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The headquarters of a real estate.

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A real estate headquarter must be productive, functional and with personality.

It must be effective as it will be the center of the agency´s deals, it will be functional for the agent and with personality in order to transmit the clients´ values.

The area of the real estate´s office.

The position of the office depends mainly on 2 factors: the location of the real estate agency and the possible budget for its creation.

The location of the agency will underline the necessity to place its quarters in the best place ever and by ´best place¨ I mean the place that will provide the agency a better visibility and a direct access.

On the other hand, this could end being either a disadvantage or a pro for the real estate depending on how these factors are taken into consideration. It is not easy for a real estate to find the best location to place its offices as it is not any type of business.

It requires more time as it is a type of specialized business dedicated to the property sales. If the agency is not well placed, this could end being an extremely negative factor.

Why does not a real estate agency have its own establishment?

This question has only 2 possible answers: because more money is needed or because in that area there is no available establishment. The money issue can be a real burden and that is why we could notice most of the agencies rent commercials.

All this happens because of the money shortage and the impossibility to buy a private commercial. The real estate that has not a private own office sends us a negative image as a business and as an organization.

Within many other consequences, there are the clients´ loss of trust which leads them to think of a weird strategy, but there is also the company´s incompetence.

Anyway, although there is the need for more money or the difficulty to find a good place, I insist that the agency is a specialized company in certain aspects which makes us wonder, is there any other business better than an agency to have its own office or are the sales going that bad that they do not produce money at all?

The design of the real estate agency.

The design of the real estate agency is as important as the place to locate the office.

The agency must consider the functional necessities of its team in order to gain productivity and in the same time, it must do its best to provide a pleasant environment for its clients.

The most important factors to be taken into consideration at the moment of deciding the design of the office are:

  • The image the real estate agency transmits.

Before starting thinking on the selection of its location and its design , one must pay attention to the fact that the office will change into something real and concrete, becoming the transmitting agent of the company.

The main role is taken by the physical appearance of the office which will also transmit to the clients a certain image and this will become the agency´s main function.

In the same time, it will highlight its corporative identity contrasting the communication with the sales market and with its agents.

  • The physical location of the real estate agency.

Nowadays, the physical space available for the proper working of an agency is actually a place where the agents could execute their jobs, but also an area for the real estate agency development and finally but not the least, a place to welcome their clients.

The old-fashioned design has been overpassed by an open and functional design which nowadays is very well-known.

Moreover, the design of the real estate agency must facilitate the good management of the entire team, but also provide a continuous communication between the agents.

It must change into a place where we could find different tasks and where jobs are presented and seen by everybody. In this way, it is possible to maximize the available resources and strengthen the relations.

  • The furniture in a real estate agency.

The agent´s desk symbolizes his/her support of transactions and that is why one should note that it must also be as comfortable as functional.

A wide desk facilitates the agent´s job and the chairs are very important as they must consider the ergonomic aspect.

Offering a good standing for the agent permits a higher productivity, diminishes the absenteeism due to health problems and turns into a great value for the entire real estate agency.

  • The natural light in the agency and its advantages.

The agency which has a good natural lightning not only improves the management of the resources, but also changes the working environment into a place which offers better quality of life to both the agents and the clients.

Taking advantage of the natural lightning, the electricity is saved. By using large windows for closed offices and meeting rooms, the natural resource is highly recommended.

Special windows that divide the office are also very useful and they permit a better visual communication between the agents of the real estate.

  • The clients and agents´ privacy inside the office.

Although there is the so called ´openness´ trend of the office, there are certain moments when both the agents and their clients need a little intimacy. For that, certain curtains and accessories made especially for big offices can be used.

A special attention must be paid to the necessity of a good acoustic isolation because the windows do not offer always the best characteristics in that sense and we all know that a real estate must be a place where the verbal communication should be very important.

  • The technology inside the real estate.

It is needed an easy and fast access to technology when we speak of a real estate agency.

Any real estate should provide excellent equipment, a great connection to Internet in order to facilitate videoconferences, a good printing machine, a telephonic base and a perfect correlation between all the equipment.  

In this way, we could obtain a higher productivity level. Having access to laptops or smartphones could also accelerate the communication so the agent would better succeed in all the possible circumstances.

  • The meeting room in a real estate´s office.

Right from the beginning, it is very important for a real estate to have a meeting room which could use as a place for additional training or for welcoming the possible clients.

The meeting room must have access to Internet and at least one widescreen for videoconferences.

As stated before, the meeting room must permit a higher privacy and count with a good acoustic isolation.

Moreover, its furniture and equipment must be useful and convertible to the real estate agency´s necessity.  

In the end, it would be better for a real estate to implement a special blackboard to be used as an extra tool.

  • The toilets and the resting room inside a real estate office.

A real estate office must count with all the requirements introduced by the valid norms and do all the possible to offer its agents and clients the best comfort possible.

It is highly recommended the agency to count with private toilets for its clients and separate ones for its agents.

Moreover, considering the norms, the clients´ toilets must be prepared for disabled persons. On the other hand, there must exist a resting room which should be designed regarding the agents´ necessities.

  • The decoration and the colors of the office.

Any real estate office must be decorated in a positive way for the well-being of its agents as its clients.

The real estate should possess a fine taste for design.

Moreover, the combination of colors is to be taken into consideration because a certain color could generate different reactions and emotional moods and that is the reason we should understand this and treat it accordingly.

  • Other factors which an agency should consider.

– Music inside the office could be a great resource, especially taken as a proper tool if we want to combat the stress got from the everyday work.

– A great Air-Con system permits enjoying a better experience inside the office, converting the agents´ job into something more pleasant and so the clients´ feedbacks would be positive.

– Plants and fountains could result effective, creating a more natural atmosphere inside the real estate office.

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