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Pligg is a CMS (Content Management System or Contents Manager) very effective for a real estate, as it allows the members of the company to interact when exchanging any type of info.

In the same time, Pligg is used as a platform and so the real estate has its own private social network. In this way, it converts into a system of interchanging info more flexible than a management forum. 

For a real estate, as for any other type of company, the using of a local social network seems to be a more effective system than any other forum or other types of contents managers.

Pligg is also an excellent tool for the real estate that wants to advertise its own social network on the Internet, managing to highlight its real estate marketing strategy in this way and to generate a community of clients linked to the branding development of the company.

In any of its uses, Pligg converts into a very effective tool which increases the productivity of the real estate. One of a company´s main factor is that its members are able to interchange info in an effective way.

If the real estate uses Pligg as an online social network it will manage to increase its level of productivity as any real estate agent at any hour from any smartphone can access the contents manager in real time.

The traditional perspective of the Spanish real estate that thinks that a real estate should have its own social network might result surrealistic for some people and most of the times for all those real estates that use old organizational models.

In the sector of the big companies, the use of internal forum for the interchange of info is a resource that has been used for ages.

Thanks to platforms such as Pligg, apart from an internal forum, the real estate can get to a higher level of management through its personal social network.

When using a CMS such as Pligg the level in the increase of the real estate productivity will depend on different factors, among which the capacity of the organizational leaders of the real estate to implement it accordingly.

As always, technology and the use of related applications will be beneficial for the real estate if it knows how to use them.

Functions of Pligg for the real estate.

As any other content manager, Pligg can be hosted by a server and if the real estate wants to use it only as an internal management system, it has to download it to the local network of computers.

On the other hand, if the real estate wants to use Pligg as a social network on the Internet (private or public) it will need to use the servers with access to Internet.

The most efficient option which might highlight the increase in the productivity of the real estate it is the need of a server with access to Internet.

In this way, the real estate agent can have access to the CMS anytime from any device whenever it is needed.

If the real estate uses Pligg as a social network, it can also set some rules of access for the users and block private areas available only for the members of the company.

As a CMS, Pligg offers a series of technical and functional characteristics really effective for any real estate.

The most highlighted are the high level of flexibility and configuration. All the functions offered by Pligg for a real estate can be used both on the internal level as on the external one.

The main functions of Pligg for a real estate.

User profile for the real estate agents.

Every real estate agent linked to the real estate can create a private profile with a specific page which can be personalized accordingly. We can add a photo, the phone number, the email, webpages and social profiles and any type of info which we want to share.

In the same time, every real estate agent can configure his Pligg webpage, setting rules and restrictions as on any other social network.

The profile configurations are available for any other user of this platform. If the real estate decides to invite clients or other persons to the platform, the latter can also configure their profiles.

Private chats for the users.

Among the several functions offered by Pligg, we can find the private chat, a very important resource for the interchanging of info between the members of the real estate. The level of security offered by Pligg is high and it provides very effective levels of privacy when exchanging info.

The CMS administrator of the real estate might eventually have access to a certain type of info, but if it uses a system of encrypted codes, neither him can have access to the contents of the messages interchanged between the users.

As a substitute to the other systems of chatting, the option that Pligg offers for the exchange of info between the members of the real estate is more flexible and secure. If the CMS is used locally, the level of security is much raised.

Creation of closed and open groups.

With the help of Pligg, a real estate might create groups according to the organizational necessities of the company, setting access levels which go from public to private.

For example, the real estate can define groups according to the following variables:

  • Only for the organizational leaders of the real estate.
  • One to be used in every language (defined by the competence language of every real estate agent and it can be linked also to the potential clients of a certain country).
  • To interact with the clients (buyers or sellers).
  • As a complementary channel for the real estate customer service.
  • Only for the members that manage the company´s technology (real estate web, real estate blog, Community Manager or aspects linked to the general aspects of technology of the real estate).
  • For specific projects of the real estate (trainings, coaching, marketing, etc).
  • As a system of real estate advising or a channel for real estate info.
  • To generate positive synergies to a higher level by inviting other real estate to a specific group and creating another group for the collaborators of the real estate.

The quantity of groups that a real estate can create on Pligg are infinite and they could be used both on the organizational and business level.

Technical characteristics of Pligg for the real estate.

  • LAMP servers.

CMS is used on LAMP servers (Linux, Apache, MySQL5 and Php 5+). If the real estate wants to use Pligg locally it can be used with the help of WAMP (Windows) and MAMP (Mac).

  • Open Source.

The source code of CMS is Open Source and has no numbers. This is available only with a license Creative Commons.

  • Administration.

The administrator of CMS counts with a panel of private management from where we can configure the minimal details possible of a contents manager: manage user accounts, presentations, groups, access permissions, incorporate modules, etc.

  • Modules.

The basic functions of a contents manager can be extended with the help of specific modules. At the very moment of downloading and installing them, we can add characteristics and extra functions as for example, the possibility to attach archives in the messages or create an account with the help of Facebook´s API.

  • Smarty templates.

It uses the system of templates Smarty with cache hosting which allows the possibility to maintain a code separate from the design which facilitates the change of template. It allows us to change the design of the used template only in 2 steps: upload and activate.

  • URL addresses.

The generated URL addresses are optimized in order to get a better SEO. If the real estate uses Pligg as an open social network, this is a good thing as this improves the visibility of the real estate contents and might convert into an important factor for obtaining good SEO results.

  • Infinite Scrolling.

While using the Infinite Scrolling system, it extracts automatically the contents when the readers get to the final page and this helps with the reading of all of them and it represents also a stimulus for the users.

  • Multilingual.

It supports 12 languages (English, Spanish, Russian, French, German, Italian, Chinese, Arabic, Catalan, Turkish, Thai and Swedish) and it can be configured according to the necessities of the real estate.

  • RSS feeds.

It incorporates RSS feeds updates. This is a practical tool so the users could be updated with all the changes of the real estate contents but it is also a good option to index them effectively on the Internet searches.

  • Comments.

As CMS offers a very advanced system of comments which allows comments for the published contents but we can also mark them in order to make a following of them and value them by voting and order them setting some specific rules.

  • Live Page.

The Live Page System (live.php) allows us to see how the users are interacting in real time, their shared contents, comments, evaluations and the level of their general activity.

  • Contents.

The contents´ type that allows to share and to manage Pligg is very flexible. Users can exchange comments, articles and the photos of properties that the real estate has for sale or even new properties presented in real time.

  • Extra functionalities.

The modules used to incorporate functionalities to CMS are really interesting. Pligg offers a great variety of extra functionalities which result of great utility for any real estate by installing different modules among which we can find:

  • Language packs (the twelve we already stated before).
  • XML Sitemap generator to index contents in the searchers.
  • Upload large images and generate a miniature.
  • Captcha system to avoid spams (there are 4 different methods of verification).
  • Possibility to link with Twitter and Facebook (publish, refresh info, etc).

In any of the cases, Pligg is a very interesting CMS no matter if it is used locally or externally and it can be evaluated and introduced in any small or medium real estate. As a content manager inside the real estate sector, Pligg is very effective.

It allows the exchange of information in a very clear way, it facilitates the generation of positive synergies and it stimulates the increase of the productivity of all the members of a real estate.

When used externally as a social network, it becomes an excellent resource for the development of the real estate brand. It is a very interesting element to be introduced in any real estate marketing strategy.

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