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A real estate newsletter is a publication sent regularly. It is considered a very important digital tool for marketing which cannot be left behind by the real estate.

Inside the marketing strategy, the newsletter is needed in order to strengthen the company´s name, apart from getting new clients.

A newsletter for real estates is an effective way of promoting the company, although the tendency marks this on the contrary. Moreover, the correct use of a newsletter system could result even profitable.

In order to introduce the newsletter system as a tool, a previous organization of the data is needed. When the user accepts the subscription to the newsletter, the latter converts into its own subscriber, too.

This is a very important factor which determines the user´s interests in receiving the newest entries from the real estate. This strengthens the possibility of making the subscriber a possible client.

It is very important not to confuse the newsletter with the mailing, the latter being used for promoting properties rather than inform the clients which is actually the case of a newsletter.

Mailing is the system which is based on sending massive mails and the receivers of those mails are not in the real estate data base of clients.

There is also the possibility of sending a mailing to all the clients registered in the company´s data base, although this is not a very effective strategy, nor that data base is either real.

In other words, if that data base is fictitious or contains a very small number of clients, it would turn into a no effective tool at all.

There is also the tendency to confuse the newsletter and the mailing with a certain strategy of email-marketing, in which the sending of emails is made only for a certain number of clients. In a Branding strategy, these three tools should be used alternatively:

  • Newsletter: digital informative bulletin of a real estate agency.
  • Mailing: massive sending of emails in order to promote certain properties.
  • Email-marketing: specific mail according to a certain public.

Advantages of a newsletter for real estate agencies.

  • Favorable cost-profit rate.
  • Positive effect for the real estate ´s development.
  • Strengthen of the web´s traffic.
  • Effective way of promoting and communicating.
  • Brings solidarity to the real estate.
  • Generates positive synergies.

Yes for a newsletter! No for social networks?

Even if it is true that every real estate must have an active presence in the social networks, it must never leave aside the use of newsletters and consider them just a functional tool.

Anyway, it is more profitable for a company to center on different resources in order to create a strong data base, than just collecting followers on the social networks.

Regarding business necessities, a real estate can be defined as a particular and well established organization, offering high cost products which are not easy to adhere to by the majority of the social networks´ followers.

Nevertheless, a real estate must count on the millions of users that exist on the social networks and some of them might turn into possible clients. What has already been said cannot be taken as a contradiction.

Although in advance it might look like that, the newsletter for real estate agencies and the company´s presence on social networks have totally different consequences.

The newsletter ensures a direct gaining of clients, while the strategy based on social networks tries to do the same but indirectly, obtaining the development of the company´s name.

Anyway, it is convenient to combine both strategies and so, obtain major benefits for your real estate. The same happens with the different tools for Branding strategy.

Why is there this trend of sending a newsletter?

  • Because of millions potential clients that are only one click away. 
  • Because it is more effective than all the other social networks.
  • To build the loyalty of your clients.
  • Because is a diverse tool and easy to be used.
  • It permits the division of potential clients.
  • It can be personalized.
  • It is very effective for the development of the company.
  • It presents a very low cost for the business´ resources.

It is recommendable to keep in mind the newsletter is only received by its subscribers, who authorize the real estate to send it to them. In the same time, they have the right to unsubscribe whenever they want. A newsletter is precisely effective for this specific factor, which is the client´s approval to receive it.

This subscribing system is a key factor which reflects the client´s interest, who shows his/hers intention on receiving it.

Regarding the importance that the newsletter carries for the real estate, an emphasis must be put on the contents to share. The newsletter´s content must be attractive and of high standard, sharing useful and interesting info to the subscriber.

A newsletter for real estate agencies is also a useful tool for communication and organization and even if its main aim is to catch more clients, it can be also used as an internal communication means.

How to create a useful newsletter.

In order to create and share a good real estate newsletter, the company must be capable to answer to these questions:

  • Which is the agency´s purpose in sending a newsletter?
  • For which type of public is the newsletter created?
  • When is the proper time to send a newsletter?
  • In what area is mostly seen?
  • How will the newsletter technically be used?

To achieve an effective newsletter which is capable to fulfill the already stated aim, the agents must also take into consideration the following factors:

– A good newsletter needs a proper and solid data base, which can be created in time. That works if we don´t want a fictitious data base.

The real estate can easily create its data base in a traditional way, but also with the help of its webpage and blog. In this way, all this strategies would bring potential subscribers and clients.

– Apart from the registration form, subscribers must always receive the unsubscribing form – the possibility to leave the newsletter whenever they want.

This is a highly important factor, and by not offering that possibility to the subscribers, it might lead to negative consequences for the real estate. I insist in the fact that all newsletters must give the clients the possibility to leave when they want. This is not just a simple matter, it is a legal issue.

– A newsletter must be attractive in contents and design. The latter is the main factor which brings more subscribers. A clear and well- made design improves the subscriber´s experience. Regarding the contents of a newsletter, a few details must be considered:

  • A suggestive headline to stimulate the subscriber to continue reading.
  • The presence of the company´s logo and its name.
  • A different type of writing which must also be easily and visually accessed.

Creating a newsletter that would work for the subscribers, is not simple at all. If followed all the premises already stated, you could achieve all the necessities of the real estate.

It is important to take into consideration all the different factors that might come along, and also all the targets proposed for a the creation of a proper newsletter.

An effective newsletter for a real estate is the one that obtains the developing of the company and contains good contents, adding a positive point to the subscriber and generating positive synergies directly related to the company.

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