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Real estate newsletter as a form of marketing.

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In order to implement an effective strategy of marketing for a real estate, we will need to know exactly our targets, structure them and put them in practice.

From a strategic point of view, the real estate newsletter might convert into an excellent means of sharing the real estate properties for sale or even into a tool that ruins the company´s image.

When we talk about a real estate newsletter, we refer to its main characteristics, but we also differentiate the concept of newsletter from those of email-marketing or mailing. We need to understand them as totally different marketing tools.

If they are alternatively used by the real estate, the latter will obtain a better brand development and it will also manage to advertise its properties for sale more effectively. Anyway, a real estate should never end in the Spam inbox because this will only damage its image and will bring only negative consequences.

As we know, a real estate will always use its own domain, both for sending a real estate newsletter as for the creation of an email- marketing campaign. The real estate will always use an internal and private email account.

The best platforms for a real estate newsletter.

– Real estate newsletter with Mailchimp.

This is one of the most used tools for sending a real estate newsletter, mainly because of its functional characteristics and its efficiency. Mailchimp is ideal to be used by any small or medium real estate, especially by the small ones which do not count with a marketing department. It is a tool made to send a real estate newsletter.

It is easy to use and it does not require any technical knowledge. It allows an import of the contacts from different platforms- a practical thing and the reports offered by Mailchimp are of good quality.

This is a very important thing in order to analyze the results and modify the general marketing strategy of the real estate. Especially when it´s used as a tool related to Google Analytics, this becomes even more effective to value the obtained results.

For a real estate, the most negative aspect of Mailchimp is that it limits too much the segmentation possibilities and so the real estate cannot easily create campaigns on different languages for its newsletter. Mailchimp offers a free service which enables us to send up to 12.000 emails and it allows us to manage up to 2.000€ subscribers to the real estate newsletter list of contacts.

– Real estate newsletter with Doppler.

Is a tool for the creation, management and measurement of the results of a real estate newsletter. Its system of segmentation to use when planning a real estate newsletter is quite complete and the templates can be created by the simple method Drag and Drop.

The anterior, facilitates the design of the newsletter, especially for those who do not have a lot of experience.

A very interesting aspect of Doppler is the resources it offers to its users as for example: didactic graphics, e-books and a private academy to learn the main digital marketing principles.

Doppler´s blog could also be considered as an extra resource of this platform, as the articles published are of high quality.

The reports over the results obtained could be analyzed by two means: on the same platform or through Google Analytics. Doppler allows a free management up to 500 subscribers to the newsletter of the real estate with no sending limits.

– Real estate newsletter with AWeber.

This is a tool for sending an ideal newsletter for a real estate blog due to its simplicity of use and because it is based on the editing contents of a blog. AWeber is a very useful tool for a blog in various languages, because it allows the creation of chains and it programs them for the sending.

It is a tool that offers a great variety of subscribing papers for a real estate newsletter and it offers also a high rate of personalization.

There are also some negative aspects of it. AWeber is a system limited if we analyze it from the point of view of the use of different alphabets.

That means that if the subscribers of the real estate newsletter are Spanish, they could experience some inconveniences. It does not accept the letter ¨ñ¨ although the names of the subscribers of the real estate newsletter could be manually modified.

Among the negative points of the real estate newsletter, there is also the fact that we are not allowed to automatically import the registered users and it does not create high quality reports.

This is a very important thing as the newsletter should be evaluated through the generated reports. AWeber does not permit a free trial to try the tool, but it offers the possibility to use the platform for a month for a lower price.

– Real estate newsletter with Campaign Monitor.

Campaign Monitor is one of the best platforms for sending a real estate newsletter. Its functional aspects are complete. For a real estate, it is essential to manage the data base of clients from different countries.

One of the most important aspects of Campaign Monitor is that it allows a high level of segmentation and this is ideal for a real estate which works with clients of different languages or which wants to implement a diverse strategy by countries.

Campaign Monitor is a very useful for managing big data bases and it offers a system of live measure of the results after sending the real estate newsletter.

The difference from the other similar tools is that it permits the management of a main account as administrator, who could add several other users. This is a very practical option for a real estate which counts with a big organizational structure. Campaign Monitor does not allow any free service.

– Real estate newsletter with Constant Contact.

Through Constant Contact we could get a very professional real estate newsletter and its editing is very simple to use because it uses also the Drag and Drop system. It allows also the management of a contact list created by the data base of the real estate and it is possible to import it directly to the platform.

One of the most functional aspects of Constant Contact to manage the real estate newsletter is that it introduces many social networks, a very important factor in order to highlight the audience of the real estate newsletter.

This is also an essential element inside the strategy of real estate marketing which allows saving some time when sharing the contents of the real estate. Constant Contact counts with the possibility of managing the data base of private photos.

This is an important resource for the real estate, because the pictures of the properties for sale are an important resource in order to sell and increase the productivity of the company.

Constant Contact cannot be used freely, but it offers a demo version which is good for trying the resources of the platform and do an evaluation of it.

The payable plans are not the most economical on the market, but its prices will be well- justified if the real estate manages to implement a good strategy and if it will be capable to use all the resources and functionalities the platform offers.

Before implementing any newsletter system, the real estate should analyze each platform and management tool and so it will achieve the most effective results.

Right from the beginning, an analysis of the obtained results is fundamental and for that to happen, the platform needs to allow the integration with Google Analytics.

There is no need of a real estate newsletter without having analyzed the obtained results.

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