real estate.

Toodledo and the collaboration of the real estate team.

– Sharing tasks with other members of the real estate team.

Working in a collective way inside any company is very important and the real estate follows this rule too. Toodledo allows us to develop an efficient management of the real estate team´s projects and to determine the different competences inside each scheduled project.

On the other hand, we can create collective task lists which can be modified by any real estate member. A very important resource is the possibility to create private task lists to which only allowed persons could have access.

The flexibility level offered by Toodledo when managing projects is really high and it allows the users of a specific project to modify the lists. Those who are assigned to tasks divided into lists can mark them as completed so that the other members could see the change of status in real time.

Those lists are updated automatically. This is a system of managing the projects and tasks of the real estate in a really efficient way and it is based on the auto-management principle in which any member of the team could see the previously marked tasks.

In the same time, that system eliminates the doubts related to what a member of the real estate is supposed to do, generating a fluid and clear system of efficiency which will stimulate the increase in the productivity of the real estate.

– Delegate tasks and assign collaborators.

The interchanging info tool of Toodledo allows us to delegate tasks and assign specific competences, by defining the levels of access of each person to whom a task or competence has been assigned inside the real estate.

When a new task is assigned to a member of the real estate team, the former will appear marked among the pending tasks.

This is something very effective, especially to avoid excuses such as: “I do not remember you asking me that” or “I forgot you said I must do that”.

When the real time assigned task is edited or completed by another member of the real estate team, the platform allows us to send a message to the person to whom the task was firstly assigned, informing on the state of it.

In the first part of this series on the functionalities of Toodledo for a real estate, we explained that the state notifications of each task and the fact that the re-assignments of them can be sent automatically by different media (email, sms, etc.). In this way, no one inside the company could use as excuse the not knowing and the scarcity of info.

– Define and share the workspaces of the real estate.

The workspaces created inside the platform could be modified and changed in real time. This helps us get a positive synergy in the way of doing the task of the real estate. Workspaces allow us to create accesses to different lists of tasks so that a collaborator could manage the specific list.

The collaborator with the permission to manage a task can filter, order and search the pending tasks inside that list.

The manager or the director of the real estate will have absolute control of the restrictions of every task created and have the possibility to generate levels of access depending on the info and on the proper competences of each collaborator.

From the administration page of the folders, the responsible person of the real estate can mark any of them as private or he/she can set privileges of special access depending on the company´s necessities.

Any folder marked as private will automatically be excluded of the public or shared task list, so none of the members of the real estate team will have access to it. If a folder is assigned with a maximum level of restriction, this will appear as invisible.

– Maintain informed the real estate team.

Every time when a task is created, reassigned or edited by any means, that action could be notified to every member of the real estate. In the same time, any type of editing or management realized to the task list of the real estate, this will be notified by the means preferred by the responsible of the company.

It is very important that the flow of info and the state updates be bidirectional, because the members of the real estate team should always be informed and the responsible of the real estate must also know anything of each action realized inside the company.

The real estate leader must receive the individual and collective feedback of the realized tasks from the members of the company. This is the most effective way in which the leader can take the correct decisions and so manage to get the best results for his/her company.

The organizational leader of the real estate will manage to be informed of the tasks assigned to each member of his/her organization in real time only by using Toodledo.

Mostly important is that he/she could value the way in which the tasks are managed and the level of productivity of each member of the real estate team.

Real estate data management with the help of Toodledo.

– The real time synchronized info.

Toodledo facilitates the synchronizing of the real estate info with different devices and operational systems, allowing the maximizing of the organizational resources in order to achieve a higher level of productivity.

One way to be more productive as a real estate agent is the fact that he/she could access the info from any device.

In the same time, this facilitates the access to the list of tasks of the real estate at any hour and from any place (a very important characteristic in order to increase the levels of productivity).

Toodledo can be used as a completely independent tool or it can be synchronized with the website if so wishes the real estate.

The level of flexibility of the real estate task managing platform is very high as it allows us a synchronizing of the real estate info with devices such as Android and Apple and other operational systems.

There are more than 50 Apps which can be linked to Toodledo in order to achieve higher levels of usefulness.

Nowadays, the diversity of the technological media is very high and it becomes an important factor that one tool for real estate management could be used on different devices (laptops, tablets, smart phones, media systems, etc.).

Toodledo can be synchronized to almost any type of device and it can also be integrated with the system IFTTT (If This Then That) a good way to tell the exact truth why the platform is so good for generating a great variety of apps and third part agents.

– Data transfer of the real estate.

Creating copies of security of the info and data generated by the real estate is vital, because it prevents the possible setbacks and problems.

Toodledo allows us to export and import all the info in different formats such as text, JSON, CVS, XML, etc.

Before any possible incident, the real estate can easily create a copy of security in order to restore the task lists without losing info and with no setbacks that might influence the real estate productivity in a bad way.

– Advanced editor and search rules.

This platform offers an advanced searcher which establishes simple or complex rules, depending f the specific necessities of the real estate. Those rules function as conditions that establish coincidences and ease the access to the info.

Any search created could be saved and marked with a symbol of fast access such as the tasks, the assignments and the state updates. This combined with the editor for multiple tasks facilitate the management and help us to achieve the best levels of productivity.

Tasks could also be ordered according to up to three criteria previously established (in the same time) in order to create better structured task lists and more effective as well.

Filter rules implemented by Toodledo can be used in order to hide some pending tasks which could end by being distraction elements for the users. Some examples of filtering rules through specific variables could be:

  • Completed tasks.
  • By context.
  • Low priority tasks.
  • By liked tags.
  • Derived subtasks.
  • Long term tasks.
– Security of the real estate data.

Security is an important factor to take into consideration especially when we have high flows of sensitive info of the company.

When the real estate management is made via web, we should take some precautions and we must use effective security systems to avoid intruders.

Some security elements applied by the platform are:

  • Coded transfer of data.
  • 2 Step Authentication.
  • SSL secured connection (Secure Stockets Layer).
  • Encrypted data base.
  • Controlled access of the servers.

Summary of the characteristics of Toodledo for the real estate.

The following is a summary of the characteristics of Toodledo as a tool focused to the increasing of the real estate productivity.

This has the target to make a global evaluation based on a scheme of its main functionalities:

  • Organize the tasks of the real estate.
  • Create subtasks for a more effective management.
  • Geographically locate the tasks for the real estate agent.
  • Set priorities for the real estate tasks.
  • Tags for linking the tasks.
  • Automatic reminders for the real estate agent.
  • Create special task lists for the company.
  • Manage attached documents in a simple way.
  • Global supervision of the real estate tasks.
  • Generate statistics of real estate productivity based on graphics.
  • Share tasks with other members of the real estate team.
  • Delegate tasks and assign collaborators (internally and externally).
  • Define and share the workspaces of the real estate.
  • Maintain the real estate team informed.
  • Synchronize the info of the real estate with different devices.
  • Data transfer of the real estate.
  • Advanced editor and rules for predefined searches.
  • Data security for the real estate.

In conclusion, Toodledo is an effective platform for the management of the real estate´s tasks.

It is a tool that might result of great help when we want to achieve higher levels of real estate performance and to increase the level of productivity of the real estate.

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